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To echo the story, the film's "Love" journey through the Great Wall will pass through the Great Wall Jiahuguan, the northern Shaanxi caves, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and the Gobi Desert. Finally, the romance of romantic love and magnificent and romantic love and beautiful scenery have been perfection!

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He exhorred her to find the young woman in the photo … …


To fulfill his father's commitment, pure and unfamiliar journey has taken place.Chunchun's mother, who was worried about her safety, was hired by a special employment guide, Fang Mindy, as a partner on her journey.It is not expected that two people who are far apart from each other, not only are they not opportunistic, but also look at each other for a little while. It is a few more accidental and smoother … the missing person has been on the road.

However, along with the footsteps of the river, pure and square-y, pure, and unfamiliar emotions have gradually developed into a difficult, difficult ….Just as the journey was about to end, pure and pure, unsurprisingly, discovered Fang Mingdi's secret … secret."What is Fang Mangdi's identity?Are they pure and capable of finding a father to find a woman in the photograph?And what kind of changes will it bring to her life in this unforgetable journey?

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