A woman who is a famous Shishun in her second work, "Teenage revolution: A century of evolution in fashion and culture,"crawled through 100 years of teenage girls ' history, reversing a girl who was always there but ignored. This time in the women's paradise activities, also invited to write the "girl Kublai Khan," the writer Chen and Jin together to talk about, from improper good daughter, also improper women of their, but out of the girl another different rebel path. (Extended reading:"Chen Jin-Shishun to talk about lectures" when the girl Kublai Khan met the Girl Revolution )

"Young girls, not only age, but a mental state, there are cultural code." 」

Shishun, a woman-obsessed artist, recently released a new book , the Teenage revolution, to write history for girls who have never been confronted. From the roaring age, the girl is playing the rules of the modern girl Jie, is her own definition of the single girl Helen, is a gold-digger material innocence of the matter girl Holly, Shishun from pop culture will be lightly picked up fragments, to depict the feminist is not seen in the edge of the landscape, let " The girl "is no longer the object of ignorance in the patriarchal society, nor is it rightly ignored by the linear history of feminism." (Extended reading:"Teen Revolution": For girls who are not remembered for their history, write a revolutionary history of the Revolution )

"I am Kublai Khan, please save the world with me." 」

And with Shishun to talk about the new sharp novelist Chen and Jin, to the magic realism of the Strokes, in the "Girl Kublai Khan," a book depicting the mysterious girl Kublai Khan, and card in the graduation script of the hapless youth "broken", in the unreal and real staggered world meet, together through the late summer adventure. Chen and Tianjin to the growth of the triple as the background, let the young girl with youth shuttle in the road between small lane, and the land, Guan Sangiti June, night watchman and so on together write down the contemporary urban fable. In the young girl's imagination, Chen and Jin confrontation is the real world of "distraction" in the novel scene after scene transformation, the plot always let you fast still can't sentimental, outrageous time has gone forward. (same field Gayon: The gorgeous turn of the maiden Kublai Khan!) Chen Jin and the quasi-Taipei people: I am not a person, I am myself .

Girl's inspiration: I am a difficult, uncompromising negative force

Shishun, who first started with "The Golden Man", was fascinated by how he could find negative forces in the details beyond the capitalization of feminism. Protagonist Elle has a supple blond hair, the most like to step on the shiny high heels, as nails for life must. Everyone thinks this kind of Elle is only naïve, even some stupid blonde creature, but she has her own pink power to drive the teenage revolution, subversion of the negative and positive characteristics of the two-yuan confrontation.

After being abandoned by his partner, Ai didn't give up, and as her ex-boyfriend entered Harvard Law School, but from the classmate to the professor, everyone can not look at such a pay attention to the appearance of the girl Elle, but she has never abandoned her negative temperament, to become a person in the eyes of the "legal" look, still in the study also insisted on hair, treadmill, When he became a defense lawyer, he appeared in court with a pink suit. Not to be defined by the framework, elle with its own "The girls will know the common sense of" the season's Prada, perm time to see through the case, and finally successfully wrote a negative narrative of the perfect ending. (Recommended reading: The birth of the Koemeng girl: Helengrie Brown's "Cosmopolitan Dan" Legend )

And Chen and Jin is laughing at himself and Shishun very different, like is like Cang well gifted such as the Japanese girls, she also raised the "Million Round Girl's Tears Diary," for example, Cang excellent performance in the film character closed the protagonist Bell son, think that people are always single, and then celibacy to go, so she used to alienated attitude with people around, With a person living alone the minimum consumption of "1 million" as a starting point, began her a person in the city escape journey.

Ling son left Tokyo, to a place where no one knew her to live again, but again in the beginning with others to create a link, again hurriedly moved away. For the Ling son, constantly in his side walk to give her security, so "travel" is not just a holiday, but the liberation of life. In the play Bell son was asked by the police from where, all to "do not know" response, and such "difficult to get along with" is the girl never compromise charm.

The myth of teenage girls: British Invasion and rot culture

This is done from the details that others feel is not worth talking about, Shishun's research is also reflected in the star research. As one of Direction fans, he also returned to the beginning of the first four, while doing the British Invasion study. From the early days of England to North America, the Beatles four immediately became an idol of American girls, who followed the footsteps of four big boys everywhere, they run wildly at Kennedy Airport, they scream at the Plaza Hotel, and finally listen to the I Want to Hold Your Hand, The repressed passions of teenage girls in their daily lives are thus liberated.

