Ella, who is invited to be the ambassador of the Queer Film Festival, talks about the world and herself, and hopes that everyone will have the right to happiness, regardless of identity or sexual orientation.

When it comes to she's Ella, the first one that emerges in your mind is what kind of her?

is it a sparkling singer on stage, or the Luria of a woman disguised as a man in a pattern of teenage girls, or a humorous presenter at a Golden Horse awards ceremony? the various corners of showbiz, see her figure, she constantly surpass herself, every moment of performance are bright eyes.

with multiple identities in showbiz, she is singing, acting, and presiding, and now has a new identity--the third session of the Taiwan Cool Film Festival propaganda ambassador, who will make a sound for LGBT friends through Ella's natural, cheerful image. (Recommended reading: proud of being different from the typical!) An interview with the Queer Film Festival curator Lin Zhijie: Being honest with yourself, but not just yourself.

before the interview, Ella squatted down and touched the daughter of Chai dog, and said with intimacy: "Pudding!" Mom, wait for an interview, you have to be nice! "When all is ready, the pudding is still spoiled by Ella's feet." Ella picked it up and said, "Can it be interviewed with me?" "In the side of the husband Reissiang smiled, I also smiled and promised."

That afternoon, when I talked to Ella about sex and the world, I found that she could put up a playful, very serious injustice for the disadvantaged, and when it came to the past and the future, she was free to express her true feelings and explain the journey.

everything was as natural as Ella's natural happiness, and we chatted and talked, and made me realize her different side. This is not the same to her, is the first time I met Ella.

For love links, hope that all people can get the same blessing

When everything was in place, Ella told me: "I like the core concept of the Queer Film Festival as a Love link." Through the film form, let everyone see all love is the same, all kinds of love are very deep, all the original intention of love is very moving. 」

Ella also said, "Brokeback Mountain" and "Imitation Game" two works, let her very impressive.

The classic film Brokeback Mountain describe a pair of comrades love deeply, but by the social public opinion pressure, social morals influence, have to give up their love; "Imitation Game" describes the contribution of Allen Turing to the world, while highlighting the love he can not be seen, how profound and sad. (Recommended reading:"Love, is not open puzzle" Imitation Game of The Imitation Game Film Critics )

"After watching these two movies, I felt very bad. Their love is very unforgettable, but because they are not accepted by society, can only give up or hide. She frowned and said slowly.

"My Love, marriage is blessed by the world, I am very lucky." But whether it is the comrades in the story, or the comrades around me, their love can not be recognized, do not get the same blessings as me. I feel very distressed, they are so kind-hearted, they love the original intention and all the same, but must overcome the difficulties to love. 」

I asked her: "Then you feel that no matter how much resources we have, how can we help them at this stage?" 」

"We repel because we do not understand, we should know these friends first, then tell them:" You are not wrong, you still have the right to Love ""

taking this cool film Festival publicity ambassador, Ella hopes to use her tiny power to let more people see the situation of gay friends, to help more people understand gay love, and to encourage more people from the sincere acceptance: their love is no different from the ordinary person. (extended reading: interview Partner Alliance CEO Xu Xiuwen: "To win is not the protector, is the right to Love")

Gay marriage can be legal I don't care, the point is that we must sincerely accept

she felt helpless for the world not to understand gay love. in the eyes of concentration, twinkle to help their firmness. Indeed, gay love will take a long time to get the recognition of the world, gay marriage is a seemingly endless journey.

"I am more rebellious, gay marriage does not fit the law, in fact, I do not care." To me, love does not have to be confessed to and allowed by the world. I just love you and want to be with you. "That's a statement that Ella speaks forcefully.

Marriage is a form of "recognition" of love in this world, whereby a "legitimate" family is formed to spend the rest of his life. The rights and obligations of a partner are guaranteed by law, and it also includes a person who, if one of the parties has had an accident, is legally able to help himself to deal with all the things he loves and trusts. (Extended reading: to return "partnership" to Love: marriage is not the only answer to love )

"When my life is about to end, I will certainly want to be the one I love the most to help me deal with all the funeral." Because he knows best, what I want. "ella over me, looking at the husband Reissiang behind me.

Looking back, it turns out that Reissiang has been standing behind me, looking tenderly at Ella for an interview. This is the link of love, I silently thought. Happy love, although not necessarily marriage to prove, but, if everyone enjoys this choice, as a safe backing, will not be a more perfect state?

