The time alone is a noisy life of rare precious serenity, can let us precipitate mind, more know oneself. A person's moment, accompany beside US may be a book , a window of the night, or a distant melody. Jazz is very suitable for the quiet mood alone to listen to, each song is but the singer's monologue , and sometimes the melody of musical instruments into, all let the people immersed in the emotional time. Women are obsessed with choosing six modern jazz songs to accompany you through the cool summer evenings alone. (Recommended reading: How long have you been alone?) Learn to be alone so you can live with others.

On the way home from work in summer weekend, it is the smell of fresh water in the air after showers, it is the western sky hanging slowly orange sunset, the picture is very beautiful, your footsteps also follow lightsome. Want to put this beautiful moment only to your own, perhaps drinking beer, thinking of the past, may be quietly shut in the room, flipping many old photos, with occasional faint smile. During the day the hot rhythm eased down and the evening breeze blew into the lazy air. (Recommended reading: friends or old good?) Seven reasons that should be contacted with old friends )

These are your weekend pictures, brisk and pleasant times. To make these moments more flavored, women are obsessed with three jazz masters and six of their jazz songs, adding color to your moments of solitude. (same field Gayon: Solitude Esthetics: Learns oneself alone, can enjoy the plural life )

Jazz is a kind of different style of music, formed in the modern American music genre, development to now have a variety of styles of evolution, which the main connotation still keep humming clean instrument solo, and monologue-style singing, keys and strings of fast-sound, full of naughty and expressive, very suitable for solitude, relaxation, meditation, listen carefully. Are you too used to the chords of pop songs? The same line of spelling and very similar lyrics situation, always let you can not discover new moved? It's time to jump off to different types of music!

Jazz singers and performers will be their own soul pulsation, emotions into the music, each song of the revolution, top-notch, fibrillation can be said to resonate with the singer musicians. Immediately the life of the Troubles and rapid adjustment will ease down, take you into the real easy to feel, unconsciously follow the special slow melody of jazz hum, with music for you to create a different from the time bar! (Recommended reading: learn to live alone!) Leave time for the white Solitude aesthetics

A jazz lady with a fine voice

Searcy Mccrohn (Cecile McLorin), a 23-Year-old girl, is also the winner of the 58th annual Grammy Award for Best Jazz Album and the 2010 Munch International Jazz Competition.

Her jazz tunes not only follow the tradition of jazz, but also dissolve into her precocious mature, in her song as if a glimpse of his personnel, emotional understanding, which the knowledge and maturity of nearly perfect to rub into each note. In addition to the jazz tone, Searcy in her song to join the soul of the Blues elements, with a little light and naughty feeling, so that her singing more a lattice.

Searcy's song is suitable for solitude, want to talk with their hearts you listen! (Recommended reading: for your big woman love letter: Don't give up, but don't forget the little girl inside )

Look at Me

I didn ' t Know What time it was

A jazz master who sticks to the music

Charles Loyd (Charles Lloyd), last year, just received the National Arts Foundation Jazz Master Award, in the Jazz altar is very famous, 50 years of dedication and temper of music, deep music quality let him casually twist to play and blend into a variety of music amorous feelings, and from a lattice.

More rarely, he constantly challenged himself, creating different musical patterns stretching from traditional jazz, with the deepest jazz inside every musical symbol he played. His jazz is good for you when you are in a whole day's class and you play when you relax.

Masters of War

La Lloron

Quick to collage the melody of the Impromptu jazz master

Christine Mcbulley (Christian McBride), just won the 2016 Best Jazz Impromptu solo award, impromptu can be said to be the other soul of jazz, music in the hands of Christine Free trifling. From the popular to the classical rich performance experience, also let his scene is full of enthusiastic, struggling to move. In the rhythm of his notes, he freely realizes the energy of his life, and gives you a deeper spiritual agitation for one's time. Kristen's impromptu style is good for your quiet night with a little bit of smart to listen to.

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