She was 27 years old with "girl Kublai Khan" as "the imprint of literary life" has always been the youngest cover figure, the 29-year-old "quasi-Taipei people" decisively turned into Chen Jin's life, the root of her survival and the new immigrant proposition. " Women's Room 002", this time we walked into the writer 's room, with a sense of smell of the lines of the scholarly, with tactile comb memory and identity. (Recommended:"New immigrants are imported goods?") "Let go of ignorance and discrimination!" Mayor Ke's multicultural subject )

Into Chen and Jin room before, I thought it would be "girl Kublai Khan" of the beautiful, I did not think her room more like "quasi-Taipei people" neat, with a little memory of the sticky thick. Chen and Jin is Taiwan's contemporary indispensable new generation of novelists, at the age of 27, she was "young girl Kublai Khan" as "the imprint of literary life" has always been the youngest cover figure. To the quasi-Taipei people, she wrote the emotional memory of "the second generation of new immigrants" more deeply, and carved out the life that the father was forgotten by history, and the traces of the real existence of Indonesian overseas Chinese mothers in Taiwan.

Into Chen Jin's room: The Broken shed away

To the prospective Taipei people's Chen Jin room, it is very simple to taste Taipei. In the bookcase is the literature, the light novel, the solid writing mark. A cat, a single bed, L-shaped big desk, I imagined her writing here, day and night, all alive.

Chen and Jin to his room a key word: "Break out, I tidy up the bookcase way is half a year to take out all the books, never read the books are lost, do not sell the book." I know exactly what I want, and that's all I want. As I write, the things I wrote may be a lot of flaws, but the advantages you don't have, that's good. 」

Chen and Jin's humour is very serious, I was amused by her, and she made a serious remark: "This is a writer's morals." 」

Don't stop asking yourself questions.

Two books in two years, she was a struggling graduate student, a publishing house editor, 29-Year-old She is a full-time writer, such a contradictory age she leisurely: "has not changed is that I told myself must be stable creation." I have been in the advertising company to do editing, one side of the literature award, save to live three months after the salary, I resigned, pay attention to the contribution of the award, took the auxiliary gold, Shijing told me: "Martial greed not hair young people." "I think the worst is this, the worst is that I can not finish writing a job search site to find a job." (Extended reading:20 years old, confused very well: don't give up for any lost to find the answer )

Chen and Jin can not escape the word, she said decided to become a full-time writer not too much confusion, about to step into the 30 of this thing she also not panic: "Do not have number of myth, my life The most terrible thing is about 25 years old, but not like adults." Then I wrote the girl Kublai Khan, I think it is true that I am a waste wood. Don't be kidnapped by numbers, there's nothing you can do. You're the only one who knows what's going to happen, and it's not about numbers. 」

Chen and Jin has never changed is that she loves to ask their own questions: "Writing works is always asking questions." "The girl Kublai Khan" asks: "What can I do in my present state?" That book is to admit that I am a graduate student of waste firewood! Having finished writing the book, I found that I didn't know myself. I want to go back to my own history, a great chunk of the history of literature is a family, Shijing, Pai Xian, Zhu Tianxin write books from their family set off, I would like to do so, only to find that I do not have a family, the Chinese New Year when we do not have the country home to go back, so there is the "quasi-Taipei People", this book is not the root of the land, But my own roots. (Extended reading:"People should have edges and corners!" Don't be so tactful that you don't recognize it. "An interview with Hong Kong female writer Denethor poem )

"Quasi-Taipei people" wrote the love of the father figure, an Indonesian overseas Chinese mother to Taiwan both intimate and alienated expression, as well as Chen Jin's "writing New second-generation" story. The proposition revolves around the new immigrant, the core returns to oneself, the important is not where you come from, but where you want to go.

"The father is unwilling to buy new things, presumably because he has discarded too many things." The quasi-Taipei people

Primary school students ask Chen and Jin your mother is not imported workers? She would try to cut not the foreign workers but the overseas Chinese, she told the child: "I am a half-breed, fly to get to the place Oh!" After growing up, her identity from "foreign children" to "the son of New Taiwan" to "transnational marriage children", until the Quartet founder Zhang said "new immigrants second generation", the situation of new immigrant families or no noun fancy evolution of the fast.

