We invited the Cultural director Chepey and designer boy, in the women's paradise for a cultural salon to talk about , that night, we saw the Secretary of grace and selfless love of all things, we see the girl said the heart of the designer Boy, In the process of creating a deep analysis of their own, so that the female fans editor through the text to take you straight hit that day moved! (same field Gayon: Salon Direct strike: Face the dream, we come forward )

2016 Taipei has become the world's design capital, but also the first year of Taiwan's design, women fascinated by a heavy cultural salon to open the second half of the prologue, we invited the Taipei City Bureau of Culture Chepey and designer Kid as a guest speaker. (same field Gayon: Nie Yongjin's presidential Stamp Design review: Ask the public to return to the professional space for designers )

At the scene there is a Thai half of the participants, because of the curiosity of the boy and the director seems completely different from the two people, come together to talk about the sense of conflict and the unknown, and we are not disappointed, through the female fans designer Merci, so different from the two characters, in the color sofa on each side, they talk about their appearance, Talk about the work of the imagination, occasionally to talk, occasionally to ask each other, such as two never touched the star, one day suddenly accidentally touched together, in the night left incomparable precious imagination and expectations.

Chepey: Because I love art so much pain can be summed up

Taipei City Cultural Bureau Long Chepey, I think she has devoted to the arts for most of her lifetime, because of the influence of the home and the school stage, has a very romantic heart and perseverance. Chepey to the art of moving and beautiful, brought into our lives.

If she had no lofty temple in her heart, she could not have been able to crawl alone for so long. She has lived in Kaohsiung, which has long been dubbed the cultural Desert, with its oasis, the Kaohsiung Museum of Art, which is beginning to blossom in Kaohsiung as independent bookstores continue to emerge. It was the bright eye transcript of the land she had disturbed the sunny harbor.

In the beginning, "Love others more than you love Yourself", "" No self-confidence "," unrequited love "to describe their own director, let me secretly surprised that she will calmly and gracefully throw out a few words to make people feel confident positive adjectives, plus the imagination of the government officials is mostly cautious, no matter what you ask today, can only answer the safe answer. I was listening to Chepey sharing, her body in fact live a good romantic ideal, there is total selfless love, small body carrying cultural industry's expectations.

She is in the end is a brilliant artist, in reality, but in the officialdom in the logic, using digital quantitative performance, the implementation of policies. She never complained and never thought of giving up. Despite the hard work, she is in her own way to love the world, love the land-Taiwan, because of deep love, so all the pain with their own body summed up; because of deep love, so do not expect each other to find and do not ask for return. (same field Gayon: the highest state of love is not without itself, but reluctant to dispute )

Asked about enthusiasts, she said never had thumping heartbeat feeling, because already, completely love this world, how much love? She said it was more than love.

Chepey, director of the Taipei City Culture Bureau, boasted of "terrorists", always in a hurry, trying to make himself a disturbance, Trigger point, a chance to use thought and behavior to disturb everyone, to stir, to impact, to overthrow the unchangeable life and social system, by the hands of everyone to achieve their own purposes, Such acts of terror are also staged in the cultural industry.

"You must love to the utmost, love is a step, you must be in the spirit of the debut, you can do so the WTO." 」

As a scholar in the art of rolling into the government units, claiming to be blood middle-aged she, is so positioning their own: a service for artists, the spread of the people. Because of the great sense of responsibility and mission to the art promotion, she must scrupulous in the public institution which is not so artistic, it is a very painful thing, but because of the love of a step Hu Tu, so enjoys. She knew that this was her mission, and the pain would eventually pass, and the United States would stay.

"When you find your faith, you forget to be tired, forget the pain, and we will arrive together." 」

Desktop gorgeous behind: I have responsibility for my work

The appearance is rough, even can be regarded as the mafia eldest brother's designer kid, opens the stood quietly to open a can of beer. A few days before the lecture, he asked everyone about three key words on his face-book graffiti wall to describe him, and he thought of himself and the city to the three adjectives are: "Conflict", "Blue and White Drag" and "Girls Heart", heard here, the participants in the scene nodded their consent.

