Written in the Tanabata and Tanya Chua " meet with their own " topic, we bring you a good song she recommended: Unrequited love song, who, stop lattice, the next time, fall, the same kind of strange, accompany each lonely person over the crowd, find themselves . (Recommended reading: to evolve into a better person for yourself!) Interview Tanya Chua: No one owes you a wonderful Life.

The woman fan invites the big guest Tanya Chua for you song, each song, lets the person turn to meet oneself. If you are a person, if you are missing, listen to a song and put your focus back on yourself. Sing for your confusion, for your sad hum, Tanya Chua look forward to accompany you through all the lonely state of life.

To the lovelorn you: Stop the lattice

Tanya Chua: "It is a tragedy, two people can not be together in the end, but the relationship between you stay in the best of times." I write the love is very gloomy, what heart stops the air to die, but it is a love end of passion. 」

When Love comes, close your eyes and know that it is the end of love. The world's days are falling down, people and traffic flow through you at a slow speed, love also in such a gesture to miss you. Everything has nothing to do with you, you have to be sad, everyone left, and your sadness accompany yourself. When you want to get into a hole, go into the hibernation of your heart and give yourself a chance to rest.

To the unrequited love: The unrequited love song/WHO

Tanya Chua: "Unrequited love song" is always longing, eager to find that person, now his inner loneliness and pain can only face the sea and shout out. "Who" in the story of single, you think you will not talk about love, but still will inevitably fantasize about the future, how you love, how to meet. 」

"I am no more than six people in the middle distance from any stranger in the world." "As long as you think so, not lonely." Love is sometimes silent, sometimes with a broken heart to disrupt your life, no matter how many times the heart broken, you have lights in your heart, turn around, see the longing for a gentle lover of their own.

To the lonely you: the same kind of alien

Tanya Chua: "This is wandering in the darkness of loneliness, in the search for the same as you lonely soul, it will appear in any form, not necessarily love." You will think, this world and I have such imperfect, this dark things/people where, who is this heterogeneous? 」

Alive, the more you believe in a flock of birds, do not know why, in the crowd, is his eyes can seduce your tidal ups and downs, only a few hearts, can have the same frequency with you. There is always your kind in this world, understand your flaw, complete.

To you who are single: The next time Love Comes

Tanya Chua: "Just hope everyone has the desire to keep the anticipation." We are stubborn to say no, but in fact everyone needs. 」

The next time love Comes, you should learn to love slowly. When you are single, your days are still tender and lovely, with a new life to accompany your single; Two of people, lose too paranoid guess, this road is not good, go to know. I hope you can give yourself happiness, when happiness comes, not to dodge.

To the Lost you: Fall

Tanya Chua: "Fall" was one of the most frustrating songs I ever wrote, but I wrote it very well. It is a particularly honest song, do not come to comfort me, let me shattered, I write very very happy. This song not only refers to love, Love is only part of life, "fall" talk about a state of living, personal and the world's relative, sometimes you hate yourself, feel small and worthless, you feel that you are the world's rotten mud, is a very normal thing, I often have this feeling, accept their melancholy depression, Confess to yourself. Don't cherish oneself also don't others love you sometimes is a kind of duplicity, it is a kind of crazy contradictory accusation. 」

Accepting your confusion, having problems, thinking, questioning, is a valuable reason for your existence. Do not blame sadness and pain, let time give them the space to rise and decline. Don't push yourself to get better, you're in the trough, waiting for the best shimmer and spring. All processes are necessary, only a solid past, only to know the sweet after pain.

These good songs, for your life in the panic, listening to songs, let us put our hearts in a safe place. To identify your sadness and happiness, the state of each emotion, the stack into your story.

With Tanya Chua turned to meet better self