single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Those who have no love, smell sour, but slightly sweet. Once desperate to give his love, but in a silence after the loss of all. You have always loved, but you are not worthy of each other's freedom. (Recommended reading: I have dared to think of you, dare to admit that you were my fate )

"I think it's important to be with WHO and where. "I always remember, you at that time, put away the usual naughty, seriously told me so."

That summer, belong to our sun.

We had a bowl of ice, we walked along the coastline together, we talked about the future life together. You tell me that you don't like the same old days, you hate what others expect of you, you just want to focus on your love.

You use your tiny dreams, hold the only courage and momentum, and refuse to compromise with the world. In fact, I do not understand, at that time, I only know that I love, that love the freedom of you.

But only more and more do not understand you.

I watched you turn yourself into a gust of wind, invisible and free, to follow your freedom. But, I do not understand your pursuit, can only blindly into the cloud, your arrival, like a gust of wind blowing, clouds along the winds have changed shape, I know you have come.

We love in our own way, but we never find the intersection.

"I think, I love is the former you." "That remark, you did not say. You left our silence, like the wind, to no shadow, to no trace.

Willfully, let me change myself for love, from the Earth, think you know my gentleness. You leave, I just know, even if pay more gentleness, I also can't love your freedom.

Recently, suddenly very miss you, very light very light kind. You know, after a long time, finally left the sadness can not love you, only to find that you do not love, is not love myself.

Time slowly passes, we did not understand each other's loneliness, now become every summer, belong to my regret.

Long time no see you, whether still stubbornly unwilling to succumb to this world, whether meet can take the wind and go gentle, accompany you through once again of adventure?

Suddenly looking back, we are not familiar with each other's soul. I picked up memories of the debris on the road, pieced together the love that we never intersect, impressively discovered that you love not only is free, you love more, is oneself.

Not my gentleness is not good enough for you, but we all love ourselves more.

But I hope you remember, we used to love blindly.