single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. This is a simple little love song, when the music sounded, memories are back. Thank you for the good songs, to help you think of all the good times, the best song of the year will flow, your heart's classic has been. (same field Gayon: for who not to make the song, they dedicate to the world!) 2016 Golden Melody Award select song list )

The 27th session of the Jingusu played green on stage sang "Little Love Song", unavoidably remembered then your B side first. You want to belong to your relationship do not easily copied, so it is best to pick the first unpopular love songs to commemorate the heartbeat. 2005 Soda Green Album of the same name, you love the fire, 2016 they all from the love of mortals sang to the age of sadness, you still remember once too young, it is not a climate.

We are in other people's love songs, shed their own tears.

I often think about the people who are wearing headphones on the road. Crowds in the Taipei MRT, the shrinking photography of everyone is just a flow of color. If you are too direct contact with this contemplation, you are afraid of being too eye-catching, everyone is noisy, only you do not know what to say, just like watching a movie, everyone tears Only you do not.

That loneliness that you put on headphones, temporarily abandoned this noisy fleeting fleeting time. After wearing headphones, you have a well-deserved reason for loneliness. You don't have to talk, someone has already sung your joys and sorrows, you don't have to cry, they've been hurt for you.

Love Song is a kind of self-pity, in the narcissistic gaze, combing their own sadness, to love those who no one loves the day . If you have a common feeling in a pop song, you are happy: Originally my pain is a kind of popular language, I am not a person.

Before the magnificent symphony, who said your little love song is insignificant. After many years, we will forget the words, forget who this song is sung, but when the familiar melody summons the scenery of love songs, you still like the same.

Soda Green announced Hugh Regiment, your favorite Aerosmith also want to quit the music scene, like a rest, anyway to tell you, you yearn for the simple no longer.

The Times is so messy, only you still here, fortunately you are still here.

"Even if the whole world was kidnapped by loneliness, I would not run," he said. Can not escape, and finally who are old, write me, time and music staggered castle. 」