writer Zhu Jishun published a paper entitled "You can be a heartbeat for anyone" in the Mandarin daily. in which "Kro magic" as an example, and teenage comics is not just the masculine world imagined "superficial", as the author Dachuan Seven said, why do you want to achieve the integrity of the eyes of others? Even if it's unbearable, you're still worth your freedom. Young girl Sakura's three "No Problem" magic, dedicated to the growth with this cartoon we. (Extended reading: Chen and Jin x Shishun of the girl to talk: Confidently go a crooked Fork road )

A while ago, in the Mandarin daily, writer Zhu Jishun published an article entitled "You can be a heartbeat for anyone," with the example of the same-sex relationship in the Kro magic, to tell your dear children that your love is not gender-sensitive and can be justly dumped for anyone. In the article, Zhu Jishun also called himself as a child of the form of love is only "men and women" exchanges, and often have "Sakura is a girl, know the world is a girl, then why know the world will like Sakura?" "," like intimate peach and snow rabbit is what is going on, and so on doubt.

"Kro Magic" has also been my childhood memories, from comics to animation, Sakura led small, small wolves, know the world and other people, carrying my imagination of the universe. I thought it was a far too distant possibility, but unconsciously, I also from the little cherry and other high girls, grow up beyond the age of the snow rabbit brother.

Remember at that time, I particularly like in the heart to shout that little cherry always wiped the tears on the face, softly charged their invincible mantra: "Absolutely no problem." 」

When I grew up, I began to engage in social science, study gender theory, only to find out how hard it is to be a "no problem" girl, the world has too many native malicious, you do not want to love who can love, you can not want to do their own, there are too many established vision is shining staring at you.

In the "Kro magic", we see the soft embrace the difference, even if you are still brave, even if you become dilapidated, you can still find a place in this harbor. One of the authors of the Dachuan in the past has said that the Clamp comics team began to hold the "to create a minority of friendly works" idea, Dachuan also said: "Small wolf and Sakura two people finally together." I know there are a lot of readers happy for this outcome, I am also very pleased, but some people think that the reason they are together is "the only sound in the story of the couple," which makes me a bit ... According to my idea, Sakura chose the wolf, not because he is "similar age and commensurate with the boys"; even if the wolf is a girl, age is very far away, as long as the object is small wolf, Sakura will choose him. 」

Who can define "sound"? When I saw this interview, I suddenly realized that the "no Problem" magic of "Kro magic" is that you are you, and that you are always worthy of freedom. Perhaps we have matured, but still can choose to use love to go through everything, until the good return to the world, such magic is not to eliminate all sadness, but in your tears, still have the strength to prop up their own worlds.

To the Magic of the world: I am a maiden, I am not good at forgetting

Chen Zhongwei in "The culture of globalization and mystery of Japanese anime painting", so quoted The observation of Saito Mei Naizi: "The country of the boy is the Kingdom of the military, the future, the war in the universe, the War is to eliminate the heterogeneity, It was a defensive battle for Peace. The country of the girl is the nation of love, the World of Dreams, of stars and of love, of battles for the protection of precious things, of no particular organization, but of the formation of good friends. , the change of the girl is like a costume performance, the foundation of the nation is unscientific Magic. "[1]

Young girl's strength is to shake the world from small, so we see meticulous production of the task of the knowledge of clothing, love sweets, small, competing for the Snow Rabbit Brother Sakura and Little Wolf, and the teacher secretly talk about the good love. The Great daily life of a maiden, always in the masculine world of reason, is mocked as trivial trifles.
In the girl's world, the most precious things are always around the "people". For example, the judge "month" from the Snow Rabbit wake up, Sakura to the month , she is enough to become the master of Kro card, otherwise the world is about to be destroyed.

The destruction of the world, in the 46th words still happened. But such destruction is not what we often do in heroic films--the wicked enemies destroy the streets, the heroes toiled to save the masses, and the evil are constantly fighting, but " Forgotten, "in the end of the world, Sakura and the surrounding people to all the memory of the Kro card forgotten, so the snow rabbit and the small can disappear clean, as if never had appeared."