(The young girl's self-portrait, his favorite part is his eyes)

Not only the appearance of conflict, the boy is good at fluorescent color and dark collocation or a large number of collage technique of "desktop gorgeous" style, let him in the market with a very high degree of recognition, the first glimpse of his work produced by the visual impact will make you imprinted in the mind for a long time can not erase, it is the soul behind the works and life.

"My work is alive, and once it is born, I am responsible for it, and I will find ways to let the people of this world know it and let them see his good." 」

Talking about the work, he is very serious, like the responsibility of the father to carry the work. The motives behind each piece of work are inspired by the anger of life and society, and yet these angers are accompanied by love, with much anger, with much love and the world, and with themselves.

I don't know if it's because of that, kid. Frankly speaking, he has never thought about his position in the design, not the typical designer, and can not find the position in this industry. It seems to me that he is creating on the side of his anger and walking out of his own way in the market. (same field Gayon: designer must have seven things )

"In fact, the blue and white drag is a very interesting invention in Taiwan!" Practical wear, but not a chatter of your toes, grip enough, matching looks comfortable! "Speaking of the second keyword blue and white drag, the boy to the Yu Lanbei drag of the likes of showing up, no matter any occasion, he stepped on the blue and white slippers appear, but also because of this, so that everyone began to rethink the blue and white dragged the relationship between Taiwan culture."

What time does the kid have a enthusiasts sense of design? He jokingly replied, "When you get paid." 」

He went on to say that when you put a lot of effort into a case, the risk of trying the manuscript actually after the time, indeed, for designers, when you face the requirements of the owners and their own creation saw, what is more than they spent a lot of energy to mention the crazy idea of the pay more exciting?

The process of creation is a bloody self.

Asked what is the difference between design and art?

Designer boy used a simple metaphor: "Artists make a living, and they find customers by art galleries." Design workers, in addition to their own creative output, but also to face their own customers. 」

Chepey, director of the Cultural Bureau of Taipei, then the designer kid, put forward a deeper insight, design, is through the situation for the audience carefully planned behavior, such as today's talk process is also a design, for enterprise design is also a design.

Design is a series of observation, research, analysis, response, and finally integrate into the user's life. Design needs to be identified, and because the design has the objects it wants to serve. Must have the function or the function, can make this world better.

And art does not necessarily become a means of livelihood, as art, it does not make you feel comfortable, even if you do not agree with its values and ideas, it still has the value of existence. Because art is a creator loyal to the present, no design object, no use of the situation, from beginning to end, are only themselves. (same field recommendation: dig out the finer details of life!) Listen to three Taiwanese female artists to talk about creation )

The author's creative ways are divided into two kinds, one is the observation and feelings of the outside world, and finally into their own part, the other is to all their own inner struggle on such a bloody.

No matter which kind, actually all good pain good pain, this kind of process, I called it is a kind of ego to expose, face oneself always not so easy, bear pain itself, is a kind of talent.

We're all plowing our own little world.

This night, we sit on the SAT, see so different two people because the culture together, talk about themselves, talk about artistic creation, is a good thing.

I know that a group of people are working in government to promote the arts and culture industry, I know that women fans are not the only one who believes in the existence of a gentle force.

I know, for the design, still can maintain imagination and anticipation, as the boy in the creation of his honesty and perseverance, you may not find their own positioning in the world, anxiety and you can not find a similar partner, but in the vast world, there is always your place, if the life should be standardized, that much boring.

At the end of the speech, the Secretary also wanted to share with you:

"The important thing about time is that we can sit and talk about the same and different from each other." Nothing is more important than this one. 」

TAIPEI, 2016, has become the world's design capital and the year of Taiwan's design. And I believe that this is only a starting point, the beginning of the Enlightenment of Taiwanese cultural aesthetics. One day, we will not have to envy, to imitate Japan, and even Europe and the United States of life aesthetics, we will be a pluralistic Taiwanese culture is proud, not only in Taipei, every local township unique cultural aesthetics will be ripe will blossom. Before that day, we respect each other, act on the feelings, and make a difference. (Recommended reading: Nie Yongjin Design of the presidential stamps reflect: Please Taiwan to return to the professional designers space )

For a man's wings are taken off, and a group of people's wings are the wind that changes the world.

Let us together, cultivate their own small world, and then affect the big world.