A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. There is no love, you are lonely , that loneliness has nothing to do with love, but about you and the world alienated from the eye. You always need this alienation, to save yourself. Think of the person who fell in love with your lonely expression, he can only love you lonely gentle , can not love your lonely pain. (Recommended reading: Contemporary Loneliness Test: You are not afraid of loneliness, you are afraid of is no longer related to people )

"You look so lonely." 」

On a sleepless night you think of the way he used to say to you. A lot of love from the beginning of loneliness, we are infatuated with someone in the eyes of the dark, always feel through this long depth, will reach a great place.

The most lonely, is to love not to go on, obstinately together of the kind.

That day, is the fourth time you broke up, originally you cried and cried and fell asleep, the phone rang, he came to your house downstairs, suddenly you feel that this is superfluous part of the article. He said you say Ah, you can't squeeze a word, he said we don't separate good, you nod well, we each go back to sleep. He asked if he could sleep in your house, you said you could, and then you went upstairs together. He hugged you sideways, the air conditioner is too strong you don't want to wake him, so the heart is cold.

You pick up the phone, you say, you let him continue to hug you, you know wake him up he will be accustomed to hold you tighter. In fact, you just don't have the strength to resist.

You just do not have the strength to open the switch to turn off a door, so it is better to open, love to come, not to go. You are not afraid to hurt, you know he will never be able to really hurt you.

the original that cry to sleep, you just sad for yourself .

It was the loneliest time of love, like waking up in the night of crying and sleeping, and the long time to get into the second part of sleep. All of a sudden the exhaustion fades away, is awakened by this quiet night, everything is very thorough, you cannot with this clean space-time produce too many interaction, can do just wait. This also many of you on and off, love once, to love the second time, are particularly difficult. Be deliberate in the play, endure boredom, endure all the details that have been repeated for the first time, until the second time the feeling of softness and sleep is felt.

Accept is your most negative resistance, watching him asleep, this long night only you sober, you know open eyes time will pass, a person waste very good, meaningless waiting is good. Well, it's better than arguing about an indifferent frame.

The person who caused you insomnia, just fell in love with your lonely expression, still do not understand the expression of the real meaning.

Love also from Lonely end, when he can not bear you that too good-looking but meaningful expression. Think of this, you sleep soundly.

"Let me gently gentle to be eliminated, then the graceful stubborn again again." 」