Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. Recently Elva Siu out of a new relationship, by the media to the same as "Teles", linger among many men, but the Virgin and slut how? Let a woman's lust be free. (Recommended reading: sex workers are bad women?) Dirty name you can't see the job major )

Singer Elva Siu, who has been hit by a strong man in Thailand for a holiday, was photographed with ten fingers on the street. The man, who is suspected to be Elva Siu's new sweetheart, is a Taiwanese-American golfer, aged 24, about 13 years old, the Apple Daily reported.

The media has described Elva Siu as a "hunting man", the love came fast, and his predecessor, Michael's American boyfriend, this March only broke up contacts, but now the object of hand has been replaced by another "small meat." In addition, a detailed list of Elva siu love history, pointed out from Wang Yangming, Ko Jindong to the current little boyfriend, each is a high color value of "high strong handsome."

More media to compare Elva Siu and Taylor, that the two people's gossip is as wonderful as the works, Rob layout depends on the innate "male" skills. Since 2008 has changed 10 boyfriend Taylor Silk, from the film "Twilight" in the Werewolf Taylor Lot-et-garonne, Dep. Du, creative wit John Mayer, DJ Kevin Harris, has been to the current boyfriend Tomchy Deston and so on, are recognized as the male God level.

And Elva Siu debut so far, gossip object also more than 10 people, by the media pointed to the "male" ability not to lose Taylor Silk, are the handsome men, from the beginning of the first wish vanadium just, has been to Wang Yangming, Brazilian male model Li Anzho, idol singer Zhou Tanghao, actor Ko Jindong and many people, gossip object also makes people dizzy disorder, Even the age difference between the "younger brother" is difficult to escape the "clutches."

But in the "male" ridicule, why is a woman's lust has been locked in the bedroom secret? When released, why are they treated as demons? From Elva Siu to Taylor, they shrugged and lived freely, themselves.

A woman's lust is the devil?

In the words of "male", what we see is the deliberate demonizing of a woman's lust. Such desires are too hard to look at, men can't resist, they can only be swallowed clean. Teles and Elva Siu was carved as a snake-like existence, which man fell into their hands are dead, but men are willing to merry, will love their body and amorous feelings.

The media is more Teles speech, "For Me," Love "can help me write songs, each relationship can achieve a touching heart song." "Think of the creation of Taylor Silk, not just gift gifts, but also for many years she actively" Yang Yin "under the results.

As in Hollywood movies, the role of the Fatal Attraction of women (femme fatale), Teles and Elva Siu not only cold-blooded, can easily discard the various days of food boyfriend, and also bloodthirsty, the man played in the palm of the hand, never paid a sincere, to declare the Han of feelings.

The lust of a woman is regarded as the devil, starting around 1480 A.D. all the way to the 1780 witch hunt, which swept Europe for almost 300 years, many women were considered to be the witches who sold their souls to the devil, who conspiracy with the devil, flirted with men, but did not easily enter marriage.

A widow named Maggie, who had been tortured, confessed to having sinned against God: "A black-faced man appeared in my garden, and the man flirted with me, and I met his will." 」

It can be seen that the witch hunt is rooted in the fear of women's lust, thinking that women's willpower is weak, vulnerable to Satan's temptation, passion, and even the feast. Until today, the word witch is no longer, instead of a slut, but we still fear their strong lust, in the "male" accusations, is the exclusion of this discipline. Such a system of women, should not have the same kind, can not tolerate her in the society is controlled.

As Taylor, like Elva Siu, their love is too complex, is always considered in the "faithless" change, not in line with the myth of Love "everlasting" imagination, so can not be recognized by the audience, but was spurned as unfaithful slut. They are considered to be "male" and have been hunted by wizards, and because they have defected from the patriarchal Society of the fresh imagination, always love to take for granted, and people are afraid of never die of female lust.

Who Wants a saint?

Li Ang has written in the novel "North China Incense Burner Everybody inserts" the patriarchal society to the feminine lust reactionary: "Wow!" By 40 or 50 of the penis has been done, tried so much, the taste must be heavier, more and more salty, not from the back of this kind of exercise, I heard it is really not cool! 」

Coincidentally, because Elva siu new gossip Frequently, netizens also have a message said: "She was how many people have done ah?" "," should be very loose it! "," Four characters of the device is not appropriate, repeatedly teased her in the dark of the lust, think she has "broken off", no longer the original pure image.

for such a "saint" Respected, ho Chun limmeridge teacher in the "forthright Woman" the first chapter of the initial criticism of the body's "profit and loss logic." This kind of profit and loss logic is based on the double standard of gender, men can talk freely about sex, gain strength and self-confidence, but open women can only get shame and stigma, because our sex/culture believes that women's virginity is precious and can not be casually given, so as long as one involves sex, it will be considered as " ", most of the loss, most of the unlucky."

and this foundation of inequality is based on the two poles of evaluation, men are always encouraged to conquer women in sex, sex with a woman is the value of winning, the more women to win the body of the more "earn", on the contrary, once the woman was found to be sexually experienced, it is said to be dirty cheap, " Loss "to his own reputation, but also to lose the value of their own body."

Under the double standard of sex, men usually divide women into two different groups: "Joan" and "Slut", "Girlfriend" and "Bed companion", "suitable for marriage" and "good at playing". And once lost the title of the saint, only pay not earn, such a profit and loss logic so that women must carefully protect themselves, otherwise face is in the daily life of the limited, suffering, suffer, suffer, suffering.

Women must support the high moral image of lust, in order to fall into the predicament of the time, to win the people. So men and women have different standards of sexual morality, men lust is taken for granted, while women should remain ignorant of sex .

But as what spring limmeridge teacher said, a generation of women can not always do the weak sex, women may take the initiative to enjoy the joy of sex, no longer because of the sex of the profit and loss of the logic is cheap to scold, and become a lust winner. Sexual liberation movement is to have a woman can really enjoy the body autonomy, can choose to be a saint or a slut, even indulge in the body of pleasure will not self-doubt.

And why to divide the lust of women, so that "slut" and "Saint" to the same sentence? Women in this kind of repression under weak and weak phase remnants, "Saint" will not want to be treated as a slut, and to despise the slut, followed by men to scold the unruly slut, and "slut" will be proud of their own independence, different from those ignorant women, but a liberated progressives, and laugh at those " Housewife "The weakness that has not resisted under the system.

"All women have a common cause, that is, to be a woman." --Betty Davis, the beauty of the comet

We should finally go to embrace the stigma of sex, no longer regard Teles and Elva siu as "unqualified" cheap to scold women. Put the Virgin and slut on the same day scale, no longer what the weight of the evaluation, reserved and presumptuous are only personal choice, not necessarily good or bad.