"W two World" eye-catching, Yema only second, the plot is the bright spot . Do you believe in the existence of parallel space-time? Do you know that your consciousness may affect the direction of the world change ? Take a look at the W two world and practice the importance of integrity and goodness again. (Recommended reading: signals, descendants of the sun, you from the stars: God's drama behind the more God's screenwriter )

"After that day, there were two voices in my world, one that everyone could hear, the other one that only I could hear." "W two World"

In addition to the fairy treasure can dream, now the highest degree of discussion than "W two World", with curiosity began to chase the play (alas was pushed the pit), to see how South Korea to the outrageous plot of the deep moving. A tall handsome, a silly white sweet, the current person is no longer just a hero, the latter is no longer just princess, the world began to subvert the possibility. (same field Gayon:"The Fairy Romance" film review: Love is not always a dream, Cinderella is never a princess )

"W two World" is two parallel space-time staggered,2016 years of Seoul, the same space in different space-time, comics broke into the reality, when the protagonist of the female surgeon looking for the missing father, the mysterious man accidentally close the comic world, and then between the reality and unreal. the characters in the comics Live, the original full of twists and turns straight into the drama of love drama, suspense of suffering finally have a trace of warmth.

Next, we use the following sentences lines, to meet the W two World "Life Daigo taste! (The following micro-ray)

"Despair in order to cast a hero, if the murderer to find the story will end, happy words, who will pay that effort?" "W two World"

This sentence from the "W" cartoon creator Wu Zhou home, he regarded himself as a trial of God, let the protagonist Jiangzhe experience the whole family bereavement, wronged imprisonment, all the life of the most solemn and stirring plot, all happened to him. The author's mentality also points out our body and the people of a sense of conceit, man is arrogant trial all the origins. "I am the tallest animal of all," this superior idea produces the plundering and competition of resources, we act in accordance with our own actions, easily occupy the space of other species to survive breathing, but also reflected in the capitalist society of the poor generation, the power of the greatest ability to manipulate the operation of the system, as long as they live well enough. But the power may also be depressed, vulnerable, and lack of links to people. (Recommended reading: Contemporary Loneliness Test: You are not afraid of loneliness, you are afraid of is no longer related to people )

I think of the university's screenplay class, a teacher every time he saw his classmate's script shook his head, he said: "Why the end is not a disease is a car accident, do not easily create tragedies, do not think of tragedy so simple." "Now think of the teacher that sentence, my heart is full of Thanksgiving, thank you have been taught me this matter-do not easily to build happiness in other people's tragedy." Even a fictional world, sadness is difficult. Our thoughts are derived into action, ideas create the environment, death is easy, the hardest is the living, how to face the world full of malice.

"I can understand Galileo. Gamma Lirey mood, he once said: "Even so, the earth is still turning", long this also said: "Because of the taste of red persimmon, so that is red persimmon." 』。 」

"People do not look at the context, only look at the surface phenomenon, and then think that is common sense." You said his behavior is not common sense, but in fact you do not understand the Wu Yan bead of the human context! The reason I started my career was to help people like me who have been sacrificed, but you have created another victim by my side. "

The heroine is shouting that she entered the comic book of the universe helpless to say this sentence, this kind of people can not realize the absurd, real happened to her body. A long time ago, the Holy Grail said, the most important things, only the eyes are invisible. We rely on seeing, but always ignore the "truth" behind the thread.

Jiangzhe's role in the comics is a person with a sense of justice, even though he has never bowed down by the system's persecution. He trusts things other than facts, for he has been pushed to the bottom by the facts of People's eyes, "reasonable" two words make people overlook the existence of distinct in the world. Be careful of the truth and remain skeptical, and it is possible that we are not careful to persecute others in our "natural" perception. Sitting on their own knowledge system to ponder, in the information explosion of the network generation, "self" is the best compass. (same field Gayon:"Human figure Weather Report" Do for oneself, don't disappoint oneself )

"The reason that I exist is the real question, the feeling that this woman holds the key to my life." 」

Jiangzhe said several times in this story, as a comic character, how can you detect the reasons for their existence? Wu Zhou Family yearning for a more powerful than reality, justice, have the steel will of men to live in the comics, but such a character, never succumbed to the threat of power, from the first creator of the Thorn Death began, Jiangzhe tenacious will resistance to the fate, There is the possibility of getting out of your own way.

The "arrangement" of the creators of the play may have been in you and I have grown up, your family, school, society, whether you want to become what kind of person? As long as living in the system, it is difficult to resist other people's attempts and arrangements, we must in the murmur, clarify their real ideas, need to start from constantly probing ourselves. Just like the proposition of the title "W", who questions who he is, Why remind traced. We often feel that we do not have a retreat, is the environment slaving you, but why do we have to obey the environment? Believe that you have a choice, from knowing who you are begins. (You will like: "You don't know where you are, you're not going anywhere." The spirit of the seven VCDs "republication out" )

"Once again, I am going to waver." 」

Heroine Wu Yan Bead found herself back to the reality of the way is to let the master Jiangzhe heart wavering, so she always make absurd move, when she said I love you, Jiangzhe smiled, Wu Yan beads still did not return to the real world. Jiangzhe said in his heart, "once again, I am going to waver." "He was set up as a strong-willed man, accidentally developing his own narrative of love."

The reader outside the comics yelled at the injustice, "where to the vase, Jiangzhe or good looking for the murderer it", "do not let the suspense quality is weak," The appearance of love, let a lot of focus on the suspense plot of the readers uneasy, they want to see is not tacky love, but the road of suffering revenge. However, always embrace the mentality of curiosity, we live an ordinary life of us, why can not be happy to see the warm and no strange love?

Love always has no high or low, love comes, whether it is steel will tenderness. Know the love, then understand the survival. (Recommended reading: The life of a rogue girl is a reverse attack! "Doctors": People meet with people, not just for love .

the W two World makes people willing to believe in the possibility of a reversal of life. When fiction meets reality, when a strong will stands before death, it is the creator's victory, or the master who has survived. What kind of world would you like to be if we were living at this moment with another parallel space?