I have never denied that I am a comrade of the Miao Boya, into the political circle, hope that through their own and the strength of the partners, so that every "different" in Taiwan, have the same chance to realize the dream.

Mioboya, with an excellent aura of the law department of the North and Taiwan, is actively involved in judicial reform, gender equality, transition justice and other issues. Hope to make Taiwan a friendly environment and work tirelessly. He said: "Because I was a small number of people trying to do resources, I do not need to open my eyes every day to worry about where tomorrow." A vested interest like me has to reflect on his identity and help as many people as possible. "

A more masculine appearance gives me the power to win over everyone's rights.

I am a deformed lucky dog born under the doctrine of elitism and further studies. My life has been very smooth, to the high school, I also successfully admitted to the envy of everyone, the first volunteer Star School, the north of a woman.

Into the north of a woman, in a school almost all women's environment, I tasted the first time in life "patriarchal dividend."

What is a patriarchal dividend? Because this community worships the masculine trait, so the masculine sex temperament such as me has the very many extraordinary views. Anyone who has ever read a girls ' school knows, in this environment, if you look like a boy, you will become the focus of attention, and you will because of the masculine temperament, there are many opportunities to pick up the microphone, speak your mind, this person will have a lot of opportunities to become a group leader, as long as she wants.

Why? Because you seem to be very sedate, but only because the voice is lower; you look like you have a frame, but only because your temperament is more masculine. When you don't look like a stereotype girl: weak, sobbing, brave, and strong, you're a good leader.

This kind of environment gives me the paternal dividend, which allows me to be the chairman of the colonel's inner-class federation. Given the power of the President, I had the first chance to fight for "don't wear a dress to school". From my 7 or 8 years old, to the time I was 88 years old, 10 years apart, experienced a variety of strange development, I finally got to say "I do not wear a skirt" school demands.

Luckily, we succeeded. After that, no one in the north was restricted to wear skirts or trousers. Although only a very small breakthrough, for me at that time only 18 years old, has been a success because of the struggle to get the delicious fruit. (same field Gayon: sex observation: Take off the honor of short skirts!) A woman in the north and a reflection on the "defy" of Jing-mei

I feel, as long as the insistence, the initiative, to find like-minded partners. The opportunity to come, what you insist on, is really going to succeed.

Into the political realm, in order to give more people a carefree future

When I first visited the prison in college, I knew that the environment was completely different from what I had imagined. Let the children of the wrong prison to return to life track of the juvenile Auxiliary school, unexpectedly to the night, there will be juvenile in the playground collective corporal punishment. These teenagers are the same age as me, but they have different lives because of the difference in their birth background.

Gradually I found how lucky I was. I can study in the law department of Taiwan, a semester as long as more than 20,000 tuition, and a good diploma. However, in this society, there are many people who are different from me, they are not so lucky, not so many resources, opportunities.

After graduating from college, I briefly worked in law firms and technology companies. But then I went to Taiwan to abolish the death penalty to promote the Union as a legal officer, and after two years, I went to the Social Democratic Party as a candidate for their regional legislators.

The newly formed party is like a new company, no one, no money, no fame, nothing. Then why do I choose? Because in the 318 occupy Legislative Yuan in 2014, we successfully called on 500,000 people to stand on the street and ask the government for a more democratic future.

But after the occupation movement, the cross-strait agreement to oversee the regulation continues to be frozen in the Legislative Yuan, until the beginning of this year to see new progress. Through this we can see that if our political environment is not supported by a credible force, even if we call on hundreds of thousands of of people to support the protests, they will not succeed in the end.

So I want to change the future of more people through my own way. I hope that all people will have enough annuities to support their lives in the future. We hope that the system of education in Taiwan will be more perfect so that all of us can give birth to children at ease; I hope our tax system is fairer and our medical system is the envy of the world. (same field Gayon: from Hong Zunchu to trade: After the parade, why do we not get justice?) )

I do not want to sit tight and wait until we are old and Taiwan has become a place that no longer suits us and the next generation. So I stood up.

I may look strange, but my insistence is not surprising.

I may be a very strange candidate for the Taiwanese people. Because most people may never have seen a person as difficult to identify as I am. I was not the first candidate to open the cabinet, but I was probably the first candidate to make 80% or 90% of the electorate wrong.

In the process of interacting with the electorate, no one has shown me malice or distrust because of the fact that I am actually a girl. Because my insistence is very simple, is to let Taiwan have a better environment, everyone can see my self-confidence, I have confidence.

Since I was a very different child, but even now, I do not want to make myself like everyone else. My hope with my partners is to create an environment where all the different people have the same opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

This is a small and very small hope, but we need a lot of people to achieve the possibility.