Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

In three months, I will be in the third year of work, the time is very fast.

Recently, I often think of when I first entered the workplace, I just turned 23 years old, a fresh out of school, an age, a lot of dissatisfaction with the world age, one is still unfamiliar with their age.

That year, I thought my imprudence was straightforward, I thought I might be smart, so I can not work hard, I embrace a lot or pain or itching or annoyed mood, I feel that this society to my guilt. I have a lot of emotions, little action, over time, I become a person who does not understand why I am not happy.

Then, in the most I do not understand myself, met the woman fans, and I walked through the career pit scar scar a road, in my continued to doubt their time, hold my hand, believe me.

Farewell insufficiently solid, farewell motions, farewell easy to let yourself off, everything must be knocked over, the school to give you a mask to tear down, I took a little pain to regain understanding of their own, learned that the most profound is the need to be honest to themselves, but also to the world honest people. (Recommended reading: to a little confused and wandering more than 20 years old )

Be honest with yourself, so what kind of person you are, do what you say. Not enough places, to be careful to fill, because more than you smart people, many more than you work harder.

Be honest with yourself, so harder to spot problems, more generous to admit that you don't, and more seriously appreciate someone willing to remind you of the deficiencies, learn, you know yourself will be.

Be honest with yourself, so cherish your every emotion, don't ignore your tears, don't cover up your anger, mark your own coordinates through emotion, and be a person with flesh and blood to act.

Be honest with yourself, so do your best not to win or please others, but to live up to yourself. You will know that you only have to pour into all, to be worthy of your choice, only to be worthy of the time you spend on this matter. (Recommended reading:"Try to please everyone, you will not progress" 12 female leaders talk about love, growth and the workplace )

Be honest with yourself, so you have a responsibility to yourself, not only to be a likable person. You will know that you can be more, not just docile and well-behaved.

Audrey, editor of the Women's mystery

To be honest is to know where you are now and where you are going in the future.

So my mind in the workplace, is always a more understanding of their own road, around a great circle, all in your unexpected time, back to their own. It will be three years, and I thank such a workplace that I can practice and grow into a more honest person.