Turkish transgender Hande Kader has tried to speak out for transgender people, but has been killed by people with a heart. This is a lost life. Let us look at the voices of transgender.

The 22-year-old Turkish transgender person, Hande Kader , disappeared in late July and was found in Istanbul on August 8, but has been destroyed by the investigation. The investigation showed that Kardar had been raped, brutally and severely injured before his death.The friend relied on the prosthetic arm of his body to confirm that the body was a Kader .

Kader dreamed of becoming a professional translator in Turkey on the basis of local news reports, but was forced to join the ranks of the sex workers because they could not go to university and abandon their dreams.His last figure appeared at the end of July, when he was sitting on a passenger car and then lost contact.

Hande Kader captured by police arrest while fighting for LGBT rights on the street (captured from the network)

Kader is also the representative of Turkey's local LGBT rights activists.He was shaded by a gay march in Istanbul, where he stood up to all people who had been subjected to violence, even when police opened fire and forced them to fade, while Kader remained stuck with his beliefs, continuing to work for himself, for everyone.

Across the gender community, the world is still weak.The cross-gender Kader has been suppressed by the unafraid of others and has stood up for more and more people.Today, the news of grief has spread through the media in the world, and the situation of transgender people has attracted more attention and discussion.

This is a world we are accustomed to, and is unfriendly to transgender people

A statistical report on the organization Red Umbrella Health and Human Rights Association , which focuses on the right to work across gender, points out that at least 40 transgender people have been killed in Turkey during the period 2008-2016.And, between November 2014 and June 2016, there were 267 cases of trans-human rights involving transgender people in Turkey, of which seven were ended by murder.

In May this year, the US government was committed to reducing gender violence and discrimination on campus, indicating that students' gender identity contained provisions that "protect all students from gender discrimination and sexual violence" within the < 1972 Education Amendment > Article 9 .

also sent a letter to public schools across the United States to require schools to use school toilets based on gender identity to create a more friendly environment for transgender students.If the school does not provide for it, it may face litigation, or it will not be able to obtain government subsidies.

The new system, which has been heavily criticized by some conservatives, has extended a friendly hand to transgender people.

Some parents are concerned that the freedom of access to toilets will increase the risk of women, children, and that the Republican Party platform of 2016 will directly indicate "anti-transgender identity, based on gender identity", as illegal, dangerous, and privacy-ignoring.

This is not only an attempt to deprive the gender of a cross gender, but also to smear transgender people as "dangerous people who are sexually assaulted and peep into others'."Transgender people, with the exception of the struggle of their inner self and the pressure of public opinion, are now branded as "potential criminals".

But we think that the violation of others' behavior should not have existed. What we need to worry about is how to reduce the source of crime, rather than how to prevent the suspect from being offending after the crime.

The world seems to be relatively unfriendly to transgender people.Some fear that, in the future, sex crimes can be used to reduce crime, or even to criminalize, using "I'm a transgender," which leads to the finding that "transgender people are equal to potential dangerous people."(Extended reading: Public letters against rape by transgender persons: I am sexually assaulted, not me )

"trans-phobia" such as "trans-phobia" is prevalent in all corners of society.Because transgender people's perception of "gender" is more than normal, it undermines both the cognitive and the belief that we have, leading to fear, fear, and even hatred.

We often say, "Fear comes from ignorance."Ignorance here is the "ignorant", and when we don't understand transgender people, we can generate fear, and we can't succeed in driving a world that doesn't have a good place to do more than that.

From Regeneration to Variability!Across the sexes, there are different kinds of beauty.

Gender is like a big house with a wide variety of "tenants" spaced out of each other.Containing physiological gender and self-identity, and causing a great burden and perplexity, you want to change your own sexual identity through surgery, usually a gender identity disorder.

There is no confusion about self-identification, but simply likes the transvestite, cross-dress, gender (gender-queer), the gender of the gender binders, the two sexual transsexuals of both sexes, and transgender.They all live under the eaves of the "transgender", but they are all different.

They are unique, often giving people a lot of questions, questions can be broadly divided into two: "Is the transgender going to be transgender?"Is transgender equal to transgender persons?" Are the transgender people homosexuals?"

Lea T, a transgender model for the Olympics this year, Caitlyn Jenner of the United States, known as transgender people, their stories, courage, special, and most media coverage, easily gives us the myth that "transgender" equals "transgender".

However, these famous figures are only the tip of the beautiful iceberg of transgender people.

In Taiwan, transgender transgender people need to undergo at least two years of assessment by psychiatrists and obtain a Certificate of Diagnosis, which requires a high operating fee to be transgender-physiological for women to take care of 30-50 million women, and 80 to 1 million physiological women need to transfer to men.

Transgender is just one way to reduce the repulsion of sex and gender identity among transgender people.

This approach is risky and costly.As a result, most transgender people do not choose to undergo surgery due to economic, family, physical health, etc.

Some cross-gender will treat such repulsion as their own characteristics, as well as their own souls and bodies. But some people are not allowed to use the same status quo, only to be in the status quo.

And transgender people don't necessarily like to be called "transgender," as they are a complete man or woman for those who have already transformed their biological gender.

Next, let's talk about the sexual orientation of transgender people.

When a physiology woman shows a comparison of masculinability, a physiological male has a softness, and we often intuitively believe that they are attractive to the same sex.

However, gender identity (Gender identity) and sexual orientation are not mutually contradictory.Even if the majority of men in the world are attracted by women, and most women are attracted by men, and do not mean that all gender identity is male, they are attracted to women, and vice versa.(Extended reading: Behind the dispute with the name and zero: gender is not non-male or female, gender is not the same as )

The transgender person may be homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, bisexual, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

These various types of tenants, each of them have strong and strong identity, and are also very hard to make their own special recognition of the world, so that they can blossom in a way that is not viewed as a way of being misplaced, and not seen in a different way.

The 22-year-old Turkish transsexual Hande Kader , who worked hard for the equality of diversity in his lifetime, was killed by malicious people, shocking, and even outraged.

Many netizens express their emotions on different social groups, and some people say, "Rest in peace, dear, you deserve to be the person you want to be, and you love the people you love."In a statement issued by the Istanbul Pride Committee, the Istanbul Commission issued a statement that they would march on the streets of Kader , march on the streets, and stretch the country's non-existent "justice".

This statement also mentions: "Hande Kader is a person who shouted for hate crimes, and he encourages everyone to speak out for their own rights.""

This world is a force that promotes equality because of hatred.After our sadness and indignation, we must not forget that, in addition to mourning the sacrifice of the Kader , we must, in the days to come, eliminate our fear of transgender people, our fears, less blood and tears, and more equality and respect.

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hate crime

hate crime

The difference between hate crime and crime is that most of the crimes are motivated by financial or personal complaints, and hate crimes often involve social biases — — biases based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability barrier, etc.The fear effect created is not just individual victims, but also communities (e.g., ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) in the same identity as the victim.

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