Do you think the S curve is glamorous?One person is a "untold secret" in the entertainment circle of China and Hong Kong.In recent days, womany interviewed an advisor to the "pushers" - the artiste's bone-shaping consultant: Zhang Fuyuan.Not only did we experience the way he didn't need the knife, he didn't need the pain, and he felt his warmth and his passion for human structure research.It is always a gimmick, a kind of speculation, to see his entire bone demonstration on TV. But this visit, let us know, this person, is really not easy.

bone is a Structural

A teacher who has been engaged in the bone profession for 20 years says that she entered the line in the first place.From a young age, the structure of the structure of the bones and flesh is a form of bone and flesh. As a result, Japan began to study and study skeletal correction technology, and developed a method of developing a whole body of bone.

Teacher Chang even mentioned that he is only a woman who is not a man for the entire bone of the bone.One reason is that a woman who has more female patients does not have access to a male patient outside of the clinic. The other reason is that, as a child, she grew up in a family surrounded by her mother and her sisters. He also felt that women were working hard in the family and in the family.

different body point of

In the past we have been exposed to a number of ways to lose weight, not much more than a multi-motion view.From the apple's fat cutting method to the three days of witchcraft soup, or the daily diet of the nutritionist for personal deployment, it is the goal of losing weight from a diet. After the more developed medical science, "gastric lavage surgery" and a wide variety of "liposuction operations" have been chosen as one of the choices that people want to speed up losing weight.There are, of course, more "cosmetic" ranges, but no slimming methods for surgery remain in life, so what is the difference between "whole bones" that are generally considered to be "cosmetic"?

Professor Zhang thinks that the key to "weight loss is the skeletal structure," not just the shape of the body, but the structure of the internal structure.

When we look at the expressions of doubt, he says, "People are obese because they are not skeletons, they create incorrect space for the fat to run out of fat," and "the human body defied," so you want to start correcting it from the bones.

You want to be skinny, you can't be a monkey,

When Mr. Zhang blurts out, we all scare the words, and we start imitating monkeys and chimpanzees, and the teacher asks: " Do you know what monkeys and chimps are all different?

The upright posture of the monkey is chest, arm twist and foot walking, while the ape has a chest of upright posture, but the arm is curled inwardly and overlooking the ground. Would you look on the street and see if the body is too obscure and humpback?So the right posture and the proper and regular stretch are absolutely helpful to the health of a healthy body.

problem is a bad

Likewise, the whole bone correction is in the same way as any other slimming method, and it is only necessary to maintain the proper posture and the action habit after you have sustained the entire bone of treatment for a period of time. Otherwise, it will only be short-term effect.Thin is a false impression, and the real problem remains unsolved.

Mr. Zhang has put forward another point of view contrary to common sense: " Modern women often say that because the office is sitting too long, the small leg becomes thicker, and the fact is that the hips become larger because of the incorrect sitting posture, and the smaller legs are thicker because they often wear high-heeled shoes.

Either way, incorrect living habits are indeed the main causes of health problems, such as diet, exercise, posture, and so on, so that they can keep their young vitality and youthful vigor in their youth!

Classical innovation, inspired by historical

In addition to the treatment of the bone, Chang himself developed a DIY bone product, allowing people who could not make his own bones to do a whole body-shaping action at home reading DIY, and the most indispensable tool in the simple bone is the "twister."

This is a weather-less weather-strapped band that is used by early military personnel in the legged tie-strapped legs because the armed forces often need to walk, and the legs are multiple times larger than normal, preventing muscle from breaking through long periods of intense use.Similarly, the current popular "varicose stockings" is the same principle.

And Zhang's self-developed winding belt has made some improvements in width and material, making daily use of the method more convenient.But Teacher Chang also mentioned in particular: "The winding belt is effective, but it cannot be tied to sleep." Please use the twenties of men and women who wrap up the bodies to pay attention to them!

is an interest in

When asked about a teacher's leisure activity that is normally busy as a person, he says, "Research on the structure of human structures" is not only an essential part of his work, but also an important part of his interest and life.

From time to time, we can feel the confidence and pride of Teacher Zhang in his professional skills. He feels his love and dedication to the job. It is also an indispensable "life" for him to use the skill of the whole bone to make a woman more beautiful and confident.

Good posture keyword

"Don't be self-confident"

"Don't be lazy if you're lazy."

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