Haven't met same-sex couples before Kristen Stewart lost, What Love is. Now Kristen Stewart regained his self, openly gay, and magnanimous.

A few years ago, "Twilight" swept the world in an alternative romance, when Beira and Edward's screen lovers were admired, Kristen Stewart (Christine) and Robert Pattinson. However, Christine after breaking up the imagination of fans, and French female singer Soko dating, and assistant Alicia cargile out of ambiguous gossip, the former, she in the media before generous love: "Yes, I am in a passionate relationship." 」

Kristen Stewart became famous early, many people were curious that she was not worried about the status of the cabinet let her a reduction, in the interview,Kristen Stewart share with Alicia cargile the joy of intercourse, Also talk about her as a public figure, how to look at the spotlight chasing intimate love, capture her sexual direction.

I don't want my life to be worth a piece of entertainment news.

When talking about differences with men, she said: "When I'm dating men, no matter do anything is careful, to try to hide the other people do not care about things, let us all become absurd cartoon characters, I must also self hypnosis:" Yes that is Me ", at that time people make my love life is not like my things. "(same field Gayon: want to openly out of the closet, say" hey this is my wife ")

Kristen Stewart has referred to "Twilight" when she and Robert Pattinson were too commercialized: "This is not a real life, everyone expects me to be in love with him, this feeling is creepy, I do not want my life only one entertainment news value." 」

With Robert Pattinson love, more like the audience expected narrative, but Kristen Stewart ultimately decided to break the expectations of her, to love, it is necessary to be righteous: "When I try to date a girl, it brings me a lot of positive things." I still want to protect my private life, but I don't want to look like I'm deliberately hiding something, feeling ashamed, or I owe it to everyone. I want to let you know, Love opens my life, makes me happy many. 」

We love each other and don't owe the world anything.

"I love her very much, and we've been together a couple of times, and finally we're moving on. "

Kristen Stewart says the public affair makes her happy and still has privacy, but in the face of the world, they don't owe it. The only way to protect an affair is to keep the lover from hurting, and to tell everyone who cares about chasing her private life, regardless of gender, identity, age, and love. (Recommended reading: to get out of the closet and say "hey this is my wife")

You asked the Kristen Stewart why he didn't recognize love Alicia cargile before? She explained that she was only more than 20 years old when she first started, and that everything was coming too fast, and now she has escaped from the anxiety-prone spirit of weakness, no longer fear: "Out of these storms, I will not say that I am stronger or sophisticated, I just say, I am a complete person." 」

Although people have written "happily ever after" fairy script, but he is no longer Edward, she does not need to become Beira. She is Kristen Stewart, once with fame to do the Battle of the Beast, and finally out of the audience to draw up the outcome, a write their own life story, a well-deserved no regrets love people.