single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Tianfu Veltzke sang "Soul Mate", is the face of everyone in the crowd, we yearn for a perfect but not exist relationship, but rarely see surprises in the ordinary. (same field Gayon: single diary: Rather than reluctantly love, let me gently be eliminated )

"Originally I have been an ordinary person, what all understand heart but so painful, and you laugh and laugh, and you talked about the heart, but the soul is afraid to Joseph." Tianfu Veltzke "Soul mate"

I have read the life of a human soul mate can have many, but the twin flame only one. Soul mates are the ones who grow up with you in life issues and frustrations, this person will pass you, bring a wonderful surprise to your life, the twin Flame is more intense and the ultimate relationship than love, looking at each other more like looking at the mirror, you will know each other's heartache anger, through cooperation sublimation each other's sexual spirit , such as "Double-sided Wei Veronica Card".

However, most of us live in the easy to spend, so more times we do not pursue the ultimate relationship, in the crowd to sniff soul mate is not difficult, it is no wonder that when single, you find that accompany you not necessarily a person. Some people keep the same book in their bags, they are heavy, they feed the plants to activate themselves, some people love things, some are virtual lovers, the so-called soul mates, in the final analysis, is a person who is willing to understand you, and you can share a sense of life.

I believe in soul mates, but I do not like to meet the soul mate before, to complete your own this argument, because whether single, married, cohabitation, or lonely to death, we can not have true integrity. Even if there is a complete, but also belong to their own homework, not love. Being single is not particularly good or bad, it is a natural state, however, we pursue the existence of another person, just like a quiet water need stone to have ripples.

We cannot expect to have a perfect existence, unconditional forgiveness or support, and it is because of this regret that the days are different. It is because of the long distance from the soul mate that we traveled through life.

mortal beings, I will not only love you one, also cannot miss you. we do not live to meet, we are to make living more taste, so meet.