single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. When single, most of the time do not talk about loneliness, you have a lot of love memories can fancy. Hu Shuwen wrote in the book, together is, when the end of the prophecy into reality, I want you and I look for each other. Single me, the whole body is longing for such a love. (same field Gayon: Before the end, I want to say to you)

He asked why: Why do you have to confirm your weight, in order to feel at ease with me? I said: When the bomb detonated, the city burned, when the earthquake dissolved the house, the flood swallowed the tree waist, when the end of the prophecy into reality, I want you and I look for each other.

Hu Shuwen "Shanyan is a childhood"

"Shanyan is childhood" in this way, love is no longer the word of compromise or tolerance, love to the end is selfish, I summon us into the end of the world scene, you only want to run to me in one direction, want me to be the only screen of your eyes. The moment of the Qingcheng, if you do not read me, we also talk about what love?

Memory, I once talked about such a love.

If I want to love you, refuse to be generous, I cannot share you with others, so I stand in a frightened battle posture, full of false-decorated hostility to every visitor.

If I want to love you, want to hide you in my womb, want to have more relationship with you than lover, want you to miss me the number of times and breathing as frequently, to your life to undertake my fate.

If I want to love you, want to stare at you unbridled all day, want your figure reflected in my eyes, want to deceive memory, in the mind of the alteration this is not a day but a lifetime.

We've all been so in love. The existence of lovers, strong the faith we love.

Has not learned the adult's love, has not learnt the pretence, originally loves like the child, when is not happy the noisy, cries the earthquake day to shake, until the strength exhausted, the tear will not flow again, only then discovers the world such big, can the sad thing still many.

You overnight, became the old girl, acts have the girl's appearances, the heart already good old good tired.

"If I cannot love you in this form," he asked. I said, then I must leave you. 」

The young girl's soul suddenly awakened to say no, the posture of the turn can still refuse. So give me one more time, give me one more time to love, break up is the possibility of the end of the world.