Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

At noon yesterday, the editor Ganmian a table, and casually chatted about the young thing. First into the workplace of fresh people, often hope that they can grow a "old face", walking the river is easier, not be taken for granted as children, touch rub advantage.

In this era, we hate imposes more than ever, but people always have the ability to convert age. A "very young ah", the tone is often derogatory more than a compliment.

I think of myself just as a novice editor, often go out to run an exclusive interview, frequently someone pick eyebrow, ridicule to ask me, "Sister How old are you?" 」

How old are you, sister?

I was asked for the first time, I rose red face, and said, "22, see each other a face surprised, with a nose to hum a sound." To be honest, I don't know what my major has to do with my age, and I'm not a sister, I'm your interview editor. (Recommended reading: let their stories give you strength!) You should remember the character interview )

The second time, I deliberately a face mature makeup, to use a suit armed themselves, to depress the sound, to shake his head said I was just a doll face. That day, I'm so tired, I don't know why "young" makes me so embarrassed?

After the third time, I slowly feel that people love how to take the age stereotype measurement does not matter, I laughed off, do not worry about the dispute. But I must tell myself: in any case, the results should be worthy of their own professional, but also to be worthy of me to take the full stigma of "young."

I said what kind of words, I know what to do what kind of things, I do not have to be deliberately please, do not try to play old, I would like to use the results to convince each other gracefully, I am not your imagination "young." I want to see the other person know me, after knowing us, to rethink whether they are wrong to see "young"?

Later, I was 23, 24 and 25 years old, less and fewer people asked me "sister How old are you?" 」

My youth let me feel at ease, how glad I am when I was young, not hastily to the society of the young people "wrong evaluation", let go of their own.

I practice to myself more harshly than anyone else. Since then, I have become more and more aware that no one has hurt me, the most severe words, I have already said to myself.

Audrey, editor of the Women's mystery

If you happen to be fresh in the workplace and you're starting to practice arming yourself, I hope you believe that age is really the least of the few things in the job market. Elders may be sinecures, young people may break the rigid rules, you have to do is to do their best to be worthy of your youth, to achieve your young emboldened. (same field Gayon: become the solution, become the times!) Taiwan University graduates speech: "In the face of all kinds of life, to be a responsible person")

The future you will thank the present you, a good risk when young, you did not easily let go of themselves, to fulfill the eyes of others young look.

And we have only now, so now you, just to seize the rare opportunity for themselves, see how predecessors do, listen to the predecessors of this said, the life of the "internal driving force" skills to learn, so that the future every moment, do not forget beginner's mind, know what to do. Recommended to you, "Sister said school":