A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Listen to the May day of the new song "Stubborn", you think of your heart there is a pride rose, whether life or love, are unwilling to condescend easily. Even if how painful, you also want to say thank you to yourself later, to prop up all of their loneliness. (Recommended reading: Love is the freedom to maintain loneliness!) Nine things you should know in love with an independent woman

Unconsciously, you are not a new social person, you feel that life has come to a new juncture, stuck in a flattening out stage, although you are more and more aware of the life you want to live, but the end is still not see the end, back and unwilling, can not stay connected in the familiar scenery.

"Life, how can it be so difficult?" "Even if you tell yourself to be strong, sometimes you can't help crying in the middle of nobody's night."

In this process, is to walk and stop, but also repeated--you constantly re-examine the possession of everything, with desire and fragile pull, and then pick out the heart still sharp impulse, charged himself not too fast by the reality of the transformation beyond recognition.

Listen to the May new song "Stubborn", you think of you holding hands to go to the concert day, at that time you are young, but there is enough courage to smile said it does not matter, even if the reality of how huge, are still able to stare at each other, together toward the unknown to the disturbed walk.

I want to say thank you for removing this mask.
Thank you, all the way to accompany me here.

How many years have passed, you still like a teenage fool, do not care that he can not afford your bread, because you have been working in the workplace, never intend to cling to other people live. But you don't want to be in the same kind of relationship as you are at work . So you would rather look wandering, emotionally also to find a reluctant to let go.

because there is a pride rose in the heart, so you have to endure greater loneliness than others. do you ask yourself to regret it? For this stubborn, the answer is negative. You cannot persuade yourself to condescend because of the careless ribs.

To the future of hesitation, the uncertainty of love, you are still practicing a person to clean up, a person propped up all life.

Those things that you believed at that time will become beautiful scenery now.
Whenever I hesitate, never forget, live in the depths of my heart, that stubborn self.