Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. The beauty of today's goddess is rampant, but not so loose. To your three Hollywood actress counterattack, Chloe, Kee Lanatri, Madonna, defy the single values, live more at ease. (Recommended reading: through the peak also through the bottom!) Anne Hathaway 7: Live not only to please others

Mellow Big eyes, Snow white muscle, soft breast, no fat belly, symmetrical lines, with an elegant woman taste stunning four. When it comes to women, the public always advocates beauty, and this beauty always has a rigid standard, when a woman and this set of "goddess" standards, we are accustomed to ridicule these women do not work hard, because "there are only ugly women, no lazy women." 」

But why freeze the imagination of beauty in the shell of the goddess? Sagging old hips, micro-convex alvine, flat chest, these should not become a veiled shame. A body is a story, and every woman's story should be unique.

In particular, female stars, is always high on the "goddess" of the altar, but what "career line", youthful beauty, slim figure, I'm sorry, this is not a goddess of the single gesture; the Goddess is not just the dream lover of the otaku, nor is it the designated template for other women's plastic surgery They are not toeing to the rules of the stubborn, they go is not to keep their own way, the only thing they have to do is to reconcile with the most authentic, women fans for you to write down three more than the "goddess" of the female star.

Chloe Imollet: I'm not going to do it for the swelling.

"Super Kill female" Imollet (Chloe Moretz), known as the "Special Attack Alliance", is not only regarded as a potential young actor, but also a new generation Goddess by the media. Outside the sweet she, in addition to and Beckham of the son of Brooklyn in love, much outside attention, also due to a few days ago was photographed body swollen, accidental bursting clothes screen, plump stature has repeatedly become the focus of media ridicule.

According to the British media, "Mirror" reported that Chloe went to record a variety show on the way, choose to wear a super-fitting velvet blouse, but the media is a big fuss, when she was ready to help the fans waiting for the signature, the sleeve splicing unexpectedly exploded, and was described as "be fat spread."

In addition, in the filming of "Bad Neighbor 2", she a purple-black tight striped skirt, with translucent pink silk stockings, but also by the media directly approved as no longer the former sexy image, socks open holes like to wear to burst, it is "unbelievable"!

Chloe, a 19-year-old, has been in a painful struggle for some time because of media attention, and when she was interviewed, Chloe said: "When I was 16 years old, I wanted to get a boob job." I also want to shape the jaws of meat, do hip surgery, or anything I'm not perfect. 」

But with the encouragement of the mother, Chloe gradually understood that self-confidence is not false, and stature should not be the condition of love: "My boyfriend Brooklyn has given me huge support, I don't need a man who can give me a lot of material, but when I feel bad, he tells me to stop negative thinking and see what you said in the interview, Figure out where you stand. Listen to your inner voice and you are as beautiful as you say. 」

Kee Lanatri: I'm flat-chested, I'm proud

Lanatri (Keira Knightley), known for his "Bony" stature in Hollywood, is often criticized for being too skinny, but it's not a deliberate diet but a natural slim, but is described as being too flat and not "feminine".

In the past, when filming "Ghost Qi 2" movie poster, Lanatri Zengyouping Chest was built into a C cup experience, and wonder why not to use their own real appearance? When she was photographed, she also asked to keep the photo as it was, insisting on appearing in her most mundane posture.

For the original flat chest was fixed to change C milk, Qi Lanatri said : "I think women's body has become a battlefield, and those who have been made after the photo is one of the culprits." Our society now thinks that those pictures are truly beautiful, and it becomes difficult to see a variety of different shapes. 」

Lanatri because of slim, but still in the picture of the concave and convex, and the girls as the perfect figure of the standard, the media has also been rendered Cilanaitli is the root cause of Hollywood anorexia, they say is the existence of a la, so that girls are preoccupied with weight, and even girls want to change themselves to her, excessive dieting and lost their lives. The incident made the Knightley feel rather frustrated and suspected of being a sin, and therefore had the idea of quitting showbiz in the 2011.

After clarifying their relationship with the body, Kiki Knightley to prove to the girl: "Beauty, not only one." She is not the kind of photo-shaped-slim and plump breasts.

When she was interviewed, she confessed that in the past, whether it was shooting ads, magazine covers, has been the experience of the system, so that she wants to make the idea of her body more strongly, so and advertisers to show the attitude of endorsement, the condition is to ask the other party not to fix the picture, "I can take photos, As long as you don't make any changes or modifications. 」

Madonna: This is my 56-year-old butt.

As the charm of men is thought to be more fragrant, when a woman is over a certain age, it is seen as a wonderful period of appreciation, and their looks and bodies are no longer considered to be desirable, and unattractive old women try to grab the attention of the public with their stereotypical behavior, and the end is always miserable.

Therefore, age discrimination is often accompanied by gender discrimination. When Madonna in the 57-year Grammy Award, put on fishing nets, thongs, and hips, media headlines have to "uncomfortable" and "horror" to attack her, let Madonna in the "Rolling Stone" magazine interview, justly place out of women old after the disturbed: "That is 56-year-old buttocks look like, Wang eight eggs!" 」

"Everyone criticizes me by age, and I still don't understand why?" "She said that after years of human rights, no one dares to openly slander black or gay people, but everyone is free to tease her about her age and ask:" Why is this acceptable? 」

Madonna points out that age discrimination is the only behavior that is still ignored by the public today. More helpless is "only women will be attacked", she believes that most women to a certain age, on the basis of social expectations, but Madonna still insisted: "But I do not abide by the rules, the past will not, and now do not intend to start!" 」

Madonna used to shock the current trend, she also counted their own past: "In the past, I filmed erotic photo, people think I behaved extraordinary." And I was playing "like a Virgin" at MTV Awards, daring to show off the hips, and people thought it was a scandal. But these actions are now commonplace. So if I had to act as a pioneer to open doors for women, and convince them that even if they were fifty or sixty years old, they would still be as sexy and beautiful as they were 20 years old, and I'd be a part of that. 」

Goddess in the way, women's beauty is regarded as a currency of circulation, the face and stature is her biggest asset. A man's shining gaze directs a woman's looks shall posture, and a woman has to cram herself into that beautiful and painful standard at all costs: Under the strong Yang also take a small coat to care about the skin exposed, in front of the mirror to the point of the meat pointed, every few days, it is necessary to check their body has no excess hair, anti-old products in 25 Years after the anniversary is the focus of attention ... the woman who is lax, seems to be irresponsible for the value of life.

But in this age of goddess, we have lost some of the possibilities of the world. The Goddess can not only be viewed as static, but also be pushed down to the altar directly when substandard. Like Chloe, Kira, Madonna, women can also travel through the goddess of Heaven rules, do not want to be in this body equivalent value of the world, to be a goddess loyal to the self, repeatedly subversion, break through those perfect imagination, stubborn to reveal their own body story.