From the information graph to look at the situation of transgender people, from the gender identity to the legal change of sex, for their rights, we still have a distance to work.

Cross-sex is a long way to me.

But long before I knew the term "trans-gender," the transgender community had long been in my life. With the gender of the first time, is a woman fan office space rental activities met the imam, she thought she was a forthright elder sister, later just know, she is Wofoss (Women in the free and Open Source Software in Taiwan) representative, It is also a transgender person active in the scientific and technological community, dedicated to promoting women's awareness and participation in free software.

A further understanding of the transgender struggle is due to the movie "Danish Girl". Lily not hesitate to pursue and painful life let me know, insight their soul and physiological gender misplaced, like a life mercilessly opened a joke, but also like the release of the weight of the understanding of their own, "It is so, ah," and then no longer entangled in why they are different from others.

The gender-based deaths in Turkey have made me want to learn more about the situation of transgender people, the process of finding data, and the confusion and pain that some countries are building on the law of transgender A man and a woman "system, for example you want to change the legal sex and name today, you have to do sex reset surgery, or even forced you to sterilization, take away your reproductive rights, because the law can not accept the so-called" man "role of pregnancy and birth. (Same field Gayon: The death of a human rights movement, killing Hande Kader is not a trans-gender identity, but hatred )

Some people are afraid of physical sex and their own different heterosexual sharing toilets, some people are afraid of the same physical sex with their own people wearing illogical dress, or not the same gender temperament, but, I would like to ask, why do we all have to be the same?

So with this chart, by understanding the situation of the trans-gender community in the world, we know that to become "ourselves" on the road, they are more difficult than others, and the long way, let us use empathy and gentle tolerance, accompany them to continue to go on.

Gender is a beautiful spectrum, at different latitudes, we have different colors of each other, for me, transgender people like the precious unicorn, they become a lattice, beautiful soul know who they are and what they want to be. (Recommended reading: cross-gender supermodel Lea t:"more important than sex is that you must know who you are on the pitch! ")

I look forward to, one day, transgender people can justly love, good home, realize the dream, for them, ordinary life is no longer a luxury desire.