Lost that will hold each other in the palm of the gaze touched, the earth is still running, life is beginning to appear strange, this is the end of the world of Sakura, as she said "forget the feelings of the people you like, the world is too sad." In the ordinary classroom, Sakura not name so to feel the great loss, so she painted in the textbook do not know the small, can only vaguely emerge from the past to combat such a desire to cry.

We are not good at forgetting, so only remember, we can leave the truth. We walk in today, but never forget yesterday, this is the meaning of yesterday, in the end of the story, Sakura in tears remembered the Snow Rabbit, the magic of the end will also be lifted.

And so for the "most important trivial" treasure, in order to complete the country of the maiden--before becoming the reason of the adult, before the war of the boy world, I want to be the fetters of your love, the dreams you care about, the stars flashing in your eyes, the destruction is not the negotiation and the slaughter that you imagine, but Young girls are willing to stand up for the sake of their love.
This section of childhood, there are magical girls to accompany us to remember how good, and not only militarization, individualism, to the world of peace as the responsibility of the masculine ying-hung. We can not sound, clearly to reveal their own weakness and sadness. The girl's world is very big, can accommodate all the incomplete freedom, but the girl's world is also very small, all precious moments will be firmly saved in the bosom. How fortunate we are in the teenage comics to find the shape of life, and gradually to build their own identity. (same field Gayon: It's not just a fairytale!) Four things to teach Taiwan society in the snow and ice romance

To the magic of relationship: I love you because you Are you

The author Dachuan Seven also in the interview so described "Kro magic" in the relationship:"Take the world to Sakura's feelings, perhaps some people will think that it is not normal, and snow rabbit and peach vector between the feelings are the same, readers want to when it is friendship or more than friendship between the feelings or better, It is entirely the reader's view of the thing itself. 」

Magic Girl Animation for the female friendship is more, let love female female blind date of the lily control can in this jianfengchazhen, the love between girls to interpret as love. [2]

In the heterosexual perspective, the desire between lesbians is often invisible behind the mainstream society. In the patriarchal system, female lust is easy to ignore, because the value of women is defined by marriage and childbirth, and such lust does not have the practicality of reproduction.

and "Kro magic make" is not a boy's growth narrative, such as the world always with a gentle gaze gaze at the small Cherry's back, and such as small cherry return with a brilliant smile. What we see is the feminine desire to be the main body, shouting the lovable at the same time, also exchanging the emotional detail in the fracture face of the life. In addition, "Kro Magic makes " also lets the person see the girl and the girl between the deep hug, through the slender innermost description, may discover this " As long as you are happy enough "emotion is pure, because it shows the bright side of the girl friendship, and such warm eyes also explain the reason why Lily's works swim in between friendship and love. [2]

"I do not want people to say, because know the world is a girl, so can not with Sakura together." Of course, Sakura also like to know the world, but that kind of love than the wolf like it. Moreover know the world to Sakura has always been "as long as Sakura happy, I am very happy" ah. I think the true supremacy of love, not " everything can be done in my mind" is " everything can be done according to your ideas." The author has made a comment on the relationship between the two people.

Love is not possession, it is freedom. Love is before intimacy, we don't forget to be independent of each other. Love is I am not afraid of being abandoned, in your small universe, I can always light to remember the feeling of flying, because that is my first, is also the most comfortable appearance.

