May 28 This year, the good times "Women in the Workplace " series of lectures invited to the education of the enthusiastic Liu Anting to the scene, and readers to share their stories, as well as the concept of education. He who is very good at telling stories, uses words in plain language but is full of power of change. If you miss such a wonderful short talk, it does not matter, let the woman fan editor with you to reverse the time! (Recommended reading:"Education of this disease" don't let education become business, don't let teachers become saints )

Liu Anting, "Teach For Taiwan" (Teach for Taiwan, TFT) founder. A 26-year-old young girl, because of a speech at TED: embrace generations from the beginning of education , and received attention. With his enthusiasm for education, he launched a focus on rural education in Taiwan, bringing together teachers with a sense of responsibility and passion for education, and working hard for the disadvantaged children of Taiwan.

The students in prison, let me know how lucky I am

I had been a teacher for two years in a prison in the United States, and at first these students were only interested in two questions.

"Why did you come?" "Do you have a boyfriend?" 」

The students in these prison groups have a small boss. Once the little boss said to me in class: "Alas, you these life victory Group, you do not understand us these life failure group's game rule, you thought your that set of survival rule, can apply in everybody, you are wrong, we have our own rule, is you do not understand, So you're not going to put that on us, so let's just talk every day, okay? Then, why did you come? 」

Everyday, these students ask me every day: "Why are you here?" 」。 I also began to ask myself: "Do you know why you are here?" 」

In the past, most of the time I thought that the resources I had were natural. Because I study hard and try hard, so it is not natural for me to use my efforts in exchange for these resources. What I am trying to earn, ah, I have nothing to be ashamed of, why should I doubt it? But every time I see the kids in these prisons, I always think:

"There is such a group of people in the world, they are not even the opportunity to work, is considered a failure." Then why should I be proud of these good things and achievements in front of them? The only thing I have more than them is luck. 」

So, I began to ask myself: "I have this lucky, not hard to get, more than simply randomly assigned to." What am I going to do with this fortune? (Recommended reading: rehabilitated offenders look at the death penalty: they fear to be locked up for life, more afraid of facing society )

We can't afford to lose our children's basic education.

Taiwan's rural side is usually not far from us, because Taiwan is so small, can be biased to where?

In fact, far is our heart, not these land. Almost all the primary schools in Tainan left town have been abolished, and the children on this side have to go to other places to teach, and the headmaster will have to pick up the children to learn from them, so they have access to education. Once, a headmaster took me to see the living environment of these children, to one of the door, he faint to say: "Anting, I am very sad." I am so sorry to see that the land in Taiwan is getting richer, but there are still a lot of hard-working parents who have no ability to give their children a toilet with a roof. 」

But then he added: "But Anting, I am also a poor family, but I think poverty is not a disgrace." The real disgrace is that, being a Taiwanese and an educator, we cannot afford to give these children equal access to education that they would otherwise have in Taiwan. 」

In other words, the children of these disadvantaged parents are the most shameful thing for Taiwanese if they only replicate the choices of their parents ' lives.

Taiwan's average score looks pretty good, though. But, compared with neighboring countries, Taiwan's polarization of the rich and the poor is the most serious, moreover, such polarization is highly correlated with the social status of our children, in other words, children who have better chances, most of whom are of relatively high social status, and those who fail to do so are relatively low in social status. This is unreasonable, it is impossible to have less resources of children must be more stupid, more resources of the children are more intelligent, is the education of the problem. (Recommended reading: two hours to see the rest of life in miniature: when the gap between rich and poor becomes hereditary, difficult to reverse poverty )

In the process of pursuing important things, we also become important.

Finally, with the words I like to end, Nietzsche said: "In the pursuit of important things in the process, we also become important." 」

Many times I feel that as a person, there is a need to be valued by others. Especially when we have more resources, we want to be a person of great importance.

But sometimes, we do not ask ourselves: "When we are in the pursuit of" let ourselves more and more important "process, we pursue is really" an important thing "? 」

If we are not pursuing what is really important, by the conclude day, even if we have a lot of awards cups, even if we are famous, we will not become a person who is considered to be really important.

However, if we pursue what is really important, even if you don't get so many trophies, or become very famous in the present, perhaps someone on your tombstone will write: "This is a really important person, you will be remembered." You not only meet your own pursuit, in fact, you also make your own efforts can not be wiped out. (Recommended reading: Volunteer Notes: We do not pay to get, they give me more than ever wish )

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