Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Last week, women fans five to partner education in the small school content is by the female fans designer Merci brought "a enthusiasts heart of the finishing magic", talk about the space collation, also comb the heart of the reorganization.

Merci has always been a very spiritual woman , her philosophy of life often exudes psychic energy. When I first met her, she knew the color psychology, and could use your favorite color to gain insight into your mood. Merci like to absorb the knowledge, often the reading or exhibition of the mind to bring back to the company, because of her constant deformation and flexibility, so that I to the designer of the word more a layer of awe, designers not only design works, but also through thinking plastic life.

This class gives me a lot of reorganization, and I hope you can work with me to organize your space, to organize your time, to organize yourself, to discover the reasons why life makes you enthusiasts. Let's talk about "the meaning of life after finishing."

To organize is to focus on what you really care about.

If there is such a word, I hope you can remember, it is her gentle and firmly said: "What kind of things exist, let me feel happy?" As long as the energy, put on their own attention to things, do not like things, say good-bye to him. 」

In the past I thought that finishing is to throw away the things that don't want, and put the rest of things neatly. Merci shared the story, let me know that sorting is a kind of honesty, is willing to make room for greed, is to treat each link in the life of the items.

Merci the story of the wardrobe I was impressed, she has always been a dress, it is high school sisters gave her the spirit of the punk skirt, Merci reluctant to lose, because through the skirt can remember friends. There is a small dress is just out of society, Merci remind himself to wear the future, that dress sexy da, full of the skilful image of women in the workplace.

However,merci one exudes the brisk temperament of the national wind, the two clothes she will not wear, finishing when she let two pieces of clothing have left the wardrobe. after losing her dress, she was convinced that the meaning of the dress was to remind her to contact her friend, so she started to act. After losing a little dress, merci no longer aspire to become a not fit, maybe her true sexy never need to go through the little dress.

"I suddenly felt that every piece of clothing in the closet could breathe." "Sorting is to take every thing that belongs to you seriously and let things that don't belong to you go where it should go."

The meaning of sorting, is to leave to let oneself feel happy things, is to display a favorite life. Tidy up the space is to organize time, when you no longer spend too much attention to the wardrobe you do not like the clothes, you can divert that time, to look at the mirror neatly put on the love of clothes on their own, readily accept their most comfortable appearance. (Recommended reading:100 items Plan: Put down, let you have more )

From tidying up space to organizing self: practicing throwing away decisions for yourself

Some things to remind you of the past, you have to deal with such emotions to go forward, some items reveal your anxiety about the future, always do not want to tidy up the clutter, the book is always not turned, whether it reflects your escape, Maybe it means you don't want to be the one you bought back: before 30 years old must understand 10 things, Paris woman's charm clause.

Back at work, finishing is the practice of "making decisions for yourself." Work and finishing the same, can not be time and sense of achievement want to keep, not lazy and happy work all want to keep. Small to the next title, as large as a working person, not what, more important than what to. What you want to live depends on what you decide to leave for life.

Every decision is an emotional sensation, what makes you the most successful at work? What do you have to do to be full and not happy? We have to keep asking questions, asking ourselves why we are here, why we are doing this job, what this case means to us, and how much time I have to spend on my work.

You leave the profession, you become a professional person, you give up the road to go, become a person to let the ability to speak for you, you leave faith, become a Youte alive.

We often think about what we have, and if you want to straighten up your confusion, it's better to start with something you don't like. Each of your choices, give up and work hard, are slowly shaping the appearance of the work. Hold a job that will make you happy, break out of your way and create conditions that will enthusiasts your heartbeat. (Recommended: Workplace notes: The job you choose, determines the shape of your life )

" What kind of things exist that make me feel happy? as long as the energy, put on their own attention to things, do not like things, say good-bye to him. "