The beloved dancer in the music world, the love of a number of European and American days, is always impressive, and it's always impressive that it's impossible to exaggerate every time the crowd thinks it's impossible!At the same time, they were always able to bring about greater shock and shock.You may be familiar with this brand name, but you must have seen this brand of clothing, because all the big stars like Jolin, Rihanna, Rihanna, Katy ·, and so on, wore this brand of costumes to shoot MV or show up at the concert!

The Brends brand was created by David & Phillipe Bondon in New York. The Bloom has always been an exaggeration of rivets and bright diamonds, along with a curvilinear visual effect, and thus become the preferred choice for the stars to perform in the dance performances.

This year they brought a new version of the "Motorcycle Babe" to the fall of 2012, maintaining the tight, shiny and exaggerated three principles of "bright skin", "blazing red", "light gold", "sparkling silver", and "blue", and a with a blond in the five dominant colors and a golden-blond in the film.

Next let's look at this publication:


bright leather black series

Shiny Red Series

Light Family

Sparkling Silver Series

icy Blue Series


not flash enough MAN

Shed red + bright skin

LightKing + icy Blue Series

Sparkling Silver Series

[womany plus: don't flicker]

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