The damage caused by natural disasters is countless, in addition to causing serious damage to the environment, it may also be an indelible shadow on the minds of the victims. At such a low ebb, we must extend our hands and give assistance to the wounded. However, the way to help Bai species, some people have money to pay, powerful effort, we all in different ways in giving love. In the past we think only strong young people can go to the disaster area to rescue, but Lin Meixia perseverance , let us see, the spirit of strength, will promote the body's courage. (Recommended reading: from 921 to Victoria Crown building!) Interview Lin Meixia grandma: "The time of crying, I take to save")

Lin Meixia, through 921 disaster relief to the Tainan building relief operations. Because her husband died young, in the age of no low-income families, Lin Meixia alone to raise six children adults, stand up to do a variety of hard work, she was a strong ability. Petite She, through a large and small relief, heart only a big volunteer: can save how many people, to save how many people.

Relief time is urgent, two more breaths may save a life

I have learned a lot in the Red Cross family. I belong to "Phoenix volunteers", is the frontline of the rescue of the victims. After 921 major earthquakes and 88 storms, we all know how terrible the scourge is and how many lives it will take away. So no matter what kind of disaster, as long as can save a life, you can feel a lot of happiness.

The most important thing to save is "two tones". If a survivor is found at a disaster scene, when he looks like he is dying and seems to be on the verge of a dead end, these two tones are very important. However, I am a vegetarian, if in the disaster scene to help people who eat meat and artificial respiration, in fact, I would like to vomit nausea. But even if I feel uncomfortable, I still have to endure, because vital ah. When I really can't stand it, my son will continue to help the wounded breathe.

When they come to live because of your "two tones", that sense of achievement and happiness are untold.

This year's NTU earthquake, the Victoria Crown building collapsed time, I was steaming rice cakes. Boss Tainan a big earthquake, a building collapsed, you know? "The newspaper told me that I knew Tainan had such a devastating disaster." When I turned on the TV to read the news, I immediately called the Red Cross Nantou branch, and I couldn't get through. Because the public transport will spend too much time, I am afraid to delay rescue, so see the older daughter home, I asked him to take me to the Nantou branch quickly, and friends gather, quickly to Tainan relief. (Recommended reading: written in Nepal after the strong disaster: Thank you for teaching me how to love without reservation )

The disaster scene is very chaotic, everyone's wish is very consistent

To the Victoria Crown building, to see the disaster scene really will be soft feet. Chaos and sadness filled the water in the Tower of the Victoria Crown building, the whole road was like a river. The wet scene, the sand, the rubbish everywhere. Disaster relief team arrived at the scene, even if the environment again bad, everyone's love has not retreated, I really feel very moved.

After the relief operation began, the first thing I picked up was a passbook. When I handed this passbook to the commander, he did not know how important such things were, so I explained to him: this is a very important thing to pick up, because the passbook can find out who the account belongs to, you can know who is in the Victoria Crown building who may be in favor of the establishment of the Missing persons list. In the future if you encounter similar situation, I hope you can remember to make good use of such personal data.

There are many occupants of the Victoria Crown building, who may have been injured and may have died unfortunately. No matter is the adult or the child, loses this kind of life, my innermost feelings are in tears.

Every time the rest is eaten, the food is covered with silt, and as long as the water bottle is not covered, there is sand in it, and the weather is very cold. The environment here is so bad, but we don't complain.

Because under the Victoria Crown building under the pressure, is a very precious life, can survive the person is really by miracle, unable to survive to the living, we also want to do all the efforts will be generally complete to carry out.

There are a family of seven, pregnant women, elderly, and children. Even if the disaster scene environment is bad, go into the rescue may be nausea to vomit, but we still have to go forward. Because the building was in a hurry, most people couldn't escape at all. Some of the living people are generally incomplete, because they may be because of the collapse of the building and flying out, more and more look, the heart more and more heavy. Now really want to cry, but I know, I do not have time to cry, I have to take time to save more survivors. (Recommended reading: International Volunteer This road: You can always do more than you think )

I also want to thank the people of the country's love, we give food, water, sleeping bags, are your love. Because of your love, we can have more power to rescue, thank you, are your love.