single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Speaking of Tanya Chua's classic Good song, which one is your story? We asked Tanya Chua to order a song for the Lost people, she to "fall" to the lost people, they try to fall down the dark bar. (same field Gayon: evolve for yourself to be a better person!) Interview Tanya Chua: No one owes you a wonderful Life.

Last week in an interview with Tanya Chua, I asked her to order a song for those who are lost in love, she said "fall", "fall" is a living state, the individual and the world's relative: "Sometimes you hate yourself, feel small and worthless, you feel that you are the world's rotten mud, is a very normal thing." We all have this time, do not cherish their own and do not love you, sometimes is a kind of duplicity. 」

Only to go to the bottom of the valley, to know what is the spring of the wild lilies in the ravine, only to see the dark, to know how clear you are trying to wait for the dawn.

"There's really a time when you don't even want to be yourself," he said. "We often listen to Cai Jian love songs to Endure loneliness, did not think will be in her mouth to hear the most desperate words in life, as long as people are no longer able to face the state of waking every day."

The original to the sad powerless resistance, is even sings so many love songs, understand many truth people do not think further.

Finally in that song, we can forgive their tears, can forgive themselves still miss, finally have the ability to let go of that "you must be strong" warning.

"It seems that love has passed me by, but never stayed and never belonged to me." 」

Cai Jian has always been a very suitable single, before she sang "Letting Go", "bottomless pit", now she Hum "aphasia", "Angel and Devil's dialogue", she wrote her own rules of single. Single can be happy solemn and stirring Shen drowned, can also carry a trace of pride fled dolls. Single can be "also very good", or just like beach mud to their own readily.

You must first understand not to be brave, can be strong, first let go of oneself, can ask oneself, let oneself Shen Yu again, go to hell, be not afraid of devil.

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