single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. After breaking up, the total will be a period of time, do not dare to talk about the missing, deliberately put their lives do not cry, to fulfill the mature sentence. But still can miss the person, is actually happy, waiting for Miss finally perfunctory, finally can say, I have dared to think you . Tonight, follow the single diary, point a Lin Jia. (Recommended reading: single diary: I Love you, love naïve evil )

I have dared to think of you, dare to admit that you used to be my life, my time, my destiny. You have finally been archived by me as a memory, hot stamping the past date, tepid, let me think of you sometimes.

The original time is so past, let me understand that we have left, do not have to be in situ.

It's hard to break up at first.

The sight of all of you, there is nowhere to hide, a vague sense of space, perception was buyout, go where are once in love with the scene.

Lovelorn to create a virtual city for themselves, every street corner, Park, Seaside, cinemas are stored in love with the idea, do not want to wake up, sleep better than face this cruel world. At the beginning of the breakup, it felt like unrequited love, combing the memory, still feel sweet.

Half dream half awake, one-sided miss most is embarrassed, call no response, message has not been read, remind me that is love pieces imprinted, this city only I still alive, you have gone.

Then there will be a day, be tightly carrying the memories, would take advantage of my unprepared, in the body to find a habitat, become a body, if there is no birthmark, not pain does not itch, not sad not happy. Waiting for me to find it, knowing the days to come, it will always be there, is a part of body, just no longer have special meaning.

So, can learn to say frankly, I have dared to think of you, no longer painful to think, do not think of myself as the victim, for you pass me, I passed you, love the rest of my life, it is such a thing.

Do not love you, memories juchongruoqing.
Don't love you, miss you still can.
Do not love you, we will become the next person's fate, the next person's birthmark.

Do not love you, so dare to say, I have dared to think of you, ask you, then you?

"I have, have the courage to hear your message, not afraid of others to say, have your topic
Even, I have, and memories of peace together
Not Ming, not forced to forget, I have dared to miss you.