Life is beautiful, all born, let us look forward to, from a woman fan of the APP engineer Dan's child, will also be a woman's first baby, is in her mother's belly knocking and kicking kick of yearning for the world. A pregnant father's confession, to the dear baby, also to the dear wife. The birth of a child, not only the mother's responsibility, let us from the father's change, to bless women obsessed with the first baby to grow up safely.

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Dear Baby, Daddy wants to say to you

Dear Baby, Mom and dad are very happy to look forward to your arrival, I hope you can be healthy to come to this world, father and mother also for you to do a lot of action and change, are to let you in this sinister world, reduce a little unnecessary trouble.

From waking up every morning looking at mom's belly, imagining you swimming in your mother's belly, can know Mother day by day in change the original physique, from the most easy to see the belly start, because you grow up, mother's belly is more and more obvious, recently all will not see concave navel, ready to become convex navel. Again is the body's change, in order to adapt to your arrival, mother began to have a pair of milk, weight began to change, the mood is also more unstable, and finally you have to absorb the nutrients you need, even if the additional efforts to supplement, it seems to be compared to your strong growth.

These changes, Dad can not replace the mother to bear, Dad could only accompany the mother through this stage, let you know more about your mother's stomach when Mother's change, is just hope you can be a lot of understanding mother, know Mother's hard.

Since having you, my father and mother's greatest interest has become to participate in large and small and maternal and child related exhibitions, in fact, the exhibition is basically the same: confinement meal, you and your mother's clothes, your bed, your quilt, to bring your little fart diapers, your milk powder, father and mother will strive to explore in the exhibition, Just to find the things you might like, the food that suits you.

In addition to the exhibition, Mom and dad most often haunt the place has become a department store children's supplies floor, to go to the department store are first to mother's favorite clothes floor, now father and mother's first goal is directly belong to your children's supplies floor, obviously you still in the mother's belly inside, But the home of the storage cabinet has a whole layer is your exclusive items, has begun to worry about how to do it!

Now the most common thing that dad does on holidays is carrying his mother, and belly inside of you, to participate in a mother classroom, want to know how to help you bathe, your crying representative reaction, when to feed you drink grandma, you need what kind of nutrients, everything is mom and dad want to know you earlier, Know your needs, so that Dad and Mom will not rush, for fear of 1.1 points did not take good care of you. (Recommended reading: Dad, you're not just a money-making machine )

After attending a mother's classroom last week, Dad proposed to relax in the movie theater, the film is finally a police bandit chasing a shootout, the sound of the movie theater has been issued gunfire, do not know whether you are particularly excited or particularly nervous, you are constantly tapping on the mother's stomach, mother whispered to let dad know, Father and mother coincide with hand cover mother's belly, want to ease your sudden as the mood, hope you can in relaxed, free amniotic fluid growth.

And your every move, dad will be very want to understand your current mood and thoughts, but also do not know that you are not very fond of playing hide-and-seek with dad, often dad put his hand on his mother's stomach for a long time, you do not interact with dad, as long as the father's hands away from the next, MOM will say you moved again, you in the belly inside so naughty.

What dad said now you may not be able to hear clearly, but Dad is worried that you will not recognize the voice of dad, so if you feel the night when your mother lying down there is a low Shen voice, that is, Dad's voice yo, dad every night will tell a story to let you listen to, I hope you can learn a little bit about how the world works now, like a few days ago dad said about the background of the Red Sea, Moses said yesterday that the smallest unit of composition--atoms, although I do not know you can not hear, but dad will see mom so quickly fell asleep, should be because you are seriously learning, Absorption and thinking, so no noisy mother, let mother comfortable sleep.

After a while, you'll be officially meeting with your mom and dad. And not through the ultrasound pictures, Dad and mom from having you start all the changes and different, are happy waiting for you to do the little things, the only one of mom and dad only hope, when the first sight of you, You can give your father and mother a healthy cry, and then give dad and mother an angel-like smile, everything is worth. (recommend you see:"Do you have a man with children?" "It is society that does not fit the dignity of men."