"There must be injustice and sadness in the world, but through verse, grievance and sadness can be converted." "Women fans for you to read poetry, but also for those women in the text of the figure, they are stubborn if weak, strong or young, their fleeting look at life, is enough for us to aftertaste a long life." (same field Gayon:"read Poems for You" My gentleness is not complete )

A real benefactor.
No need to dazzle the rich

Real move.
No need to flash.

Real health.
Do not seek permanent

Real poetry.
You don't have to keep writing.

-- The whale 〉 to the sea for the summer's paralysis.

To Xinqiao lovers Michelle:

In the movie "The New Bridge Lover" Juliet Bino Xu to unload the rich stately, she loves like the beggar, but is nobler than everybody. She suffers from an eye disease, a muddy eye, a gorgeous world, and madness like a roadside mud.

Live to the end of the times, they burn the city like Love, no one elegant and holy to say I love you, Love is dirty, no other attention.

Have you ever danced with Devil in the pale moonlight? ──joker (performed by Jack Nicholson in film, BATMAN, 1989)

Love is an eternal fire, that light, as long as you can see it well.

They're going to die of nothingness.
But the harp is going to play like this slowly.
The afternoon you came to see me on the Sea
Take you to my tender soft cave
To have you in my only cave

It turns out it was so loved.
But also denied that, as altered verses
To play some songs you just wrote.
To take to the far end in the wind:
"A freedom that once rang like a coastline
Can be changed at any time twists and turns;
A man I once loved.
Like burning the strongest and fastest flame. 」

For example, the flowers will continue to pass
Bypassing the abyss of semantics, going back to simplicity
Come now--never ending now

When everything is failing.
I'm only desperate.
In our misery of the circus class
To dance a hysterical ballet for you.

-- Xiayu, our miserable circus class.

To the Black Swan Nina:

You can't stop spinning if you stop, all competing systems will be damaged. like love, love can not stop weaving dance steps, if one side does not want to jump , it will become a single dance.

Instead of being bored, she would prefer to tilt without fear. So Nina is willing to do a moth, beautiful in the life and death of the media for a short moment.

The life of the line after the intrigues and she has nothing to do with her, do not leave the left, at least in the back, to be able to proudly laugh out, she is afraid of what?

How I wish that there was a doorway
In the morning the sun shines on the grass

We're standing.
Hold on to your door
The door was very low, but the sun was bright

The grass is in the knot of its seed
The wind is shaking its leaves
We're standing, not talking.
It's very good.

-- Gucheng gate

Love letter, Watanabe Beboze:

Think of him, memory like a layer of milky white paper, everything is lightsome clean . He bowed his head to read the eyelashes, the wind raised his black hair, the sun just sprinkle in the middle of your implied love.

Watanabe Beboze crying and shouting, how are you? I am fine.

"I feel, I am alive, and not only for me to live, there are many, many, I do not know what is the thing, bless me live better." "