Think life is busy, but there is no direction? powerless , but do not know where their goals are? When you are restless and sad , try to travel alone in the summer. Let the experience ebb and fall in love with your own little ball, telling you how irreplaceable travel is to her. (Extended reading: that year, I was on the lovely island of Hawaii Summer Christmas )

Ball, Cotton Candy Band lead singer. Unique voice with energy-filled lyrics, accompanied by many fans to spend the different stages of life. After six years in the group, because of the different future development plans with the partners, decided to suspend the regiment for their future efforts. Once experienced a low tide of her, through a solo trip, found a good reason to love themselves.

Applause after the loss of inspiration, leaving the comfort of the beginning of the circle

When I was a student, I had no place to be proud of my family because I had a bad grade. But I like singing, but singing this thing, it makes me feel very comfortable. So when I'm standing on the stage singing, I can empty my brain and sing very freely.

Cotton Candy Group About six years, we decided not to continue singing, do not continue to group, we want to Hugh Regiment. There were a lot of people who were willing to help us, and even someone told us, "If your band is short of money, I can help you." 」

We were flattered. However, the problem of cotton candy is not the lack of money so simple. Taiwan's music market is very small and very closed, if there is no way to hit other markets, it is really to rely on singing to survive, it is really difficult. And the cooperation between people is bound to cause conflict, good friends will quarrel, not to mention the work of working together partners?

When I was in a bad situation, I had a life I thought was very bleak. But now looking back on those days, it is really necessary for him to exist. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and see if I had a way to do what I wanted to do.

So I spent a year, very hard to do 3 EP, and live house concert, but the album is not in the market access to sales. The big reason is because I'm really scared and I don't know what I'm going to do next. I do EP, concerts, just to want to let parents rest assured. But after I ran out of energy and finished it in a way that I didn't love myself, I felt like I was going to hang up. (Extended reading: write to busy working people's sports notes: Morning run body, night run decompression, which one do you choose?) )

Lose the direction need to precipitate, use travel to try to understand oneself

The feeling of hanging off, just like you do not do anything, and then eat and die every day, even think that the world without me is not bad. The mood lasted for a few months, and I didn't know what I could do or even think my music could move people. I turned back to find that the cotton candy music, in fact, are very positive, pure, full of dreams, full of inspiration, I even began to feel that the past my music is a lie. I do not like the state of my time, cause all the applause, all the other people give you love and power, in that moment all collapse.

I don't know what I can do, so I have to relax and my friends even think I'm crazy. If I do not rest, I do not know what I will become, do not know whether I can sing, also do not know whether they have the means to love themselves. (Extended reading: Kaka Maisong: "You can never get real happiness from fame")

So I let myself go on a trip.

On the trip to Taiwan this matter, for many modern people, it must be very simple, but it is the Internet to check traffic patterns, there is no language different problems. But it's very difficult for someone who has never been out of my own. I used to rely on my work partners, I always followed them to a certain place, and ended up leaving together. For me, traveling alone is difficult: I am a person without a sense of direction, even if there is a Google Map, I can still go wrong.

I try to arrange my trip, first from Taichung, then to Tainan, and the last place is Taidong. I'll go to Taichung First and get together with my friends. Because before in Tainan University, to Tainan, have seniors will cover me one day. By the Taidong, I decided to let myself travel with myself.

I didn't realize how much panic this thing was for my friends, and they said, are you sure you don't need someone to Taidong? But I just want to let myself try, test oneself can not do. I am also curious as to what it would be like if I encountered setbacks during the journey. What kind of mood would it be if I could finish my trip by myself?

I made the decision to travel alone in order to understand myself better.

My heart was free because of one injury.

I deliberately put the accommodation on the Doulan Mountain, a no TV, no road signs, far from the urban area. That night nine o'clock, I went to Doulan Mountain, to a very afraid of ghosts of me, the night Doulan no one, no car, it is torture themselves, I feel very big fear, and that fear from the unknown.

To Doulan Mountain, I still very close oneself, have no way to cross out the bed and breakfasts, only look at Doulan Bay, feel its beauty. I dare not go out to eat, I dare not chat with the landlord of the accommodation. There were two dogs in the house, one of them liked me, and I liked to play with him, but the next day he bit me on the knee without warning, so I was sent to the hospital to fight tetanus.

I was very happy to go to the hospital this time. Because I think that dog gave me a big break. He seemed to be telling me, "You're here, and you're shutting yourself up in a bed and breakfasts. Bite you, you will face the matter. 」

And from that day on, my heart seemed to be slowly liberated. I slowly found that a person, really do not have the horror of their own imagination. At the seaside, you can talk to yourself, you can sleep over there, you can read over there, you can do anything there--no one will come to you. I found that this is the feeling of calm. It was a fresh experience for such a restless person.

I like that kind of life, and that way of life, in my understanding, is to fall in love with themselves. Because no one can help you, you have to do whatever you want, you have to make your own arrangements, you have to have your own emotional fight. Because of the attempt to travel alone, my inner voice of those noisy, slowly precipitation, precipitation and return to the most pure state. (Extended reading: A gentle power exercise: finding a better self in meditation )

I think when we get older and longer, we find that a lot of things can slowly find your own pace. Even if your pace is different from others, then what?

It's more important to fall in love with yourself than to be in love with anyone.