"Pregnant topic" This week fixed six points to meet with you! After yesterday's little mother discussion, let us also talk about surrogate mother phenomenon. When the womb becomes a rental service, we must face a feminist perennial question: is the womb a privilege or a yoke? Through the Classic of Orange red and the discussion of surrogate motherhood process, I invite you to look at the three key issues of surrogate motherhood. (Same thinking: frozen eggs, is really "women's only regret medicine"? )

"She also care about me, but unlike you, you care about me, everything for me to arrange, and she, not like you care so much." "Orange red."

"Orange Red" is written in the late Qing Rong home.

At that time, a married woman, the biggest sin is not born a child. The big wife and uncle Jong Yaohua will have no heir, she waited for him accidentally sent a "yin wife makeup Times" letter, her eyes in orange garden orange Orchard Red, Jong Yaohua temporarily away from the two aunt too warm nest, back to see her.

Not having a child, she felt bound to be her belly. She took the liberty, for Jong Yaohua with 500 silver dollar to a concubine Xiu wo. She calculated early, that with their young looks very similar to the Girl show Wo, can for her, for him also for the family to give birth to a fat baby, show Wo Belly will for her to make up, for her to leave love.

Su-Wo is concubine, in order to repay the gratitude into home, in was bought silver goods versus that moment, she had a clear reproductive task, her body and love was going to go. Borrow belly to have a son, nothing but the reincarnated of the big wife love.

The first time in the country to read the "Orange Red", I was immersed in writing reading experience, one side only feel sad to say. Men are ashamed to admit infertility, women shoulder, production "obligations" and the fate of the incense inheritance but the woman to crush, not born out of the child afraid to throw. The concubine is actually you love I would like to buy a production tool, buy a child's hope, but also to love as a cover, too painful.

I can not help but think, if the old lady has "surrogate mother" choice, only rent Xiu wo a year belly, designated contract, not her whole life to pay, the story will have a better ending?

If the orange red in the modern, surrogate motherhood process

From the time of the red oranges, and then to today's debate in the surrogate mother, this road back to look, has been counted a long walk. (Recommended to you: the birth of a new choice, everyone has the right to start a family )

The most basic implication of surrogate motherhood is that a woman agrees to give birth to her child on compassionate grounds (unpaid) or for the rest of her economic reasons (remunerated) and on her own volition. According to whether the fetus is related to the mother, it is divided into the surrogate mother (genetic surrogacy) and the pregnant surrogate (Gestatory surrogacy).

There are also two types of surrogate mothers: divided by the husband to provide sperm, the mother to provide the eggs, by artificial insemination part of the surrogate (partial surrogacy), and sperm donated by others, and the mother of the egg fertilization, artificial insemination of the complete surrogate (total surrogacy). Pregnancy is the fetus and the mother is completely unrelated to the maternal relationship, mostly by the artificial insemination of the entrusted couple, or by the unnamed person donated.

Currently, more than 30 countries have legalized surrogacy, such as the United States, Thailand, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Greece, Singapore, the Netherlands, Israel and other countries, India is currently recognized as the largest surrogate maternal market, Thailand is a minority to allow same-sex partners to apply for the country.

As for Taiwan, the surrogate motherhood issue has been noisy for more than 30 years and no consensus has yet been reached. In the June 1985, the first test-tube baby was born in Taipei, opening a discussion about surrogate motherhood. 1994, the Government established artificial assistance in reproductive technology only for couples, the application of the woman must have to be able to nurture the fetus "healthy uterus", prohibit surrogate mother intervention services.

1996, infertile women combined vocal. Congenital uterine dysplasia of Ms. Chen to the Legislative Yuan petition, tearful, "for a congenital birth of the uterus dysplasia, and is doomed to not be pregnant with children, does it mean we are doomed to give up feelings, give up marriage?" 」

She wrote, "all the accusations and demands are directed at women, but no one reviews the" husband "and" in-laws "in the Oriental Society, facing the infertility of" wife "and" daughter-in-law ", and should have some attitude and thinking. I have worked in the hospital for more than 10 years, and have not seen a physician facing congenital diseases, scold the patient to ask the patient, but not for him to cure, and, very important key, this "disease" can be remedied in today's correction. "(note 1)

2014, WEIFAO will be "artificial reproductive law Amendment draft" into the Executive Yuan, hope "conditional open" surrogate mother. The condition is defined as the age, the surrogate is limited to 20-40 years old, has the birth of a child of the national female; the second limit is the mode of cooperation, designated surrogacy should be mutual assistance and free way, no additional monetary remuneration, to avoid the commercial behavior of surrogate mother. The Committee on Gender Equality has returned to the Ministry of Health and Welfare for the reasons that the circumspect and the rights of the child are not sufficiently protected by the draft.

Infertility is heavy, or branded hot in women, infertile couples in Taiwan, to the present no adoption outside the birth option. (same field Gayon: three gay family's moving confession: "Admit my family, hinder who's happy?" ")

The "commercialization" of the uterus rental: surrogate Motherhood is a good answer to this era?

"Surrogate motherhood" is controversial because it is lightweight on the fundamental question that feminists are unable to reach consensus for years: "is fertility and womb a desirable feminine privilege, or a source of oppression for women?" is birth a qualification, or should it be regarded as labor? "(Recommended to you: the female dilemma in the labor structure: the gender baggage of the underground economy )

We can further ask whether surrogate motherhood is an evil helper of patriarchal values, toeing the surrogate motherhood, puts production pressure back on the female body, and causes the "fragmentation" of the mother's status, or disconnects the parent from raising a triple " Natural "links, exposing women free to engage in production and nurturing services absurd, to open the imagination of the diversity of mother's identity?

When it comes to surrogate motherhood, there are three key issues that are unavoidable to ponder,

  1. When the uterus becomes a "rental service": How to interpret the "commercialization" and "instrumental" of surrogate mother body?
  2. The power relationship between surrogate mother and service provider: should surrogate motherhood be regarded as paid labor or unpaid service? What is the cooperative relationship between surrogate mother and "employer" and will be involved with the right? What is the limit of the scope of the contract can be regulated?

  3. The future of reproductive freedom: When the mother's duties are divided into egg mother, uterus mother, pregnant mother, according to the mother and other categories, the role of the mother's multiple differentiation is good or bad?

Time is changing, we are no longer the big wife, waiting for a baby to inherit incense, but also for the husband concubine. But women still have to face childbirth-related expectations and accusations, heavy holding up your also heavy fall you. (Recommended to you: Gender observation: WEIFAO Department "Golden Pregnancy" said that the woman's belly to respond to how many social expectations?) )

Is the surrogate mother a good answer to the age of the dawn? Who is the surrogate mother to use? (Infertile couples or gay couples who should take precedence?) Does surrogate motherhood require legislative guarantees or free heart certificates?

What's your answer? The next extension of the story, women fans will continue to discuss with you surrogacy issues!