The new second generation is not a new group, it may be your primary school classmate

Chen and Jin visited many new second-generation stories in the "writing the new second-generation" program, and she said that everyone doubted that they were really worth visiting. They thought they were not being interviewed for the value and the right to speak, and the ruthless expression of how the community is so superior to the Taiwanese identity to suppress other groups, Taiwanese this word, at this time seems particularly desolate: "The first visit to the new second-generation, is to create a new role in writing, I think we have the same background, but we are completely different." Some people are gay, some people take care of the 90-year-old father, some parents have gone. I can't create a common character, so I want to keep their story. 」

Imagine the new second-generation this word, do not flow in unfamiliar distance, they are not new ethnic groups, there may be the primary school sitting next to your classmate, and we grew up with friends: "The new second generation is facing the possibility that the father is a glorious people, there is a long photo problem, language problems." But in fact, these are not the problem, the real problem is Taiwan to this group of people's class, your economy, school, situation, children are not sensible child dare to bully you. 」

And Jin said that the quasi-Taipei people replied to herself: "Why don't I have a story to tell?" "There are few new second-generation texts in Taiwan Publishing, which are not related to identity or situation, but to the honest writing of life memories, such as the" quasi-Taipei people, "the gentle way. No one wants to say, Chen and Jin always can't help opening, from "The Girl Kublai Khan" youth to the life of the inability to feel "quasi-Taipei" by Taiwan's neglected new immigrant families, the next book, perhaps Chen Jin pen will appear in the road comedy, those mainstream writing diffuse don't care, is always Taiwan generation group memory.

A man without an identity does not act.

Taiwan is a shell that wraps countless different ethnic groups, each of which we are the difference. A piece of land should not have arrival, and Tianjin to face up to different ethnic groups, the most important thing is: "Taiwan's young parents of this generation, encountered the dilemma is: we work poor, care, long photos are not good, long as children can not get married, work without security." Immigrants from the history of this group of people are considered weak, approaching more and more vulnerable situation. For example, the veterans of the marriage because the army is not allowed, resulting in their marriage is weak, can only buy and sell marriage. 」

"She holds two chips in her hand, limited youth and residence time, he must during this period, one eye to identify the weight of the blind date, fast, decisive, can not make mistakes, because gambling is his life." The quasi-Taipei people

People across the belly refused to new immigrants, the law on the weak pressure, the policy of immigrants unfriendly and Tianjin for example: "This group of persons in another 10 years, the next generation, the weak situation is the same." Economic weakness is not just immigration, but immigration is worse. The government wants to solve the plight of work poverty, why some people lose their identities Taiwan's provisions in the law of detention are unclear, leading many people to lose their identities, you just don't have an identity, as if you were breaking the rules. (Recommended reading: Flip the elite thinking!) Interview Lu Xinjie: "We should have the freedom to make our own best version")

She had heard the foreign police are catching the escape workers, it is terrible that these people are intellectuals, high-ranking police, and even a news broadcast a teacher asked in the classroom: "Mother is outside, please raise your hand." "We continue to cut, this is the new generation to face the world." Born and raised in Taiwan, they have been pointing at the nose and asking, "Where are you from?" 」

I'm not where I am, I'm who I am

Chen and Jin said that many new immigrants do not feel that they are new immigrants, they will be complacent to say: "I have a Taiwan identity card." 」

What's interesting is this line: "Now we are talking about the second generation of new immigrants, or more generally refers to Southeast Asia (usually no one will say that the Taiwanese mixed-race children are the second generation of new immigrants), but many new immigrants do not agree that they are new immigrants, I think you have to respect others feel that they are Taiwanese. "Respect each person wants to mark their own region and identity, Chen and Jin said:" I have margin to care about the boundaries of people, so I wrote down. the new second-generation is imaginary, a transitional word, you can choose to identify with this group when you need it, and you sometimes need to peel the label, you are yourself. 」

