Women are fascinated by the annual special project, in particular with the theatre , which attaches great importance to the quality of Taiwan drama, and hopes that through the efforts of both sides, more readers will see a more different quality drama! Planting Theater with "love Sandstorm" lead, in the press conference with us to share the feelings of heart and actor. Now, let the reporter take you to see the scene of the situation bar! (Recommended reading: The sunshine of Taiwan TV series!) Interview Wang: "Some people deny you, is the beginning of growth")

"Women obsessed with X-sik theatre drama" is the annual collaboration between women fans and the theatre. Together we uphold the concept of "innovation", hope to bring all the audience more different drama works, for Taiwan's entertainment bring different new atmosphere.

Yesterday afternoon is the first theatre of the theatre introduction press conference, located in the Huashan Light Point Film Museum. Planting theater to love comedy "Love Sandstorm" led the scene invited to the protagonist Koshukin, Wu generosity benevolence, as well as the new generation of actors Chen Yu, Deng, leaf stars, Hu Guanghan, Ye Chen, Jiang attended.

We are in the comfort of the cinema venues, with the "Love Sandstorm" witty romantic piece of content, it is like entering the story of a five-point atmosphere-home, relaxed and happy, leading everyone step-by-step into the theater to create a new world of drama. (Recommended reading:"Ding Juan Column" and the family agreed to moralize tacit understanding, is the most memorable memory )

With the family, packing the emotional problems of all ages

"Love Sandstorm", with a five to pack different ages for the love of doubt, longing. A pair of deep feelings of 20-year husband and wife, a strong control of the girlfriend of the salesman eldest brother, feel that they do not need love, the second sister, and a young boy puppy, jumping off with a pair of leading role of the development model, with a five-point line story unfolds.

Screenwriter Wen Yufang, Zhang Kexin, referring to friends and relatives around, and the real story of the society, fused in a five-person family, so that viewers can see a different corner of the society of love, different ages will rub out the story.

Married many years of couples how to maintain enthusiasm for each other, love after the mutual Xu lifelong, to middle-aged accustomed to, if encountered problems how to solve? "The mother in the play is very typical, when the children are big, the husband is not young, their life is increasingly boring, if there is a new stimulation, you dare not try?" "The Koshukin, who plays the mother of the show, thanked the director for giving her a lot of space to play and to get many insights from it." (Recommended reading: Sex Observation: Why is mom a Superman after dad goes there?) )

Koshukin also said: "Our society may have nearly 80% of women, the mother did not dare to mention the courage to try new things." I think this role can provide a way to think about your goals in life and take your real feelings seriously. 」

When your lover's control is so strong, how do you face the other half? Wu Yuenen, the eldest brother who has a strong control over his girlfriend, said: "It is a good thing to exhort a partner moderately, because everyone has an" uncontrolled "time, of course, excessive control is not good, or to maintain the space between each other. 」

"The theme of the play is" love ", hope that through such a line of the story, so that people can see different love, and cherish all the love around. "North Village Fung Qing director said, very happy to work with Wang Director of the Plant Theater, the new actor in the process of progress, also let him eye-opening."

Follow the female fans and plant the theater, and support the good works together

With less money in Taiwan's drama Circle, even with excellent production teams and professional actors, it is difficult to produce too many good dramas, which has led to viewers becoming less interested in Taiwan's own dramas and fewer artists willing to participate in the challenges of actors.

Now, the Wang, led by the teacher, has gathered the most professional cast, the best script and the most promising actors to work together to create a new environment for Taiwan.

Only last year won the Admiralty Award mini series supporting actor, Wu Kang Ren also said: "Still new, I only dare to hide in the corner to steal." Now when someone else's predecessors, only know the importance of the initiative to the new proposal. 」

Planting Theater not only invited the senior artists to take the initiative to pay, but also to enable the newcomers to learn more from their predecessors, to promote the theater series drama Step by Step perfect.

Women fans are always trying to pass on the best stories to all the readers. We see that the beginner's mind is trying to inject new blood into Taiwan's dramas, and that insistence, and progress, like us, wants to bring more quality content to every dear you.

"Love Sandstorm" a total of 7 episodes, for the Admiralty screenwriter Wen Yufang, Zhang Kexin works. Since 8/19, the Taiwan view is broadcast every Friday night 10:00-12:00, and the Archie Network is broadcast exclusively at 10:00-12:00 every Saturday night.

The annual collaboration between women fans and the theater, will also be close to the network community way to let readers and the film director, actor face-to-face a series of salon activities, invited the actor, director or playwright and everyone close to face-to-face, from the play to discuss the extension of details, please lock the "female fan x plant theater drama Laboratory" .