single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. May 20 This day is very lively, the new president took office, Lin Heart such as with Huojianhua love, noisy This world, your heart calm, you think the future will come, but you are not equal . Because of your life, has been wonderful for yourself. (same field Gayon: single Diary: You have to do is not to end the loneliness, but the Lonely righteous )

Write a letter to you in the future,

They are all celebrating the day of May 20, dear, I love you, I am afraid too late and you said, I take it for you first. It doesn't matter that you are late, so it's not so much as remembering that I love you.

I don't need to meet the one I love can hear their own heartbeat, I dream every day throbbing unceasingly; I am not afraid of wrinkles let Sheng female as I did not market, many rivers and lakes still waiting for me to rush; I don't need a prince to give me castle, eight ping small suites a bottle of red wine can incubate my good life. I do not need to accept romantic love poems and remote distance, the most poetic good things happen in the present.

You come, or not, I am here to live seriously. I don't want us to have nothing but love. We have to see the bigger world through each other, not abandon the world for one person.

I expect you to like my sensible, just as I will be infatuated with your sermon. I think you will appreciate my stubbornness, just as I like your wayward. You will be happy to see me alone, as I fall in love with your freedom.

there was a person in life, he let me often want to review, but there is no front. no longer only focus on a person after the day is very good, the time becomes more gentle, after I always feel that echocardiography is not love, principled is.

I still look forward to your coming, if you're still walking, stop . , It's okay to slow down a bit. I am not afraid with you displaced, only if we meet after the respective story will stop. If you are impatient, the small running arrives my life also to be OK, do not change your pace for me , because I also can go down like this.

Whether love or not, I will be very exciting and happy, so I hope you are also.

You will find me meaningless in the most perfect life, and you will find me in the wheat fields that you don't need to go through.

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