Ariel in "My Egg Man Lover" is an independent girl who lives independently. But time is limited, work love cannot two complacent, such girl, how to face oneself like seesaw imbalance of life state? Look at Mabel's old sister philosophy, let us complete their own, meditation waiting for life to bring all the gifts. (Recommended reading: Love is the freedom to maintain loneliness!) Nine things you should know in love with an independent woman

"Is the weight of the terrible , or lovelorn terrible?" 」

They say you are the winner of the career, but the girl in the Love market. This age of you, lovelorn is just a trifle, you cry, friends ask Miss you are a few years old? Such you, talk about feelings no longer as long as enthusiasts, not to be able to be together, you have to break into each other's life, the long absence of life in the past, you have to love more serious and mature, because it is adults, it seems that no long years can be wasted, repeatedly love again.

Ariel in "My Egg male Lover" is called Mabel, 32 years old, in the old frozen food company to work , everyone said she is the elder sister, only she understands the years will not make their own details of depreciation. A career in love frustrated girl, around the people are urging her to rush life progress, Mabel stand to start shouting: You think people love so easy ah.

A woman dares to love to live! If you are in full bloom

"It's hard to be a person, to work, to be in love, to be happy." 」

you often tell yourself, try again, and then refuel. As if life is more perseverance, happiness will come. To be an independent woman, the more sensible the more hard, because the sky collapsed, you do not carry, the surface collapse, you will repair themselves. (Recommended reading: Love is the freedom to maintain loneliness!) Nine things you should know in love with an independent woman

Girls, are set up to be a race against time creatures. After 35 years of age, reproductive function is not as usual, if you have time pressure, and want to look for true love, may be like Mabel to prolong the happiness of frozen eggs. Mabel is a girl who especially likes frozen foods, and she believes that anything can be kept fresh and lasting as long as it is frozen. And frozen eggs is a way to protect life, like buying insurance, so you turn around, there is a guarantee.

Mabel thought, "I just want a little real happiness." "Refrigeration to refrigerate their youth, but also the opportunity to preserve happiness." Finally because of frozen eggs, she began to think why she put so much of the desire to live in the ice store? She stopped to watch her, why Love is not coming, because she has not thawed her mind, to collide, to hurt, to be a willing to pain the person.

Birth can be guaranteed, love is real. the maintenance product may freeze the beauty, Frozen egg technology can extend the limit of women's childbearing age, although our body can exceed the time limit, but also to work hard to love. finally Mabel understand, frozen egg is like buying medical insurance, the last will not necessarily use, but it symbolizes a hope, let people extend meet the possibility of sincerity, not under social pressure hastily married, but willing to waste more time, to look forward to a worthy person. ( Learn more about frozen eggs: love to make an appointment for your happiness )

Loneliness is a must, let a person see through oneself

"Why do you think there is a place empty?" 」
"This is loneliness. 』

So in the dead of night, the lights are dim, but you are deeply lonely. You met a guy like that, with a strong, inner-rich, fragile, brittle touch. The resolute you, looks like sees own shadow. In fact, you all believe in love, now you are not no longer love, just doubt, even if love, still can happiness?

This age of men and women, and then the unforgettable love, First love lovelorn, has generally experienced. If it will end eventually, why do we still believe in love?

Loneliness is valuable, he lets people see through themselves, through loneliness, to understand the things you really love. we come to the world not to hurt a person, but to forgive and mend those wounds. Years of people to cultivate into cold steel, defying the sophisticated but dare not to love, there is a person, let you admit that their original weakness, so that you find yourself in the heart of the sun, only take advantage of the opportunity to open a fan, let the mind ventilated. We could all be the owners of that window, or the people who live in it. It is important to whom you would like to give the key. (Recommended reading: a love letter to a future boyfriend: we will meet, in the best of life )

A woman like a girl: the courage to be hurt

"Must have the anticipation oh, has the anticipation to be called to be alive." 」

Don't be so easily disappointed in life, we live in deep and unbearable, all make life look more color. When there is a dilemma, feel the present life to give you all the gifts, this age you, no one than you know what you do not, good to every difficulty, lift gently down, do not panic, slowly passing beautiful scenery, to figure out the love of a person's shape, it is your most beautiful posture.

"No matter how the body of life evolves, these are the real meaning of life." Life is a blessing, we can be born as a person, is one of the most wonderful miracle. Only live, regret can be filled, love can be happened, a person may meet another person. --"My Egg Lover" director Fu Tianyu

You found that the original thought no longer afraid of pain you, but also because of a person's eyes thrilling, but also because a sentence deeply injured. Whether it is sister or sister, as long as the embrace of trust, Love will eventually come with a kind of arrogant attitude.

You are not waiting for love, but a complete self

If you live your life well, you are not afraid to wait. You don't wait for life to get better, you make the life you want, you don't wait for what others want, you create your expectations for the future, you wait for not a love, but a complete self. (same field Gayon: love into a star!) "Love Astronomy": love, is always your own thing .

"We wait together, happiness will surely come." 」

Our patience with life melts the coldness of the world in Man, and it tenderly packs a scab of the heart. One day, we come from the panic time, toward each other, I can whisper to you, dear, this way hard, thank you for passing so many detours, come to me here.

"Women are obsessed with cinema," My Egg-man lover.

Ariel 2016 Most romantic love masterpiece, join hands Feng Xiao Yue common solution both men and women love exercises! When the " Frozen" affectionate, meet the "fresh" enthusiasm, love whether there is no time to save? The film will be officially released on September 23.

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