Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

"I'm going to tell me 3 kids, mother this 20 years, only do one thing, is to work hard to sing, singing, I believe all have a dream of friends, can be like Peng Jiahui, 20 continue, continue to work hard, and thank all the media friends, thank you always said Peng Jiahui very ugly, Thank you for giving me a chance to be more and more beautiful, I will continue to create another 20 years, thank you. 」

You still remember, Peng Jiahui in the Golden Melody Stage, receive the Best Female Singer award when the speech, the picture of her tears, your heart also followed by warm up. More than 20 years long, give up often more easily than insist, not be realistic to take down, the most important thing to do a full, sound is kind of too rare silly.

Peng Jiahui's story is very ordinary, she is not a dazzling star, once had a full seven years of time can not hair film, but this insistence of the stubborn achievements of her present.

Sometimes goodness and integrity can not be exchanged in the present to you look forward to the results, just in these two months, I have several friends around the reality toss, side and the ideal saw, one side in the next to how to go. Those who insist on improving the labour situation in West Point are the ones who fall first, while those who hope to promote the friendly small farmers are disarmed in front of the market, and those who want to cultivate the aesthetic education in their home country are always being questioned as wishful thinking.

Looking at their reconciled tears, I often think of this celebration of the success of the era, when can stop, carefully and gently to stare at failure? Finally calmly told himself: "I admit that it is a setback, but I believe that this setback will eventually be good, can take me to the farther side." 」

Looking at these little people's silly, always reminds me of Japan's professional spirit, the end of his life only specialize in a skill, they simply keep one thing, this is the most difficult life. Like the stars quietly flashing in the sky, waiting for the name to be seen the day, cherish their passion and talent, you want to be remembered as what? Tell yourself not to be the one who regrets in the end.

Life is too short, only enough for you to insist on one thing. Life is too long, you never know how many setbacks will be on your body tomorrow. (Recommended reading: should not be reconciled with the reality of life?) Your choice determines who you are.

The workplace is like the monastic field, while grinding the professional, but also test your patience. only those who are still focused on the goal in frustration can climb to the heights of the people who have been in the workplace. Persist sometimes sounds silly, but just because you are not reconciled, want to have more, so you are willing to ask not to inquire about how distant tomorrow, choose to calm down to work hard.

The movie "The Master of a generation" has a classic line: "The martial arts have such a sentence: Remember, there will be echoes." Have a breath, light a lamp, there are lights on someone. 」

"At the moment when the echo finally arrives, you will find that you have to work very hard to look effortless." 」

Woman obsessed editor Fantine

Make your efforts to burnish your major in the right state, starting with asking yourself and finding your own inner driving force ; Let your heart tell you "what you want to do, this is your gift." 20,181 months, "Sister said School", here, there is a breath, point a lamp, there are lights on someone: