Now there is a popular sentence contest , if can use a sentence to describe the female force, what would you say? The rise of female forces, the direction of the world to move more a gentle and resolute force. Take stock 12 female leadership quotes, there is always a sentence in love, work, life on the road to accompany you. (Recommended reading: Cai English domineering female force!) Women's political leadership under the lens of Time magazine

If we do not listen, how can we believe? If you do not believe, how can society grow? If we don't grow, how can the world be better?

They do not talk big, but do a solid job, they are determined to do things, and soft people, they defy the challenge, to their own conscience, from Aung San Suu Kyi to Hillary, 12 female leadership, positive and negative traits coexist, they jointly push the world to better direction.

Share their female leadership quotes to you, the way forward, you do not have to be lonely, we move forward, and thus become their own better reasons.

Face book Operation Long Sheryl Sandberg: about forward

"If you always try to please everyone, you won't make progress." 」

In March 2013, Shirley Sandberg launched the "Lean in" in English, and set up Lean in the team to encourage women in the workplace! In the road ahead of the career, we do not strive to be the most agreeable people, not only to be liked by everyone, but also hope that they can be fearless forward and progress of the people. (Recommended to you: a letter from Shirley Sandberg to the new community: Don't let anyone limit you )

Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki: About believing

"In the workplace, there is no sex at all. 」

Susan Wojcicki, Google's 16th employee, became the CEO of Youtube, the world's largest video platform in 2014, and in the competitive workplace, she told us that the workplace is neutral, we don't look at sex, but look at ability.

Aung San Suu Kyi: about not regretting

"Please use your freedom to promote our freedom." 」

There is a leader's appearance, is resolute and heartbreaking, that is Aung San Suu Kyi. In Burma, which is a non-violent democracy, striving for human rights and freedom, the junta has been under house arrest for 15 years and Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, and her phrase "Use your freedom to promote our freedom" has convinced the Burmese people of the possibility of reform. (Recommended reading: Aung San Suu Kyi the Lady : Before your dream, I was insignificant )

PEPSI executive Long, Indra Nooyi: About Better

"If you want to improve an organization, the most effective way is to make yourself better first!" 」

When it comes to improving the team, Indra Nooyi has a set of styles, and in an interview she said that if you want to stay ahead, you have to make the world's best people willing to work for you. The prerequisite for a person to work for you is to create a stimulating, creative, and stimulating working environment. To improve the working environment, it is the quickest and most solid way to do it by yourself, rather than waving the pointer to drive a cow. (same field Gayon: soft under the lens!) 10 old pictures of women's strength

Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington: About perseverance

"I was penniless, and the only thing I had was cheeky courage and perseverance. 」

Who had thought that the Huffington Post, which had a place in the media circle today, had no one in mind, who had thought that founder Arianna had been a writer and had written a book that had been rejected by 37 publishers. Successful people lead themselves before others, not passively wait for others to help, but because they know that the world needs him, and perseverance moves forward. (Recommended reading: daily exercise of self-leadership: "Don't worry about the vague future, just make it clear now")

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: about change

"The one who really wants to engage in politics understands that making money is never the primary goal." 」

Merkel, known as the European tough, is not the most agreeable, but she can be regarded as one of the most honest political figures. In the face of Lebanese refugees, she was honest about the country's inability to accommodate all the people; she kept Greece in the eurozone in the face of the Greek crisis, and her public support remained stubbornly high, perhaps because the politics in her eyes had never been a money-making toy. (same field Gayon: Angela Merkel, once considered to be the East German grey Mouse )

Historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich: About creation

"Good girls rarely make history. 」

Once, women had no right to vote; once, blacks and whites could not marry. History is fractured and vertical, and there are people who are questioning the course of history with an unruly posture. A good girl follows history, and a bad girl makes history. Historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said that we were all carrying the pain of our bodies to collide with the contemporary walls and hit a new historical path.

The British Lady Thatcher: About Excellence

"Hard work does not necessarily make you successful, but it will bring you closer to excellence." 」

Mrs Thatcher was Britain's first female prime minister, and she was put on the Iron Lady's title by an iron fist to revive the country's economic vitality. Mrs Thatcher said it was easy to let go of her success, and that her efforts would not succeed, but would make you a little closer to excellence. (Recommended reading: tough Iron lady: Thatcher's glorious Life )

Founder of the Global Development Center Nancy Birdsall: About vocal

"More women are vocal and have real power, and women can create milestones for themselves," she said. 」

Nancy Birdsall is concerned about all the inequalities in the world, including gender. She understood that women want their own voice, want to have herstory outside the history, want to hold more real power to change the status quo, want to cherish their unique characteristics, to go our way, to create our milestones.

Former UN Secretary General Madeleine Albright: About breakthrough

"I love being a woman, in the workplace I don't take the rules of men and play men's games."

Male leadership in the workplace is the majority, but it does not mean that we have to follow the rules of men in the workplace. Madeline is the first female secretary of state in American history, she is strong and confident and soft, who says she can't work according to women's rules? (Recommended to you: Malala, Allempe, Kee Lanatri: Six time to fight against women )

US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: About Yourself

"People can always talk about me, but I have a clear conscience about what I want to do," he said. 」

Not content with being called the "First Lady", Hillary Clinton, from Senator New York State to Secretary of state, is the number one woman in history to have a public office and is now actively competing for the next president of the United States. Whether you like Hillary or disagree with her ideas, you don't doubt her determination.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer: About growth

"The key to growth is that you are brave enough to do what you feel you cannot do." 」

Three years ago, Marissa Mayer as Yahoo Executive director, questioned the sound of four, she was unmoved, continued to aggressively Yahoo for a comprehensive innovation, the company's development focus shifted to mobile devices, a large number of mergers and acquisitions, in order to get the best talent to revive Yahoo. Marissa Mayer for denigrating always smile, and said that they never feel that they do, but is that "know not to do, but the courage to try" the spirit, let oneself continue to grow. (Recommended to you:Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to the entrepreneur's seven recommendations )

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