Single diary--a tribute to the single women in the movie drama. She ancient Ling Strange, she lonely old, she arrogant uninhibited, she eagerly, thousand odd hundred form single state: Woman head up, woman someone ever to cry. We all may like the snow son general, the life sinks to the bottom, but very few people have her same courage, continues to excavate the dark hole, finds the path which moves forward. (Recommended reading: lose all, is to get the start )

Once love made up our whole world, in fact just went to Nankeyimeng, after breaking up, you find your life still stagnant. You know, love is supposed to be just the tip of the iceberg.

I don't know why a screenplay without love often makes people feel intolerable, perhaps because we have experienced too little real relationship, we can only convince ourselves from the film. Is it possible that we can live to appreciate a single woman's boring and loveless journey without love?

At that time, I only have the snow son of Brave, she is only 26 years old, life has experienced all the mud, father family violence, and the only dependent mother parting, she began to sink into drug addiction, linger in the arms of different men, until the child in her belly because of drug addiction death, marriage broke the bureau.

She had nothing but a desperate self.

Single two words, not only refers to the state of love has no. When you are single, the world may be vast or barren. Life is a mess, why to cheer up, life is really boring, more or less we are lonely when there is such a thought. Snow son's life is worse than this, her single hiking, men just episode, in the writing process, she wanted to retain the love of her ex-husband, but also enjoy the lover of his thoughts, also do not forget in the journey.

Snow son's honesty, from her past for the life of the lie, only in the face of the small evil and small good self, we can from the bondage of memory free. Deliverance is not to throw away all the bad things that have happened, but to accept them. To face the loneliness of your own, glance your fragile, your nightmare, you hurt people, suffered pain, to accept the past real existence, but also to push you to the fact here.

Single woman volume Fifth: If Life rejects you, go beyond it.

Love should not be abandoned from the single state as a clog, nor should it be the goal of the single person to advance, love is there, whether it comes or not, you should have the ability to satisfy yourself. To get close to a person's moment, to know the most authentic self, if it is a love or a dead end of the feelings of liberation you run away, gently thank the passing people, and then steadfast walk through this journey.

"At that time, I only have brave" English title is "Wild", let me think of the "wild Son" this song: "Let the wind blow let it disorderly, destruction is my end of the outlook." 」

Life will continue to take away the people around you, love you, do not love you, to the rest of their own, the independence of economy and life makes you free, spiritual independence makes you complete.