single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. The woman fan invites The Bachelor diary Big guest Zhou Xingzhe, talks about singles status. "You, not good", we use the parting Exchange to understand, understand that love needs more patience to wait, need to forgive more. Know Miss Love , can live with regret, is also a symbiotic. (Recommended reading: single diary: I have dared to think of you, dare to admit that you were my destiny )

I was loving you . dull romance, and later The first person you forget is to be left behind, the first obsession with my stubbornness , and ultimately our way. Around some people, they are very good, there is smarter than your head, but not your clumsy and desperate, have the ability to drive me far away, but not like you accompany me on foot a want to go place. Perhaps the real meeting is not boiling, but the constant temperature, as ever.

"Are you okay?" 」

I've rehearsed in my dreams hundreds of times, reunion, to say something to you. I want to ask you a lot, remember this weather is the rainy day when we met; the Wine House frequented by the university has been collected; Did you notice that we hid the "love letter" that we saw on MTV to reflect the big screen; you never thought that I was sitting in the back seat. Now I drive to many places alone.

These things, are we are not in each other's lives in the blank. Often see your dynamic, originally you also in my absence, arbitrarily filled with so many wonderful colors.

("You, not good" regret jigsaw puzzle)

I don't know why, look at the shape of your frown on the cloud, I know you are still a stubborn person. Sure, you still like that year not convinced, running around the pit scar scar to offend, or have an ideal. Do not know, you glimpse see me, will remember my stubborn other than gentleness, is not still like before, forgive my self-esteem hurt people.

20-Year-old often complained about our insipid love, 30-Year-old finally forgave the life of the no singular, 20-year-old always want to meet better enthusiasts, 30 years old to understand the ultimate love is patience is not tempted. Because of regret, love has become complete, we become a person who understands love.

We have lost a person because of pride, we do not return because of stubborn. use to leave to understand a person's good, with a betrayal to witness the best time, and then with a long miss, to redeem.

It is my greatest freedom to take possession of you in the memory of an outlaw.

Don't use to leave teach me, lost person is the most important.

"You, good"

I wish you good, then our miss, it is worth it.

"The same scene plus" Women are big fans Zhou Xingzhe Eric: Love, Teach us.

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