single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. May days always write the sequel of Love, Those too late story, those too flustered regret, there are calmly reasons. Dear Boy and girl, thank you for the piece of youth you loved. (same field Gayon: single Diary: The End of the world, I want us to find each other )

She likes to see the Shining sea with the boy, likes him to steal the right channel headphones, determined to understand the girl heard the world.

Riding the field from the bicycle is the memory of rice fragrance, they are only 17 years old, everything is still everlasting. He works in college to hold money, the girl first sits on the back seat of the locomotive, and he bypasses the coastal road, his arms smell salty, sunny and sea. Just haven't sat on the four rounds, still have no time to go farther place, the boy bubbles like a kiss disappeared in the girl's life.

When the girl was 25 years old, she lost her long hair for the loved ones. Friends are not reconciled, the girl unrestrained said that this is freedom.

Know this time, no one will feel her long Mawei, face to the sea look good. Know that the windbreaker will be very lonely when raised, do not let the long hair reminding sadness.

In fact, she did not know what is freedom, only know that the pain of the metaphor to deep into the heart and then grow up with the day.

The girl 30 years old, he is in, or not, all has nothing to do with her. She will not see the familiar temples on the road and panic forward identification, she does not expect those unknown calls, she is not naïve to think, next corner, people will love again.

Accept the reality that girls live better and happier.

"That year I was 32 years old, he was 24 years old, and I traveled with him who was no longer old." That year I was 35 years old, he was 24 years old, I think he really left. That year I was 75 years old, he was 24 years old, we finally meet eventually. 」

The girl began to understand that there was no point in waiting for love, and even if he came back, the sea was not the same shape. "It's good to be alive, you can miss it alive." Can be far from appreciating, you can guess, you are in the world somewhere, live well. 」

No matter the ending, no matter how many words your poems have been tampered with in the years, no matter how wonderful the story is, there is a page of him that is full of gratitude.

If we never met, the moon on the sea would not look so good.
If we never met, two words of youth are not sad to write happy.
If we never meet, what is the meaning of a man's journey?
If we never met, how to understand Love has a catchy song.

"One day at a time, one breath, we will be separated again." And my autobiography, there Was You, no regrets verses. In verse, full of gratitude. 」