Speaking of contemporary Japanese literature , how many writers can you name? Time is very convenient, we have to select the content of reading, mobile phone a slip, chain bookstore Site A brush, you can know the popular list of good books, but some people's words are not so publicity, they disappeared in the times, quietly and truly write. To share with you the honest recommendation of the editors of women fans, the Japanese writers we love. (Recommended reading: You do not have time to read, you just do not want to read time )

Speaking of Japanese literature, maybe you have a few key words in your head: Norway's forests, IQ84, the Murakami phenomenon has been infected with the Chinese way of life, and disappeared into various business metaphors. He wrote a generation from the bottom of his heart want to break out of the world depression, the more alienated novels, people feel closer to themselves. He created a new breath for literature, and also became a symbol of Japanese literature.

You try to think again, the creation of the Japanese literary background of those figures, and the village with the spring tree carrying the literary signs, there are many people. When people mistake literature for the Dialectic of life taste, we want to get to know those writers who are just writing, they wrote a forest in Norway, and climbed the mountains out of the south of their borders. These equally excellent Japanese women Writers, for a group of readers, write little and true, and never cease.

Love has nothing: Jiangguoshang weaving

Many people know that incense is "that year, love Shiny", "Lonely Tokyo Iron Tower", her sweet has a slight toxin aroma, talk about love, not thick honey also not bitter, more like Zhang ailing that a flea full of Chinese robe. From love to marriage, it is all a fallacy, even if desolate, love any form and abnormal love, in her eyes are perfect. Love is the eternal insanity, Jiangguoshang weaving the scene of sesame mung bean, in the loneliness of love to survive, every daily melancholy, has become the existence of the epic.

"We do not play with any scheming, frankly love." But seriously, I was--ready to cry. " I'm ready to cry. "

"Love is not talk, it falls." The Lonely Tower of Tokyo

"Love is only the first time is happy, then will feel muddy, can laugh out only at the beginning yo!" Still, people are going to be in love! "Ten years later , Love shines."

"Freedom is the state of loneliness that has nothing to lose." In love with a person, alertness will be reduced, believe in fate and forever, and all the things in the world do not exist. " I'm ready to cry. "

The warmth of empty valley to the world: to Tian Bong

To Tian Bong fascinated as her underground love as her quiet and introverted, she is the legend of the Japanese nation, after the university for her to set up a research institute, television every year launched to Tian Bong drama, to her name of the script Grand reward ... To Tian Bong write life color light elegant, write the words of the lover deep back gan. Read "Woman's index finger" around the desire to eat color, the times the wheel forward at the same time read the "Father's apology letter", let the meaning of nothingness to idling, and then Peep "to Tian Bong love letter", it is to Tian Bong about contemplation heart, love so reluctant, so mourning. (same field Gayon: Reading Zhang Ailing's life book list: My Love, has nothing to do with you )

"Memory is like a piece of yarn, once you find the head can be a drag, endless." "Father's apology letter"

"People from the birth will bear the suffering, the difference is that there is no export, every family has a difficult to read." The way to spend it depends on intelligence. It is better not to care too much, after some time, look back will feel is a joke. "Love letter to Tian Bong."

"Do not bow to the goddess of fate as much as possible, and take some defiant steps to find what you want, and be proud of the way you live in the ups and downs of life." "The Rose at Midnight"

"Even black and blue, despair, not youth?" Life is an arena that cannot be undone, bitter and luscious. "Daughter's apology letter"

Love for failure: a good seedling

"Confession", together Jia Miao Yue International, her works like the sun in direct pupil, too hot, and make the skin unbearable. "Atonement", "Girl", "for N" to "swan song", she has been in the novel deformation, unchanged is the feeling of disgust. Love is not pragmatic, can not solve the difficulties of life, she wrote an incurable confession diary, seven of sins gorgeous packaging innovation. When everyone is longing for success, gather the best seedlings eyes full of love to gaze at the bottom of the society and losers, read her words, like greedy for a disgusting, you do not expect the truth, have to wonder how much we have the ability to destroy. (same field Gayon:"Teenage Revolution" the failure of theNew Century Aesthetics: "Refused to become" a model of the girl )

"Death is not poignant, just become a blank, and then disappear, it is so insipid." --"Maiden"

"There is nothing left in the empty shell of the only happy wreckage, into a full of small bubbles." It is better to know that it is a hollow illusion than to have nothing at all. --"confession"

"People who don't have the guts to take a bullet have to think about how to avoid the attack." --"College entry test"

Deadly tenderness: The Palace of Beauty

Write suspense and the paradox of the case can be easily graceful, Mista lucky Pen is a long lens, hanging high in the distance to test the human nature desolate, from "imitate crime" to "paradise", to analyze the human nature is not only a dark road, according to the Palace of the beautiful warm brush strokes, all kinds of evil deeds, are to love and be loved. Tenderness is fatal, sweet is poison, her eyes hot, see Gutin cool sophisticated under the boiling evil. (same field Gayon: Golden Horse The most important taste of suspense film "step Blood to seek plum": Love is evil mediocrity )

"The truth, no matter how far, will eventually find a way home." "The Copycat"

The World all said that the woman is cloudy and uncertain, but it is a huge injustice. Man's nature is really cloudy and uncertain. Be tempted to do little things. --"Fall Sakura"

"I would like to rule out all evils, only to give you a paradise, even if only for a moment." "Paradise"

There is happiness in the gloom: Kiben Bana

Kiben Bana write female life, but do not write the fate of the pain, every impermanence and not LUN, in her words are combed the righteous. She wrote the Death to live, the injury as a healing, for heartbreak, Kiben Bana always smiled. She teaches people to stare, let a person look unwilling to shed tears, many people say Kiben Bana healing and emit light, in fact she just meditation focus on accepting the dark, do not make people tears, she is not the waves wash people's state of mind, but a river, slow and warm, stubborn and not publicized through the years of everyone.

"Life is difficult, full of pain." Even so, you are still from the bottom of your heart no matter what others say, do not ask others to understand, like lying on the bed of flowers in the morning to sleep as alive. Feel like a new mood just waking up from a nap. "Sleep in the Morning flower bed"

Every day, a placid life, sleep, get up, eat. When the mood is good, there are bad times, watch TV, love, study, go to school. When you inadvertently review those days of ordinary day, you will find it more or less will leave something. Just like the sand, pure and warm. --"Thrush"

"Those who have no intention of caring, casual language, are like a buoyant feather clothing, gently wrapped me, so that my soul from the tightly bound my heavy pressure to get relief, happy leisurely swim in the air." --"Feather clothes"

"When a person facing the inner darkness, resulting in a deep part of the fragmented, scarred and exhausted, suddenly will be a strong force to gush out." "The White River Leaf ship"

In addition to the village of Spring tree, we have other details of life. When Ling son request Dubian wash her unclean, Ueno thousand Crane son wrote "Japan's female dislike" let the lust is clear, when too kill and drag female body rush to reincarnation, Zhongshan Qi "ridicule lady" kill a male and female body survived. (Recommended reading: bubble cowboy, plastic surgery what?) The "Good woman" rule of the Chinese Village Rabbit )

The little things and failures that were seen as inadequate were all being said in their voice. Read the story of Japanese women writers, let me live the world more real and more my own thinking.