She thinks the most dangerous is confrontation, such as the policy of dividing mainlanders and newcomers: "What we need to do is not force new immigrants into a culture, but to create more opportunities for more people to understand the food culture of Southeast Asia, as long as they are interested in, unrelated to the blood, can do so." 」

"Ignorance is very hurtful, do not use Taiwanese identity to cut other people." Chen and Jin also cast a doubt, from childhood to most of the triple she is not Taipei, enough to write Taiwan this generation of group memory? The quasi-Taipei people, not the pride, but the past cut the text of the ethnic groups counterattack. Chen and Jin is Hong Kong's Taipei County Sanchong people, grew up here breathing, the corner of the breakfast shop she is more familiar than anyone, she is not quasi-Taipei, then who is it?

A Writer's spatial analysis

Came to Tianjin, she walked to the MRT station to meet me, the sun fell on her shoulders, she led the bicycle forward, skillfully around her live 29 years of the Triple Lane , she and her mother is so real live in this land. Into and Tianjin grew up home, it is Alley Lane hidden Corner, where the roots of the Chen Jin Life shape, her room reminds me of "Interstellar effect" of the five dimensions, gathered in the literature books hidden in the history and emotions of the hyper-space.

Here she wrote the glory of the people's father selling the figure of the salty cakes, write down the new immigrants in Taiwan's real life portrait. The most valuable three items in her room were equally out of writing:

1. Extra Large Desk:

I use the space of the bed to exchange, a desk is very important, this is IKEA l type Big desk, I will use a lot of Memo paper, put an idea on a piece of paper, can arrange to write the structure of the novel, with big table to be enough.

2.Memo paper + File cabinet:

I put the Mome paper in the living room and the room, have any idea to write down quickly. Putting just written Momo in a filing cabinet may turn into a writing program, a case, and sometimes a short story.

3. Annual folder:

This is important to me, when I have nothing, no one to help me out of the book did not win the prize, I help myself with a folder, a put a I wrote something, only I am a person to see, and some very fastidious remarks. When I'm not sure, I'm not getting a grant, I'm going to take it out and make sure it's not done in vain.

One of the most reluctant things in the room to lose.

Diary I started a diary in the country (Exchange diary), sometimes two or three days to write once, and I have not seen. I feel that writing is very repetitive in college. Without developing his own stuff, the institute picks up the pen again. Suddenly feel like to start writing something. Even if I have not read, at least I write very seriously, there is a part of me. 」

It's just a quiet note. Much like Chen and Jin's consistent writing attitude, she is not care about, do not obey in writing, the day I saw the "annual folder" of the collection of contributions, the lines full of red ink handwriting, finished, was rejected, the Chen and Jin is not over, she will also revise. She did not speak hard, set a word of Chen and Jin, it is her as a writer's morals.

In ancient and modern times if there is a woman's room can let you enter ...

I want to enter the room to Tian Bong. First of all, it must be very comfortable to have tea in her room, she described the cup of porcelain, feel very gentle, she used things feel good. Writing in the break down, when the time is very decisive! Many people say she is a large and national Zhang ailing, I think it is not at all, she is more gentle than Zhang ailing.

Describe your mental room:

Constantly updated, I memory remembers very strong. I will always update myself, do not become greasy adults AH ~

During the interview, the mother of Tianjin came and went around us, asking us to eat cookies and ask if I would stay for dinner? Is very interesting is the room is also Tianjin mother's living room, adjacent kitchen field is her most often stay in the place, the mother in this home is very comfortable, I imagine her watching TV on the fall asleep, from time home cat smiling goo nest in the foot, together snoring. Before leaving, and Tianjin mother just end out Jetten meal, let people think of the past school home days, expect to walk home smell that fish, halogen incense. The mother of Tianjin does not have the blood of Taiwan, but the soul of Taiwan is real. (You will like: the Taiwanese taste of forgetting, the life of Taiwan's stomach )