Also like the peach and Snow rabbit BL friendship, no longer can only be male gaze, women also began to be able to depict the body of the male body. Japan in the end of the 70, there have been such as "JUNE" and "ALLAN" to entertain women for The purpose of the publication of the Journal of Adolescent Love. 「 」 gradually become a trend, teenage cartoonist began to use a negative perspective, to depict their eyes ideal male body. The slender soft beauty teenager, as well as the 「 young love 」 between the American teenager, became the teenage cartoonist to spoil the existence, but in this one formed a special 「 entertainment upbringing 」 system, the author eye The most beautiful relations from this to be born. [3]

"I have to work hard to prove that we are not monsters," Kangyong said in a cry on the show. "In the consciousness of contemporary comrades, there is always a monster in the claws, this monster is not accepted itself, to carefully in self-doubt, to put together a gesture of love, this monster is also the world's uncomfortable self-righteous, the criticism as a love-so gay and the world rubbed into flesh and blood, in the closet to pull out.

and "Kro Magic" in the gentle hope of the slender young boys, in the girl cartoonist's pen sprang up, tell us the monster in the cupboard is real, we are not born to love , but can not deliberately to conceal, so with the original form exists, that is " gay", is" happy ", and this is the original meaning of comrades.

To my own magic: I do not reconciled to only one appearance

"We often hear people say what a sound family, a sound love or interpersonal relationship, etc., in fact, between this is not normal, the principle of dealing with people should not be changed." I want to create a very gentle person, even if not in the so-called "sound" environment of people, things are also the same kind. "This is the original intention of clamp, but also the archetype of the Magic Maiden."

Magic Girl is not complete, but in the shuttle between the world, reversed the established standards, grow up to be worthy of their own appearance. So we see the "Magic Girl" type of animation, no longer just a hero of the world, girls can also go to break, to fight, to adventure, stand up to protect the love. Young girls no longer become the story of the male protection of the supporting role, can eventually flip into the dominant situation of the main body. At this time, in the past, men as the protagonist can be carried out--superheroes against evil forces, save the world--the Battle of adventure narrative model, finally by the girl to divert, began to debut on the ACG stage. [2]

The heroine in the cartoon is no longer only a typical, not only after being caught by the bad guys, playing the incompetent role that waits to be rescued by the hero, delicate. Nor is it just to be accused of "flower-crazy" tablet, as if only around the hero circle, the love as a life suspended task. These images of women's roles in the past are often the reason that anime thinks there is a female perspective.

"Kro Magic" tells us that young girls can love and fight, cut the image of women more solid, you do not have to live carefully and fixed, you do your best to love, the missing scars are treasured heart; you are small enough to know the strength of resistance, but you are always willing to try to run in the face of reality .

The first magical girl known for subversion of stereotypes is a "sailor Uranus" in "American Girl Warrior". Gender is not a physical rigid code, but the free flow of self identity, in the original comics, Uranus is a sports all-round high school racing driver, and has a large number of female fans, initially as a male in the story of her debut, gender can be arbitrarily inverted replacement, only in the change behind must be a woman's posture to descend, This vaguely revealed the magic girl in the subversion of gender expectations of traces.

As in the study of semi-finished products, in addition to the sex of the flow, the ability of magic girls began to travel through the reality of the "invisible ceiling", the magic Girl is willing to do not want to do, and can not be a problem, will not hit the ceiling, only to find that their sky has always been fragmented

In the past, the leadership of the "Savior" in the ACG world has always been the exclusive hegemony of men, women can only blink tears in large eyes, to wait for men to save, or become the hero next to the most effective " Assistant ", and can not collide with their own blood and tears of adventure, and to the Magic Girl type of anime, women can finally carry the hope of saving the world, become the highest leader in action. So the girl is no longer a man's accessory, finally able to prop up their own subjectivity. [2]

Born as a person, we have too many apologies for life. There is always a moment, we do not know where the heart of the sentimental from the life, looking at the mirror of their own, you just want to break everything, but still afraid to arrive tomorrow.

And it is "Kro magic" to US wrote the fable: All this is not easy, can not be always in turmoil, so only love can make us fearless. Fragile is often more than our rational honesty, but in order not to forget the weight of the heart, we still have to continue to fight, to force love, to feel the presence of heart, carefully to smooth similar injuries. (Recommended reading: The female image in Pixar movies )