"Because not the Beatles four incorporated the Maiden, but the girl appropriated the Beatles four." "Shishun said so, so we talk about the Beatles four, we can not but talk about teenage fans." The Beatles are not just the idol of the flat, but the outlet of the girl's lust. Parental criticism of teenage girls is a loss of self, hysteria, irrational control of their own evidence. But this overflow out of the framework of the untimely, is the young girl do not want to go into the family, do not want to become a qualified adult, do not want to be the wife and mother of the role of the final resistance binding. (Extended reading: erotic revolutions of teenage fans: Sex, teen and Beatles )

Chen and Jin also take the stage drama "new members" as an example. "Because you really love something, in a world where everything becomes irrelevant." Because a need, so BL. "New member" is the "once again refused to grow up troupe" commitment to set up two to three inter-yuan bridge to create a mission, in the form of rock and roll musical play, ACG's immortal University theme is interpreted to show the love, growth and self-identity of the Young in the virtual world.

"New members" let the Rotten women who love BL leave the two-dimensional world, into the real theater to watch the play, and after the curtain, will be fantasy and practice to life, will these favorite CP to do doujinshi two times, created in the two-dimensional and physical world staggered mutual construction. The official also created a space to escape from reality, and in the process of triggering fan echoes, blurred the line between performers and viewers, allowing the official to synthesize with fans. (Recommended reading:"corrupt female Popular science" BL, beyond two yuan!) As long as there is love can rot culture )

in contemporary times, the word "fan" is often labeled as a negative label, which is considered to be a trifle of irrational. Shishun also thinks teenage fans are in a marginalized position, the "revolution" is not a shoulder to provoke the historical mission, step on the slogan of reform to become true. This uncontrolled, irrational power is a kind of "rational" opposition to the Age of Enlightenment. When we are accustomed to the right name, to measure the lust of teenage fans, will rule out a lot of unorthodox, so Shishun more like on the road and then around the road, to dig the details of the girl is not seen.

The movement of young girls: Change in Identity in the city

Shishun from the classic House breakfast, the taxi stopped at five o'clock in the morning New York Avenue, and in a black dress, holly gracefully stepped off the taxi and stood at the door of the Tiffany jewelry store, looking at the flashing diamonds in the window to eat breakfast. This is Holly's ordinary morning, eating breakfast in front of the Tiffany, but also biting the full desire, and then back to the apartment to do a dream. This kind of holly is a simple Southern girl, after the New York deep drowning in material life, and became a senior call girl in Manhattan, the target can catch the rich, to jump in the upper class society.

Holly (Holly) is never a virgin (Holy), from the countryside of Texas, she was not only wearing a Guivainchy black dress, with a broad-brimmed cap, holding a long from tobacco stems, but also reshaping her accent, leaving her husband and life before her 14 years old and becoming a New York City socialite. She was like the nameless old cat in her apartment, and she came to snuggle with you, but after she got tired of it, she walked away secretly. (Recommended reading: The rebirth of the communicative Girl: Hepburn, "The Breakfast in the van" and the girl of the 60 's )

Chen and Jin to lift the girl climbed the true news of the mountain, for example, before the puppet Niang boy to "expand the mirror Sound Kingdom Map", and high school girls to 3400 meters above sea level of the Nanhu Mountain Circle Jingushan House, also with "Mirror Sound Kingdom" banner photographed. Two people in the mountains for 19 days, said all this is "practice", even professional climbers can not believe that the two bare hands of this ability.

"The girl's Walk is to deconstruct the city this masculine field, oneself go, to experience life, even if walked to the fork also no harm, that is to belong to their own significance." 」

like "The Girl Kublai Khan", the 19-Year-old strange girl took the bus to leave Taipei, to the Sanchong messy streets, the slogan a call, and then suddenly, belong to the girl's city landscape. In the patriarchal society, the public space is often still masculine field, the woman's self-consciousness and the body desire, basically still be neglected, even suppressed, can not be justly revealed, and in the city, the girl can constantly change identity, To become an actor in life, to create a new identity in the process of transformation, such a "disguise" itself is a deviant, a challenge, a subversion.

different from the single role in the village, the city's ambiguous let the girl self change body, and flip the "true" and "false" meaning, between true and false, truth and falsehood are no longer the concept of two-yuan antithesis, but are the dialectic of continuous flow in identity construction. False is no longer the shadow behind the truth, false is an action, so that girls can create themselves, play eyes, change identity. This is the young girl to create their own definition of the revolution, so there is no eternal maiden, only always walk their own fork in the girl .

Shishun with Chen and Jin from the appearance seems to be very different, but let people see the same spirit, " Girls "charm is refusing to achieve anyone's typical life, the girl can be generous embrace exaggerated pink, can also continue to run away, girls can enjoy the idol scream, can also be a love of fantasy rot female, the girl Can worship gold, also can escape in the city.

It is in such a confusing process, young girls find themselves, and become their own, and then constantly to destroy themselves. In this section of life story, which is neither "feminist" nor "good woman" in the patriarchal society, the maiden embraces the identity of herself, and "refuses to be", but "becomes" a different liberating force.