"Although I am rebellious, of course I hope that the relevant laws of multiple families can be passed." But pass is second, the important thing is that we should sincerely, and with the blessing to accept this matter, will achieve the most satisfactory state. 」

After 30 years of age, I have everything, but also to maintain a passion for life

for the love and career of Ella, perhaps life has reached a certain degree of success. But she was not complacent, " I was very fortunate at this age." I have a car, a house, a famous, happy marriage. I have everything, I can not help but start to wonder what else I have to pursue? "

Ella, talking about herself, looked thoughtfully: "The longing and enthusiasm that should be in life seems to be gradually watered down by these perfect." So "30 ah" inside only then sing: Life is only 30 ah, there is no white hair, dream how crumpled. 」

"That's one, I'm 30 years old, but I don't understand why I want to retire." "In the entertainment industry for 15 years, SHE development so far, are surrounded by love, by the majority favorite." But when Ella sees her friends around her age, a good life may be just beginning, or she is still struggling to make it, and is ashamed to feel like retiring.

Originally, this first was painted on the faint melancholy of "30 ah", is Ella to motivate themselves, at every stage of life to maintain enthusiasm.

"After 30 years of age, I hope I can see my real self and find a way to satisfy him." In work, emotion, life to achieve a balance of their own satisfaction. This is not won't be can do, so we need to live a good life, so that family, friends, lovers, with each other, to find the balance of life. 」

Ella believes it's never too late to start looking at yourself in the depths of your soul. "When I start thinking about why I live, I feel happy, and that means I start to explore my heart and try to create a more comfortable environment for myself," he said. (Extended reading: Six questions about me: self-identification, a lifetime journey )

Well, what if we're 30 years old and can't find a balance? "Slowly groping Ah"ella language with easy to say, open-minded to smile. "

"It doesn't matter if you've been groping for a long time. Hard work for a long time, tired, do not want to contact with others, let yourself quiet. It is important that we never remain positive and be honest with our negative emotions. 」

15 years ago, 15 years later, I embraced the fate of all the arrangements

life cannot be completely smooth, and it is impossible to fail completely. The positive emotion comes, we can embrace it, the negative emotion comes, we also want to accept it sincerely.

Face the fate of not according to card card, Ella said to me: "You know, 15 years ago when she first started, we all three think it will be a singer." Did not expect to be red later, the whole is out of hand! "She gave an unbelievable expression, laughing," but I never resisted the fate to help me arrange everything, open arms to greet, when things are over, I will not live in vain. 」

Like "30 ah" inside sings: "Don't forget those original intention ah, boiling youthful blood, sing for their own." Life is only 30 ah, such as the pace of waltz, turn behind to continue. "Life is not long, say short, there are too many conditions we can not predict, setbacks, turn a body, or to face it bravely."

"With Hebe and Selina for such a long time, is there anything you want to say to them?" I asked, curiously.

"I just want to say thank you to them." "ella quick and short answer, I was unprepared. She smiled, then said: "I often feel that the three of us are together in the last life, I am the youngest, they brought this world, accept their help, and then grow together." (Extended reading: Write a letter to your growing: never give up what you like )

Selina has a strong psychic power, and Hebe is like a philosophical mentor, who thinks of himself as a Gemini and more extreme Ella, who is led forward. complement each other, work together, only now everyone loves she.

"Fate never told me that I would meet so intimate a work partner, even the same sister." "Before the debut, she even thought, anyway, do not make a singer even if, when an ordinary office workers do not matter." "But now, I want to thank myself for trying for 15 years without giving up, to learn so much from the two of them." 」

After the interview, when I was looking down on the clutter, Ella and her husband, Reissiang, had already begun to chat, and they laugh, as if they were in touch with each other, and they could understand each other's thoughts without much words. As a bystander, I can feel the faint but profound love.

I thanked Ella for her unreserved talk, and Ella said with a cheerful, "Thank you too!" "Her sparkling soul, not only to her natural kindness, but also from her to society, the world's fervent concern." Ella, in front of me, is not only a star of great attention, but also a hard life, trying to make the world a better Chen Jiahua with her tiny power.

On the way back, I listened to "30 ah", recall, Ella efforts to care about the society when the eyes flashing perseverance, talk about the heart of the word sincere, see her husband's gentle smile, diversity not only embodied in her in the various identity of showbiz, also bloom in the life of every moment.

I silently made a wish: I hope everyone in this world can hold close to him, set up a happy home, the dream into a soy sauce vinegar tea, the most unforgettable love.

"I am a Man" plot description: The daughter of a man of the heart of the Bennet experience of the pain of sexual identity, and with his friends undergo a transsexual surgery, the mother was slow to accept. Successful from the female male for many years the musician Joe extended a friendship to help, Bennett in Joe's body to find expression of the spirit of self reference and rely on, the mother has finally gradually open the atrium to give support! (Recommended reading: A letter from an American mother to a transsexual child )

"I am a Man"