A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. You say time is very fast, "suddenly good think You" incredibly seven years, you also in the heart also carry his youth appearance. May days "Later we" is "suddenly good miss You" seven years after the sequel, Somewhere, another we still love, instead of Here we eternal . (Recommended reading: single diary: Not together, to be with you forever )

My dear

I have rehearsed many times in my heart how we will meet again.

Maybe it was in the old record line where we first met, and you asked me poorly. You also listen to the same position of May days "; perhaps in the Banyan tree where I slap you, you may use my familiar eye and eye, with another strange girl, perhaps we will meet in the trip, most likely we all want to go to Turkey, pretending to do nothing to complete the unfinished journey.

Seven years ago, our feelings ended in a shady, my best time, all in love with you.

At that time, I think of you can only hurriedly looked up, deep fear of tears do not listen to. I married another person, do not have the heart to send you an invitation, I convinced myself, I am happy, I must be happy.

You hide away from me very far, I deliberately inquire, only know you finally entrust a friend, don't tell me where you went. Are you so scared of me?

The last time I called you dear, our love stopped yesterday, and today cruelty came. After we let go, we lose meaning, become the boundless word the sea is more and more far from the existence. I knew there was no more of us then. After us, the world has another order, carefully reminding me not to be sad, to forget you.

"Only expect, later you can be happy, that is later I, most want, later we still walk, just no longer shoulder to face their own life." 」

Seven years later, I have a big belly to see you, you still a face of youth and careless, like the memory of the appearance. I am old, I said I divorced, keep a baby, he always reminds me of you.

We try to open a little bit of ourselves, trembling hands, twists and turns to take a long way. That day, I told you a lot of talk, and later found that all the language point to the past of their own, and you have gone forward.

After kissing you, with your stripes shirt, I will go, and you do not look back at me, we do not have the next seven years. It doesn't matter if you ask me to see you or not.

My best time, once had you.

I would like to believe that we have met in the parallel world, where you love me as ever, I love you as ever.

"Somewhere, another you left, there, another I smiled." Another we still love, replace us forever, if can think so, enough. 」