Love is me to us, is also my relationship with the world. As a cool son, always have to spend a lot of energy, first to establish their own understanding, and then to the righteous love.

"It is only through daily practice that we face the need for loneliness and we have the opportunity to truly enjoy the plural life and the freedom of love." --Wood 's solitude Aesthetics: Learn to be alone, to enjoy the plural life.

The person who wrote such a passage is not a gender writer, and understanding love and loneliness has always been her proposition, writing cool experiences and moving emotions, our generation of queer love, firewood has been opening up new possibilities and paths. the author of the women's talk, honesty recommend to the reader is a good writer we adore.

About the author Chai chai:"Love is to go to temptation"

Chai's name is Liu, in the "LEZs", "Women fans", "The L", "The Shopkeeper Zhi", "ground-breaking" can see her column, she is concerned about gender, queer, and the Asian democratic Movement issues. If you describe her in a word, I would say she is an endless lyrical social movement.

Although in New York, but I think her figure and handwriting has been the landmark of the contemporary Chinese lesbian, when confused rise, you know that a person from the pain came, but also in the gentle fight. Her growing history has never been able to escape those sad metaphors: Chiuxin, Xiayu, Huang Bi-yun ..., at the age of 16, she had pieced together her queer age in Seattle, wrote poems and novels, and the pen was a love storm.

Now the wood is written more, and the study of psychology, feminism and queer experiences on the basis of race and gender is part of her life. She has always been a desire too full of people, "a necessary confession" 10 years later, the delay to wait for the next book, she is going to make a film.

"If love and loneliness make you feel pain , it is better to let go of the temptation to feel the limits of your senses. "

On the night of 8/11, this old-school dating is not a love strategy, but an invitation to the city of the ego and Love feel confused, regain the right to live and love the possibility.

Queer old-school dating: distance from yourself to the city

"To be in love is to be able to accept the flaws of herself and her people frankly, and find something worth wasting an entire life in." --Wood

I've been in love . with the word of firewood, and her The infinite sadness in those failed relationships . Leafing through the Chai Yi face book, from a too sad life narrative, finally can read happiness. The queer has already walked out of Chiuxin's muddy Tun , drags sadly to the better place, in the firewood and the lover New York apartment, always has the bright will pass through their body.

To be honest, I'm not sure who can talk about the cool old-school dating thing better than Chai, love is from daily practice: cooking, cleaning, hanging on the sofa to the New York subway building, the whole city.

"Queer old-school dating is not deliberately scheduled to spend a whole weekend with a lover in a two-person apartment, forget the time, with each other like the first date to say for a lifetime, the bed is the island between two people, and the kitchen is temporarily stranded shore. 」

Love is sometimes a wild, sometimes gentle, cool old fashioned date, starting with self-identification and understanding, from distance to cohabitation, from solitude to coexistence, Chai said: "Dating is about sharing the paranoia of your life with the person you love, and giving the details that you can't forget on weekdays and have a special preference for the reason that it exists." Dating is also the best excuse to enjoy the endless foreplay process. 」

Foreplay to be very long, we do not hurry, every time in the brewing of warm, the crowd, Love is the guide, "oneself" is the starting point, pain is sweet path, let us identify each other.

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