single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Talk about a lot of the relationship between single and love, but single is normal, let's talk about loneliness . Loneliness, is the most of the life of the state, Qianhua will wash out, the crowd will pass, only you are your life the most loyal listeners. (Recommended reading: single Diary: How many people in the name of friendship, love a person )

A person, means that you can not forget to go out with a key, spend 800 unlock the gains; a man in the wine Bureau dare not drink too drunk, no one's going to send you home to get your hair up. A person is you will wake up alone in the morning feel a little lonely, immediately and then sound asleep; a person, sorry to sit in the dinner time two people, let the wife boss earn 200 less , a man, as if nothing owed a little.

This state, in the single long days of no longer exist. Because a person has been used to, lonely original normal. So a person's homework is not to become two people, but how to be alone. Grow up to feel that solitude is a need to practice, in fact, the world more "a pair" of logic, so that you feel "a" very embarrassed.

Love sometimes, single often, more than a few times, you can in the wine after three rounds of firm footsteps; In the beginning will also be a book pretending to sit in the coffee shop, now lose the nerve to say: "I am a person, want to sit on a double bit", the night awakened alone sad sad also no longer, the time has long been blurred to the passing of the imagination.

Not smart, not grow up, just return to the simplest state of people. So your solitude is no longer a subject.

As long as the real loneliness has not known, solitude is not a cup of coffee clock leisurely, but in the day of the chicken Flying Dog, after work to get a petty girl sitting on the roadside stalls eating a bowl of noodles.

One day, you are a person running fitness, reading movies, travel to see the sea, no longer clock out praise, you really know how to be alone.

We are all a group of people on the road, scattered at a few intersections, a person stubborn to go down. I hope that one day, loneliness will not let you bored, alone to make your heart grow space, loneliness gives you not distracted only focus on their own time. you the A group is not a loner, but a need to know oneself, to focus on yourself, to perceive the environment, to make you more resilient in your relationship with the world.

Someone said that love and loneliness is the same emotion, you need love, equal to you need loneliness. Your loneliness may be disillusioned twilight then look back to find someone understand you, or your lonely an outlaw to join the WTO can love no 罣. (Recommended reading: Independent bookstore operators talk about solitude learning: Your loneliness makes you strong )

Whatever it is, loneliness will become your security, the crowd dispersed to face themselves, you finally found the growth of life, are in solitude to understand out. Colorful, not stingy to leave a trace of transparency to themselves. The injury is the other people give, the pain is oneself good, you are strong, is because you are alone to face those most difficult time.

I just want to tell you that you look so beautiful alone.