Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. You are always obsessed with the "adult" love, to maintain self-esteem, fear of their own love to be rude. But for a long time you found that this is more tired than anything, watching "BJ Pregnant", you decided to no longer a small wing wing, to become a love without hesitation of the adults. (Extended reading: no need to love the independent strong!) "Again, Wu Haiying": Love more than each other, is a proud thing .

You have been ill since the day you left him.

Everyone around said you lost a lot of weight, before you will take this sentence as a compliment, now you particularly understand that this is the field Amoy empty. You lost yourself, you live alone, you want to no longer miss, the heart is like being opened a big hole, cold into all is malicious.

I like you very much, just the way you are.

Looking at "BJ Pregnant" notice, you remember that you have wished to be like Briggie, love justly, even if reckless also do not fear the loss of pity.

Now you cry across the screen, but found hard to become an adult pain, because you are always careful to wipe the traces of love, remind yourself not to love, the real touch is not allowed luxury, otherwise childish themselves will eventually be lovers eliminated.

Adult love, always afraid of losing face, the hearts of the end of the lungs is broken their own way, so to be independent as a model.
The adult love, must have the ambition, separates will break cleanly, the behavior which detains is too clumsy.
Adult love, no matter how confused, but also to protect self-esteem, not humble to ask each other for more feelings.

"Is Mark a father?" Half the chance is. 」

In the picture of Bridget Keisen and out of control, accidentally pregnant, still sandwiched in two men sway around, do not know who is the father of the child. But you envy her more than ever, love so disorganized, but even if not as foolish as adults, but still proud.

I was not an adult, unable to receive the pain is neat, but I also look forward to being an adult, I can put those uneasy solid into the body.

Give yourself a promise, you will take a good look at yourself, really take a good look at yourself. For in the rest of life, only these fragmentary stares can be used to pile up this moment. What if you're crazy about love? This moment is never coming back, so you don't want to be like a grown-up anymore.