Women are obsessed with new stories, elder sister quotes take you look at the city of women like appearance, they know no longer sister , claiming to be a voice sister. Or, she is unwilling to just sister, so be a sister. Elder sister's age is not necessarily big, but her heart affirmation vast, elder sister is drunk, elder sister tears, elder sister is not all very will, just don't want to install not. First, let's look at the elder sister who prefers to dine alone and not go to the gym. (Extended reading: To eventually become the elder sister: Bread I earn, love is not anyone can give )

Plastic body era slogan after packaging, although the human mode of "movement is for their own good" slogan appeared, but the bones sell or ghost. Fitness supplies, body cream, calf show thin Frost, is the Sister fitness diary, online dynamic wall every day has a sister set off has been too short to be short of the half of the shirt revealed reluctantly abdominal muscles, or dynamic display jiao jiao tone: "Wanted exclusive fitness trainer."

"Is this really about pleasing yourself or pleasing others?" "elder sister grabbed a French fries, wrinkle gas eyebrows found the case is not right, this ticket chasing fitness tide when the girls soon to see."

such as I do not exercise even walk wearies lazy people, both hands in favor of sister to fitness aversion. She said it is not a good idea to dislike fitness, but a cold shoulder to look at fitness like "very understand life" symbol. "If you know life, you have to go ..." the metaphor from running, a person to the coffee shop, said to walk a person's trip to fitness, really, when we understand life, but also through the community let praise agree?

Sister said, really understand the life of the people, no matter you want to practice the mermaid line a few muscles, really understand the life of the people, no time to copy the Happy illusion of Swarm.

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Perhaps one day, our legs are no longer white and bright, at least to go to where we really want to go; our lower abdomen after all but the years cruel, not for their own meat that meal two meal regret, must be loaded with gourmands guest fullness; we will not always be people distressed sister, so to know how to do dearly own sister.

Mermaid Line in the course of the advertising billboard, she glanced at the design has enough tacky words, dropped a "sister do not practice the Mermaid line, sister is a mermaid", and then strode to the high heels of the crowd walk. Too many people in the park wear the famous brand sportswear, stop to catch the card beast. Fitness for the settle down is the case, after the running card, they are on the go. The person who really respects the body and respects the movement does not regard the body as a copy.

Squeeze body in a group of sister, who's line again neat, no elder sister that face disdain still eye-catching.