Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. "North a female student not to seat is scolded to make chicken" What's the problem with this news? Let's take a look at the "make chicken" taunt behind, is the society to train good daughter means. (Recommended reading: sex workers are bad women?) Dirty name you can't see the job major )

Last week, two female students sat in the MRT fraternity seat, a woman photographed after the upload to her face book scold drink: "This is whose daughter should be chicken bar." "It is shameful to wear a female uniform in north and not give a seat to the children." The woman said she was angry that two female students were still out of their seats when the old man got on the bus, but there were other seats in the same car.

because the woman's photos and words have revealed the privacy of the client, the Northern women's parents ' Council has made a statement through the lawyer Zhou Wurong that she is responsible for the conduct of the woman surnamed Li and raised a solemn protest. The news on the internet caused a large number of discussions, most people think women should not be "chicken" to humiliate female students, but also set up a "hidden demand" of the fraternity seat discussion.

Women are obsessed with the spirit of fraternity, but also care about the exercise of the spirit of fraternity and forget the basic humanity. Why is a chicken, the most embarrassing rhetoric in the words of humiliation? Then, let's discuss at three, why "chicken humiliation" can cause outrage.

Making chickens is the most severe accusation against women.

When the woman wants to express her dissatisfaction with the female student, "Make chicken" is the word that she thinks can injure person most. But I began to assume that if the object was a male student, how would she accuse? In English words a son of bitch is often the public's means of abusing men, "you are the son of a prostitute, no wonder you ... "The metaphor that you make a chicken, and that your personality and human rights are lower," comes from the social expectation of good girls.

Prostitutes are not registered in the father's long system of groups, they are abandoned by the system of exile, our social habits of women to be subordinate to the "one male" protection to be recognized, she must be the daughter of the right, or the wife of the right. So if she doesn't do a good girl, she'll be a bad girl who is despised by men and women and abandoned by the system. (Recommended reading: is a virgin more valuable than a prostitute's life?) The gender scars of the age from Nepal's living goddess

"I'm not so confused, I don't have to spend my money marrying a man who has no feelings for me." That's not fair. It's not fair to you. Oh, maybe you don't care. You think marriage is a long term prostitution--Zhang ailing's love of the Qingcheng

Many people ask whether a prostitute's job of "selling the body" is degrading to women? I think it is possible to prove in two directions that the crime of prostitutes is non-existent. First, whether prostitutes voluntarily become prostitutes, the industry's largest guest group for men, men in the female population cutting a group of women to make up for male sexual pleasure and for the reproductive function of women, the real problem should be the double standard of sex, rather than engaged in the sex industry workers.

The second thing is "prostitute" as a patriarchal intimidation of women, perhaps you have seen the eight-point plot "you do not pay, I'll take your kid to the brothel." Since since ancient times brothels are a male-controlled hell, the women in brothels completely lose their autonomy, and therefore want to retain the "chastity" of women do not step into.

Photo: Guru of the Generation

The resource exchange of sex labor and the gender oppression are different arguments of different positions, regardless of the flourishing of the modern industry and the improvement of women's consciousness, you can say that women find their way of life in the historical deformation of the sex industry, and they can say that their reversal of profit and loss logic becomes the master of Women But we still have more women in women who have been wiped out by the sex industry system. In the "Make chicken" culture of humiliation, I would like to see those powerless women, regardless of the prostitute community to the existence of feminism or not, one thing is certain-prostitutes should not be witch-hunt, they are also human beings, with a human dignity. (same field Gayon: "I can only go back to prostitution." Sex workers struggle between sex, money and homecoming )

Why do we have to train our daughter?

When we know why we want to be a chicken curse, think further, many people say this is a woman embarrassed woman's case, I think this "elders to the younger generation" of the teachings, can be regarded as a "patriarchal heritage", a group of women with the patriarchal system, climbed up the mother's position, women in such a game, the completion of the rules, Misunderstanding "is the self practice, the mother must pass down the value, because she is so proud of the" woman value ", she is convinced that generation daughter should also be so good.

Can also say that the mother of the road, the daughter can not not know. The female elders in the news have the status and the age superiority in the patriarchal structure, this accusation to the young female, the fear that they do not learn well may be worried about their right change. If we change the status quo of the definition of "good girls", the rights that the mother now has will be relatively reversed. (Recommended reading:"Tired of female disease" "Next life I want to be a man" of the female subconscious )

Generations of mothers expect generations of daughters to be able to fulfill the mother's values and fulfil their father's expectations. A good girl is a male brand to women, through the empowerment of women's virtue and reputation, to strengthen the rights of men's ego, and women do grading and labelling. A good daughter is not only oppressive to women, but a man must be a protective role to make a good daughter. Even the male in the system forever is "the Lord" cannot gasp to become "the guest", although the male is the dominant person, but this to the body's other person, causes them not to have the opportunity to identify with own body, only concentrates to stare at others, It is even necessary to showcase their male status by cutting negative temperament.

Whether it is a good daughter, or a good son, suffer from the "gender temperament" of oppression. Why should we teach our sons and daughters to do their own duties? To train a good daughter is to train the oppression of this society to continue in a safe manner.

From a gender perspective, why should we scold a female student to make a chicken? A northern female student, if he does not understand the moral, the future to make chicken seems to be the worst fate. So girls, you do not make cattle horse chicken, you pay more emotion/actual labor than to sell the body is good, so girls, you want to be a saint, will not be in the doghouse. (Extended reading:"Tired of female disease" tired of women, is a man into a "man" means )

The fraternity seat is for comity and thoughtfulness, not for the exploitation of power, not for the right to a kind of weak, but for the oppression of another group of weak. We may all be careless and make mistakes, so we should remind ourselves that eggs are not necessarily high walls, but they may be another basket of forgotten eggs.

(The male in the text, for the patriarchal culture, patriarchal culture is the history of the management of the system, not only refers to men.) )