See Park "The Temptation of Maid ", with a negative perspective of women's physical and psychological desire to look directly. The hands of men who manipulate women's oppression eventually push women to a place of return. In men's rough violence, there is a woman's delicate pain . In a pool of blood, we share the wounds of this healing path. (Recommended reading: "TheTemptation of Maid": Class, Fascism and "healthy" lust )

She is a clumsy and pretended clever thief, is also sleek and kind-hearted maid, she is accomplishment, fake body into the door, open the scholar behind the human nature, accomplishment Ji Yi hand cut out those overwhelming dream.

She is not to ask the world and into the world of the scholar, is also inscrutable miss, she is show son, live to adults did not step out of a big mansion, show son pure Eyes end, is a deep jungle to the vagina.

"The Temptation of the Maid" has silk satin slipped through the skin sensitive and comfortable, there is a brilliant burst of silk ripped, I do not say it is whose love story, Love is only survival of the conspiracy.

The futility of a masked countess in a woman's orgasm.

The story starts from the calculation, is also from the calculation end, the mask count is a liar or a prodigal son, he does not talk about love, as long as the money. Lurking in two women, with a smoke blind rational five senses, he admitted that the world, in addition to show the son of a person, all women will worship his penis. We laugh at the man can not help but sad, he listened to the spring Book of Learning Addiction, Xiu Zi lip shape outlined a fatal sex scene, not gentle people, in suffocation and pain in the fantasy.

The masked count has been shuttling through the story in a "false" identity, and the only time he has to reveal his true desires is when he dies. The original loudly claimed not to love the beauty of his last or bowed in the dress, the most interesting is the right relationship between the flip, the original man layout strategy by the woman's sensual disturbance, women even if not intentional temptation, men also want to crime.

When many people say that park the provocative scene into a male gaze, I think this is a more negative perspective of the film, who said that women's lust is slender beautiful? The woman's desire also has the vigorous strength, I was from the mask count to listen to show son the grim expression in the story to know. Think men are manipulating women, let women serve them, but no woman's voice and expression, these men how to climax?

The wedding night of Shouzi and the false marriage of the masked count is the symbol of the lust victory of the woman. Show son do not need a man to fall red, this symbol of the Virgin film, the realm of ignorance, women can break, and her full of desire as the full moon to seduce the tides, she voice of the endless. (Same field Gayon : For oneself climax, see blush Red )

Maid and miss: The Longing for love has nothing to do with identity

Maid accepted the commission of the masked count to come to this gloomy and splendid house, they intend to carry out a steal plunder. Accomplishment Ji rough by contemplation dry hand touch those too expensive jewelry, her footsteps is lightsome; the more she looked, the more stupid she looked, she imagined the elderly to hurt the broken wings of the frightened, she grinding miss long bad teeth, there is nothing more than the soft chest in the mist of the Chizui people, teeth and the angular edge of a person in one to be bridged flat. (Recommended reading:"Dear Mummy" The essence of love is not to recover, but to give each other the ability to hurt each other )

Show son gloomy like a ghost, she dressed in white yarn on pretending to be elves, cage-like mansion deep lock her frail female body, Aunt crazy figure hanging in the cherry blossom tree of beauty She always remember, who stay in that deformation strange basement can not go mad. Xiu Zi wears the glove to resemble the ritual and like the shield, cannot let the hand of the palm be bare, do not be seen through. Her hands light for the accomplishment of her clothes, and a piece of skin along the back of the veins to unlock the button, like in the ears to breathe a vaporizing of gas, that wear again fade the process of change, fabricated two human virtual identity, real relationship.

Maid and miss, looks like a low, but take off clothes fade mask, people are weak. The calculation of the miss will be in turn after tears, ambition vigorous maid also for Miss Tears abandoned fortress.

su Zi and accomplishment Gie gaze, from the rivalry of intrigues came to see through. maid and Miss Mirror each other staged a treasure tomb gorgeous performance, "Dress swap identity" to break the capital fortress, the use of "male struggle" to dredge female living space. "The Temptation of the maid" Korean film called The Meaning of the lady, English meaning for the maid, the director of the intentions of the test is very interesting, the story is really a master and servant points? Or what catalyze the economic consolidation of the class, let a person equal. (Extended reading: feminist Bad Religion: The third wave of feminist lust writing )

Patriarchal Mansion Deep lock Ghost: Love is not the truth, Love is desire

Uncle is the ghost of the Lord, The basement is their secret hiding point, Uncle Whip little Age show son, dressed in the most books of the rich literati name, close door uncle is only with ear eye orgasm beast. He was writing and licking the ink-stained fingers, and he was filled with inky, like the octopus that climbed on the. "Octopus and sea Women map" is the Japanese painting, octopus suction, disturbance, the woman pain and sadness, but can not stop shaking, it is Uncle Fantasy love, Love Is control, not with the female body sex, but with the material and money stack out of the import coitus.

Women show the son was placed in the Zen wind and the room recite the Strange Affair unofficial history, over the male wandering the soul of sexual indulgence. Is accomplishment Guiveur knocked open the door , the show son for a long time not into the hole. Those slicing and murder, male mutual scheming, is just a piece of cake, the man's struggle is suicidal, show son and accomplishment Jitong, is the real fight.

You think this is the revenge of women, they just go back to their original position. Rather than "The Temptation of Maid" is the thriller of Park, I feel more like his strangely warm gaze gazing at the blood flowers that burst from the history of Shanyan men .

Women 窜逃 from foul, and they tread a trick, and what can break up the decaying empire? Although the movie is playing "Love is a means." To survive. 」。 Love makes people die, let life, let the walls of capitalism collapse. Love is not beauty, love is desire. (Recommend you: Love is a means!) Revealing the potential personality of your love and sex from the Temptation of Maid

Women without a father: Revenge is a tribute to men

The film is the existence of the father of the treacherous, women's father in the story of escape, lured the sins of the Earl and the Count of the father of the book, then, no father's daughter, do not have to recognize the motherland, bundle tied women's system has followed the father's face extinction. As the show son is not afraid of men, she was afraid of only the hands of Uncle Whip , when Mian Ling Bell through the Keizhi hand, become caressing the body gentleness, show son is free.

accomplishment of the foolhardy, but became her to break the sun worship of the sharp weapon, born in the thieves of the cave she has been thinking of the mother passed down the "craft", the Thief's hand to rob is not goodwill, but noble dirty wealth. She personally broke the study "do not enter" symbol of the boundaries of ignorance of the snake, the snake just hard and stand, after all, no female arrogance strong. Accomplishment Kating anger, indulge in waving, stuffed with spring painting of the study for red ink immersion, all patriarchy established sexual value, was cut by the knife was torn, by the negative force exhaustion. (same field Gayon: Princess's Feminine paradise: The Disney fairy tale negative Renaissance )

Love is evil, and these men have known for a long time that they have been castrated by their own wickedness. And women's Revenge is just a tribute to the patriarchal torture. The world is broken, we are evil, we can live.

"Innocence in this society is illegal, if one day I fall in love with you, it is also guilty, then if the end of the miserable, you do not have to sympathize with me." 」

Love is lofty, even the patriarchal feudal capital feudalism, will collapse. When the ring rings in the silent air, you know it will be a vivid night.